“I have the best ability in auscultating heart murmurs with these stethoscopes. I work in the Veterinary field and a lot of my co-workers over the years have also stated the same.”

“I was given my UltraScope as a gift from my first employer. I have used it almost exclusively in practice and love it.”

“This is an awesome scope I am slightly hard of hearing due to chronic ear issues and now I can hear heartbeats and lung sounds through purring and whining I LOVE IT!”

“I totally love my UltraScope! Having a custom painted head is just my style, no chance of confusing my scope with one of the many other generic scopes sold out there! Sound is great on my furry patients (I’m a vet tech)!”

“From hamsters to horses…phenomenal acoustics. Better than any other brand I’ve tried.”

“I love it! I am so happy with the price over some of the other brands, and the quality is amazing! It doesn’t take very much practice at all to learn how much pressure to put on the head to hear what you need, and sounds were very clear and loud.”

“I love it! Personalized just for me and probably the best sounding and loudest stethoscope I’ve used.”

“This [MAXIScope] is the best stethoscope I have owned for the price.  I can hear heart and lung sounds so clearly through fur and a variety of tissue layers.”

“The sound is loud and clear, way better than I expected.”

“Your scopes are great! I work emergency at an animal hospital and it’s by far the clearest sounding (better than other top brands I’ve used that are much more). I love the easy to clean acrylic head especially when dealing with animals.”