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“I love my MAXIScope! Outstanding performance! Very clear sounding in noisy environments and easy to use on furry animals. Also nice having the option to customize with your name or characters. Great service. Fast shipping. I would recommend to other veterinary staff members and anyone else needing a good stethoscope. Thanks.”

“This made hearing the heartbeat of our animal patients so crisp and clear.”

“I really enjoy this stethoscope.  The sound is so clear, it makes monitoring my patients very easy.  I would recommend this stethoscope to everyone.”

“I LOVE my ultrascope! I am VERY impressed with the stethoscope and the company as a whole. I have had parts break and I get free new parts sent almost immediately. It is a wonderful perk of having the best stethoscope so I can keep using it every day!”

“Ultrascopes has provided another option on purchase of quality stethoscopes. I like the interchangeable head for adult and pediatrics patient, with its unique designs. It just makes my work day more exciting! Thank you.”

“I currently work at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital (CSU-VTH) in the Critical Care Unit (CCU). I had worked in Wisconsin at a Veterinary Emergency and Specialty facility for 10 years, where I was exposed to UltraScope and promptly purchased a trio in 2001/2002.

I’ve clearly had my trio for quite some time, and have been extremely pleased with its performance — auscultating patients with mild (grade I-II) murmurs has become something of a specialty of mine.  I also have found that I am able to appreciate mild changes in lung sounds throughout the lung fields quite a bit easier with the UltraScope than with any other stethoscope that I’ve used.  Its ability to eliminate background noise and isolate the patient’s sounds is outstanding!”

“I love my UltraScope. I have the pediatric version and it is great for small animals and cats!!!”

“I love my stethoscope!! It’s everything I wanted and the clarity when I’m listening to an animals heart beat or chest sounds is amazing. I would totally recommend this product to all of my Vet Tech friends.”

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