Maxiscope Classic Stethoscope

8 Styles

Maxiscope Classic

The Maxiscope Classic is a unique, single sided pressure sensitive acoustic stethoscope for complete and accurate assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients but with individual tubes traveling from the head to each ear. The Classic is sometimes the best solution for our hard of hearing users due to unimpeded sound delivered to each ear.

Why Try the Classic Model?

Do you have serious hearing loss in either ear? Do you say, "My Scope doesn't sound the way it used to."? We always recommend our hard of hearing customer try the Ultrascope or Maxiscope Single Stethoscope first.

Please note: In-the-ear hearing aids must be removed to use any Ultrascope or Maxiscope stethoscopes.

Classic Stethoscopes come with (1) head with double stem, your choice of design, your choice of (1) classic style tubing color, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag.

Estimated Production and Turn-Around Time is 7-10 Days

  • Superior Cardiology Acoustics, Especially in Noisy Environments

    Hear the split S2's and murmurs through sirens, machines, and crying children.

    Save time spent flipping between diaphragm and bell with our single-sided, pressure sensitive head.

    Assess through bandages, clothing, blankets, or fur.


    6.2 oz.

    27 in. long

Keep up with Ultrascope.