Warranty Tubing & Binaural Set

Type of Tubing
Tubing Color
Hot Pink
Lime Green
Royal Blue
Dark Green
All tubing set replacements for your UltraScope stethoscope are covered under our Lifetime Warranty and are replaced only at the cost of shipping & handling! Shipping fees will be applied upon checkout.

You'll receive the tubing, binaurals and new eartips with your warranty replacement tubing set.

Our Single, Duo and Trio warranty tubing replacements have our new push on eartips. Our older tubing sets have grey screw on eartips, which cannot be used with tubing sets that have push on eartips.

Please note: Our warranty tubing replacements should be used for UltraScope or MaxiScope stethoscopes only. We cannot guarantee the quality of acoustics and fit for any other stethoscope brand.

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