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Healthcare Promotional Items Are A Good Investment

Our UltraScope promotional clients have known instinctively that providing customers with a branded diagnostic tool for daily use makes very good business sense. But seeing brand reinforcement validated in a study is even better. Read: ASI Global Study: Promo Products More Memorable and Popular.

  • 85% remembered the advertiser on the item they owned
  • 54% had a more favorable opinion of the advertiser
  • 51% who had not done business before said they were more likely to do so in the future

The healthcare safety promotional items referred to in the ASI Global Study are low cost items (anti-bacterial lotions, thermometers, simple pedometers, etc). Imagine the higher impact of giving a branded UltraScope stethoscope to your healthcare clients.

We've worked with promotional clients ranging from 10 engraved stethoscopes for a fundraiser giveaway to hundreds of branded Ultrascopes for a nursing school graduation to thousands of custom logo stethoscopes for quarterly sales incentives for customers.  Let us build a program for your company! 

For more information regarding your medical group purchase, marketing, sales incentive, promotional or designated stethoscope needs, please contact us or call 877-633-8688.

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