UltraScope Duo Stethoscope

Model UDUO
Price $155.95
Estimated Ship Time: 7 business days
The UltraScope Duo Stethoscope is a perfect option for those who frequently assess various sized patients or for those who just can't decide on one design. The head connectors unscrew for a quick and easy switch between heads.

The UltraScope Duo Stethoscope comes with (2) heads with single stems, your choice of design for each, your choice of (1) tubing color with (2) connectors, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag. Read More
Est. Production Time (business days) 7
US Metric
Weight 6.00 (oz) 170.1 (g)
Height 0.88 (in) 2.2 (cm)
Length 31.00 (in) 78.7 (cm)
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1 $155.95


m. hubbard, in pace, FL

I LOVE my Ultrascope Duo! The ear pieces fit nicely and comfortably in the ear and really seal out noise. I can take blood pressures in rooms with people talking, music playing, or TVs on with no problem. And it's so cute! Great way to distract nervous kiddos or even adults. And it's so light weight I can carry it around my neck all day and it doesn't bother me a bit.

B. Forgey, Students

Got the ultrascope duo for a christmas present because i knew I would be needing a better stethoscope for classes and i recieved this scope. It is amazing i can hear so much more clearly and just everything about it is great

E. Huebner, Vet Technician / Other