MaxiScope Single Stethoscope

Model M
Price $42.95
Estimated Ship Time: 7 business days
The MaxiScope Single Stethoscope provides maximum quality at a minimum price. This unique, single sided pressure sensitive acoustic stethoscope for complete and accurate assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients. Obtain superior sound quality in any situation, even noisy environments.

The MaxiScope Single Stethocopes comes with (1) head with single stem, your choice of design, your choice of (1) single style tubing color, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag. Read More
Est. Production Time (business days) 7
US Metric
Weight 5.80 (oz) 164.4 (g)
Height 0.88 (in) 2.2 (cm)
Length 30.00 (in) 76.2 (cm)
Quantity Price
1 $42.95

"I absolutely LOVE my [MaxiScope]! I have a L... stethoscope, which I paid an outrageous amount for and my MaxiScope is so much better and at a fraction of the cost!"

V. White, RN Student in Germantown, NC

Best stethoscope ever I had and superb audio even with all the noise at the ward. And everyone loves the orange color; makes me young at heart. My staff nurses wanted to buy!

G. Parr, RN or Other Nurse

I was gifted a Littmann when I graduated from my nursing program and was satisfied with it. I loaned to a co-worker and never saw it again. Another co-worker was gracious enough to let me borrow her stethoscope and I was astounded! I didn't think there was a better quality stethoscope than the one I was given. I could hear lung sounds much easier and clearer. I love this stethoscope! AND!!! I would definitely recommend it over the stethoscope I had before. Thank you!! For a quality stethoscope at a very reasonable price!!!

D. Whirlwind Soldier, LPN