Nurse Amy O'Sullivan Stethoscope Collection

Amy O’Sullivan is an ER nurse at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn,
New York, with nearly thirty years of experience in her field. At Wyckoff, Amy
treated the first Covid-19 patient in Brooklyn, and it was her tireless work there—
on the frontlines of the global coronavirus pandemic— that earned her a spot
among the ranks of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. In
another celebration of the importance of her work, Mattel created a unique Barbie
doll in her likeness, as part of their 2021 Role Models series.

Amy and her partner Tiffany— also a nurse at Wyckoff— live a very active life:
not only do they work to care for their community, but they are also raising three
daughters, and looking after a full house of rescue animals— often making room
to foster one more, when their friends at Long Island Bulldog Rescue need a
temporary home for an animal in need.

A very active family, the O’Sullivans spend as much of their free time together as
possible— whether it’s jumping into their jeep with their surfboards and heading
to the beach; playing with the neighborhood kids on bikes, skateboards, scooters
(and anything else on wheels); or packing up the vehicles for a good old-
fashioned cross-country road trip.

With her cool silver hair, brightly-colored socks, and prominent tattoos, Amy is
not the typical representative of the nursing profession, but these very differences
are what makes Amy so inspiring: she’s a living embodiment of the importance
and value in bringing your authentic self to every table in life. With her new
visibility and platform, Amy hopes she can be an inspiration to others to do
likewise: to work hard, play hard, and share the beauty of our unique and diverse

Ultrascope Stethoscopes

A stethoscope is every medical professional’s constant companion. It’s always around your neck or in your pocket, ready for action. It’s the tool that most frequently interacts with your patients, and it’s the tool that stays with you your entire career. A state-of-the-art stethoscope is an understated necessity for any medical professional.

Most stethoscopes look alike, but not all are made equal. With an Ultrascope, you’ll have a stethoscope that looks distinct and performs with distinction.

Superb Acoustics

Our number one priority is giving medical professionals a useful and reliable tool. Excellent sound quality is at the top of our list when we think of what our users really need.

Our acrylic stethoscope heads were designed to provide cardiology-grade sound quality. We always strive to give our customers the best listening experience possible, so all our stethoscopes include improved stainless steel binaurals with a wider interior diameter; this larger interior diameter gives you better sound flow and an improved listening experience.

Sound Isolation And Noise Reduction

The acrylic head of an Ultrascope stethoscope blocks out ambient noise better than any metal or alloy head. Its noise-dampening capabilities ensure that you hear the sounds that you need without interference. There’s no noisy environment that an Ultrascope can’t handle; with an Ultrascope at your side you can confidently perform auscultation any time and anywhere.

Single-Sided Simplicity

All Ultrascope stethoscopes have pressure-sensitive, single-sided heads. Our users love how fast and easy it is to perform auscultation with a single-sided head.

All you have to do is change the amount of pressure applied on the head—no more flipping it over to listen for different frequencies. It’s quick, convenient, and just as effective as a traditional double-sided head.

Comfort And Convenience

Ultrascope stethoscopes come with two kinds of eartips: our firmer screw-on eartips and our plushier push-on eartips. We provide both kinds with each purchase, so you can choose which eartips are more comfortable for you.

Our stethoscopes are also robust yet lightweight, so you can carry them around all day with ease, and drop them without worrying about damage.

Distinctive Design

Ultrascope stethoscopes are immediately recognizable because of their unique design. The clear dome of the acrylic head really makes your design of choice stand out.

Whether you go for solid colors, abstract patterns, or fun illustrations, you will always know an Ultrascope when you see one.


We take pride in making stethoscopes that are both beautiful and functional. That’s why an Ultrascope will never look like any other piece of drab medical equipment.

A bright, fun-looking stethoscope goes a long way toward easing patient anxiety, especially among toddlers and young children. With an acrylic head, an Ultrascope also ensures that your patients will never feel the chill of metal touching skin.

Customization Options

Our stethoscope heads come in over 80 different designs, with most designs being available in a variety of colors. That’s hundreds of stethoscope heads to choose from!

We also offer 14 different tubing colors so you can choose the best match for your stethoscope head. We’ll even engrave the crown of your stethoscope head with your name, a monogram, or an insignia.

Lifetime Warranty

Each Ultrascope stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty. We’ll replace all the parts for free—including; tubing and binaurals (you just pay shipping), diaphragm and retaining ring, eartips, and nametag—no questions asked!

We’ll also replace or repair stethoscopes with manufacturing or material defects. We guarantee that you’ll get bang for your buck with every purchase of an Ultrascope.

About Ultrascope

Ultrascope was founded in 1987. For over three decades, we have been making quality stethoscopes that deliver excellent sound with eye-catching style.

Beneath their vibrant exterior, Ultrascope stethoscopes are all business. We strive to make every single Ultrascope consistent, reliable, and durable. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and aim to give our users the ultimate listening experience with a stethoscope.

Style versus substance? You don’t have to choose. Ultrascope gives you both in one beautiful package.

Stethoscopes come with (1) head with single stem, your choice of design, your choice of  tubing color, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag.

Estimated Production and Turn-Around Time is 7-10 Days - Custom Painting takes a little time.  We promise it will be worth it!

Keep up with Ultrascope.