Fire & Emergency

Fire & Emergency
EMS related calls are now the majority of calls received by many fire departments making your stethoscope purchases more important than ever. A quality stethoscope is important for listening to blood pressures, obtaining crucial lung sounds to determine if treatment with albuterol is necessary and more. Quick and accurate assessments are essential.

That's why so many paramedic, EMT and fire professionals have purchased MaxiScopes by UltraScope. MaxiScope stethoscopes allow you to hear and accurately assess patients through clothing, bandages, helicopters and noisy sirens. Don't take our word for it, check out our customers' reviews or talk to the numerous organizations who purchase MaxiScope stethoscopes for their EMS Training Programs and State National Guard units.

Why choose MaxiScope?

  • Low Cost and High Quality Sound
  • Bi-lumen or Sprague tubing design options
  • Hear through Flak Jacket
  • Conveniently lightweight
  • Save big with our Lifetime Warranty! What do you pay monthly or annually for warranty and replacement parts?
  • Available in 8 vibrant colors; highly visible on roadside during calls
  • It's durable Delrin® plastic head and Lifetime Warranty helps this stethoscope stand up to just about any situation
  • Volume pricing available. 

MaxiScope 8 Colors

References: How to buy EMS supplies by Jim Sideras RN, MSN, CFO, CMO, MiFireE


"Let me begin by saying that I am not being compensated for promoting the MaxiScope or UltraScope stethoscopes in any shape or form. My first experience with this product was in the mid 90's at a fire equipment show in up-state New York. The salesman stated that you could assess lung sounds through structural turn-out gear. I had a hard time believing this, so I took the challenge. It was true, I could hear the gentleman's lung sounds without difficulty. Since that day it is the only stethoscope I use. Also being an EMS instructor, teaching lung sounds is much easier and the students learn that much faster with increased ability to improve their assessment skills. Dollar for dollar, if you provide EMS in your line of work, this is the best scope on the market in my opinion."

Don Singer, NC Level 1 EMS Instructor, NC EMT-P, NC FF II - pa in Charlotte, NC

"Education and training is my passion with EMS. As a Level One Paramedic Instructor one of the hardest challenges in my environment is to train the best EMTs I can. In order to do this I have to depend on quality equipment. The MaxiScope gives me the opportunity to teach my students how to assess vital signs. Over the ten years of teaching, breath sounds are the hardest task to achieve. This product is priced right for the students and gives the quality that is needed for listening to breath sounds on our patents. When operating as a paramedic in various environments it is hard to listen. With this fact, I even have a hearing loss from years of "working the streets". I continue to offer this product to each class I teach so they can reach their full potential as EMTs and achieve my personal goal of great patient care. Hats off to you MaxiScope for making my job easier."

Lisa Holmes, NREMT, Level One Paramedic Instructor in Charlotte, NC (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)
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