Many of our practitioners who are also instructors or professors tell us that the UltraScope Teaching Stethoscope is a great tool within the classroom. UltraScope Teaching Model allows the instructor and student to simultaneously listen.

Why choose UltraScope?

  • Eliminate guesswork; You hear what the student hears
  • Excellent acoustics due to double stem head for double tubing assembly
  • Individual tubing sets provide unimpeded sound to each listener
  • Select 2 different colors; Instructor's eartips stay clean!
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts


"I am so excited about this. Using the teaching scope at school was great because I could hear what the student hears. It helps to be able to teach them what to listen to."

T. Hassey, RN Instructor in Kaufman, TX

"Draws a lot of attention and positive comments due to the very attractive colors. I love using them (I have 2: one for personal use; another for teaching). Highly sensitive, I can hear what I need to hear very well."

C. Candelaria, RN Instructor in Edinburg, TX

"Clarity blew me away."

J. Ware, Instructor in Ponca City, OK
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