Many of our practitioners who are also instructors or professors tell us that the UltraScope Teaching Stethoscope is a great tool within the classroom. UltraScope Teaching Model allows the instructor and student to simultaneously listen.

Why choose UltraScope?

  • Eliminate guesswork; You hear what the student hears
  • Excellent acoustics due to double stem head for double tubing assembly
  • Individual tubing sets provide unimpeded sound to each listener
  • Select 2 different colors; Instructor's eartips stay clean!
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts


"I am so excited about my purchase. It is an amazing stethoscope and even the lightest sound can be heard!"

N. England, Instructor in Saudi Arabia

"Clarity blew me away."

J. Ware, Instructor in Ponca City, OK

"Great sound quality, everything is clear!"

B. Stafford, Instructor in Lincoln, NE
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