Pediatricians & Pediatric Nursing

Pediatricians & Pediatric Nursing
We recommend the Single Pediatric Stethoscope for newborns and children weighing up to approximately 45 lbs. Use the Single Adult Stethoscope for patients over 45 lbs. Or consider the Duo Stethoscope which combines both heads with one tubing assembly. The interchangeable connectors unscrew for quick and easy switching between head sizes.

Why choose UltraScope?

  • Assess through talking parents and crying/laughing children
  • Solid acrylic head blocks out ambient noise
  • Superior performance even through clothing, dressings or bandages
  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts

We know of one pediatrician who made office visits much more fun for her little patients. She rotated wearing her 6 different UltraScope Stethoscopes. The children then loved to guess which one she would be wearing on their appointment day. Will she be wearing the monkey, the kitty, the ladybugs or the smiley face? This may be an investment, however, UltraScope is happy to give volume discounts especially to make little patients happier. 

Also check out Dani Stringer, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner's review on!


I already bought one at the AAP convention in San Francisco a few years ago. I find it better to use in a tropical country like the Philippines where i am currently using it. One of its advantages is that compared to the rubberized rim on the diaphragm and the earpieces which loosens because of the heat, the ultrascope is resistant to that problem

E. Tan, Pediatrician in Riverside, CA

"Great stethoscope! Have been using UltraScopes for about 6 years - first as a pedi resident, now a practicing pediatrician. I like the different designs & fun colors; both kids & parents have commented on it."

I. Edeki, Pediatrician in Houston, TX

"Kids love it."

E. Dioknd, Pediatrician in Towson, MD
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