I have had an Ultrascope before, absolutely loved it sound quality is awesome, I am able to hear hear everything!!!! I am so happy I was able to get another one. My first one was stolen, this one will never leave my sight!!!! Love this scope

C. Brothers, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

This is a great product for people with hearing problems

A. Stanford, LPN (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

Love it!

E. Babson, LPN de Fort Edward, NY (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

My 2nd one!!I only bought it because the tubing of my 1st one is faded from having it so long, & the leopard & hot pink was too cool to pass up! Im sure I have some hearing loss, & even with other brands I(even those made for hearing impaired) cant make a clear assessment. I swear a ultascope amplifies the sound like NO OTHER!! LOVE THEM!! They are also light weight & not bulky. I will never go back to using anything but a/an Ultrascope!! Thank You

D. Walton, LPN

Absolutely love my ultrascope!! Great price for a top of the line stethoscope!!!

C. Carr, LPN de Amherst, VA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

The Ultrascope enables me to hear so much better

m. lyons, LPN

i love it!

A. Nafe, LPN de Ephrata, PA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

My wife and I met in nursing school more than 20 years ago. I bought her an Ultrascope as a gift about 15 years ago because she wasn't happy with the performance of the stethoscope she'd been using. She loved the Ultrascope from day one (AND it looked cool). I had used another well known brand and found it adequate until a year or so ago when a change in jobs made auditory acuity very important. My wife allowed me to borrow her Ultrascope and it was just what I needed. More amazing than the performance, frankly, is the warranty. During the time I had my wife's Ultrascope one of the ear tips broke (It is over 15 years old). I was astonished to discover there would be no charge to replace the ear tips. Not for the parts. Not for the shipping. In the process I learned the same applies for replacement of the tubing, ring or diaphragm. Very cool. The manufacturer of the other stethoscope I've used doesn't do that. I know - I've replaced ear tips and diaphragm on that scope in t

D. Ruhl, LPN de Monessen, PA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Beautiful color,very light, and sound clarity is great.

H. Lovell, LPN

First time using it was in the room of an actively dying patient multiple family members in the room, ball game blasting on the television and oxygen concentrator humming. Mix all of those with the weak pulse of my patient and was still able to get his BP with no problem!

J. Ward, LPN de Cushing, OK (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

very good quality sounds even in obese CHF residents with shallow respiration's, was able to hear well in rooms with their t.v. up all the way and family yelling over it. love it so far!

A. BRYANT, LPN de Sulphur Springs, TX (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

Love how it is lightweight putting less strain on my neck during long shifts.

S. Holsten, LPN de Jonesboro, AR (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I was gifted a Littmann when I graduated from my nursing program and was satisfied with it. I loaned to a co-worker and never saw it again. Another co-worker was gracious enough to let me borrow her stethoscope and I was astounded! I didn't think there was a better quality stethoscope than the one I was given. I could hear lung sounds much easier and clearer. I love this stethoscope! AND!!! I would definitely recommend it over the stethoscope I had before. Thank you!! For a quality stethoscope at a very reasonable price!!!

D. Whirlwind Soldier, LPN (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

I love my Ultrascope, works as well as my Littman for a fraction of the price and is much more attractive!

L. Stevenson, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Super excited to have this stethoscope!

C. Crawford, LPN de early, TX (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

Absolutely in love with my ultrascope, beautiful and worth every penny. Sounds is unbelievably clear!!!

T. Sawvell, LPN de Dayton, OH (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

This was bought for me for a graduation present and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the acoustics of the stethoscope.

H. Iser, LPN

Absolutely love it!

M. Coady, LPN

Wonderful product.

M. WILLIAMSON, LPN de Haddock, GA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I got it as a graduation gift from my family. It is a beautiful stethoscope! It works wonderful!

J. Maina, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love it! My second one & I won't use anything else!

B. Cole, LPN de GILLESPIE, IL (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I absolutely love my new Ultrascope! I have paid much more for a well-known brand, and could barely hear in a noisy room. That's something I don't have to worry about any more. I already convinced a colleague to buy one for herself, and will be working on the rest of the floor nurses soon. I will never buy another brand again!

C. Conboy, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love this stethoscope so far. Easy to hear lung sounds and blood pressures, even in a noisy environment. Lightweight and durable.

M. Holtzclaw, LPN (Estetoscopio Clásico MaxiScope)

Amazing acoustics and perfectly clear, no ambient noise or struggling to hear anymore! My stethoscope wasn't supposed to be here until the 23rd when ordered on the 2ng but I received it today and already enjoyed using it. It took a couple times varying the pressure applied to hear perfectly, only because I'm used to having a two sided stethoscope. Excellent! Highly recommend trying this stethoscope.

B. Carey, LPN de Girard, KS (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I work on a Telemetry unit and this has definitely helped with my ability to assess different issues with the heart

J. SMith, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

WONDERFUL!! I had the TV pretty loud to truly test it out.. and I could still hear my apical and brachial pulse so perfect without out even focusing on a beat like normal when it is sort of noisy.

C. Moore, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Love it. I have had one since 2002 until it was destroyed in a fire. It was the best thing I spent money on in my nursing career.

L. Wright, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

My UltraScope Stethoscope works like a charm! I have hearing loss in my right ear, and I am able to hear very clearly using this product. It really helps me get the job done at work, and I also love the sleek design of these stethoscopes!

C. Boucher, LPN

I love my ultrascope!!! I can hear so much better than my "L" .... The acoustics are amazing and its so light weight!

c. ford, LPN de shreveport, LA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

My instructor said "you need a better stethoscope", so I asked around and several nurses recommended UltraScopes. I just received it and I haven't had an opportunity to use it on patients, but I have used it on my family and I've noticed a big difference between my old stethoscope and my UltraScope. Thanks!

C. Villalobos, LPN de Moses Lake, WA (UltraScope Estetoscopios Dobles)

This is the best stethoscope ever! I can hear very clearly with the B/P sounds, heart beats, stomach, and lungs. It also has many different designs and colors to choose from. And the best thing about the UltraScope is the lifetime warranty!! If your tubing is tearing they will replace it!! I highly recommend the UltraScope to nursing students!

D. Shallar, LPN de Lake City, FL (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Love it! Its perfect! I can finally hear what i need to now!

H. Bursott, LPN

This scope is AWESOME!!!

T. Wood, LPN de DENVER, PA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I am hard at hearing and after graduating nursing school, I knew I needed a high quality stethoscope. I love the options I had to choose from.

K. Webb, LPN de Archie, MO (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Able to hear very clearly, one of a kind look, very esthetically pleasing

S. Bowen, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

best stethoscope everrrrrr

k. smith, LPN

LOVE IT!! its so loud!!

m. duncan, LPN de what cheer, IA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

The stethoscope was bought for me as a gift for my birthday as a replacement for my old and not so good one. I can hear very well with it and am very happy with it, considering I work with all ages and it works very well for both peds and adults although I just bought the adult.

A. Fomenko, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love my UltraScope! I am an LPN, as well as an RN student, and I love the styles and the acoustics. With a lifetime warranty you can't go wrong.

A. Coleman, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love my UltraScope! I have never heard heartsounds so well!!! Plus it's pretty!

E. Glassgow, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Wonderful stethoscope! I love the variety of heads you can get, and all of the colors. The sound is impeccable. I can't wait to get one with a pediatric size head.

J. Olson, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

This stethoscope is amazing. So different from any others. I was always a fan of L..., but this blows them out of the water. I don't have to hold the ear pieces (which I always had to do with L...) to hear correctly, fits just right. I LOVE my new stethoscope!!

A. Taylor, LPN (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

"Sound is clear. LOVE this stethoscope!" (MaxiScope)

S. Webster, LPN, Student RN de Morgan, VT (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

"I love that my parents bought these two UltraScopes for me. :)( They are the best I have EVER owned!!"

C. Hubbard, LPN de Bartlesville, OK

"Best ever!  As soon as I put the ear buds in I could hear everything.  Awesome."

A. Holmar, LPN de Tuscaloosa, AL

"The first time using this stethoscope I was WOW! what clarity. Great Job on this wonderful product."

T. Managhan, LPN de Toledo, OH

"Sound quality is great."

D. Dozier, LPN de Meherrin, VA

"I love it! Always dependable. Lots of compliments."

C. Sullivan, LPN II de Lecanto, FL

"I love it! It is so easy to hear heart and lungs!"

A. Mosher, Home Health LPN de Corning, AR

"I have trouble separating distortion sounds and background noise, but this stethoscope is fantastic! "

A. Zapata, Pharmacy Technician / LPN de Prairieville, LA

"Excellent scope for the job, great pictures to choose from. "

G. Clark, LPN

"The clarity of what you hear is a tremendous help and it makes our job much easier. "

S. Baker, LPN de Ahoskie, NC

"I love my UltraScope! It makes sounds much clearer than any other stethoscope I have ever used!"

D. Palko, LPN de Roaring Spring, PA

"It is much easier to hear with. I think the different designs make it much more fun to use."

L. Palmer, LPN de Cincinnati, OH

"Am extremely pleased with UltraScope, have not had to retake a BP or HR a 2nd time due to the inability to hear! Makes it able to obtain US accurately the 1st time, it is comfortable and light to wear an entire shift. As well as attractive to look at. I am very well pleased with it!"

D. Havener, LPN de Oneida, NY

"Superior hearing, reasonable price--thank you!"

M. Craig, LPN de Lynchburg, VA

"It has great acoustics and it is not heavy around my neck."

J. Tinch, LPN de Covington, KY

"I am very pleased with my UltraScope. It is lightweight, the clarity is good, and I was happy that it came in a variety of colors."

B. Helton, LPN de Cincinnati, OH

"Finally I can hear!"

S. Hill, LPN de Rochester, WA