Absolutely love it

J. cruz, Asistente médico de seattle, WA (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

I love it!!!!

L. Tant, Asistente médico de Wake forest, NC (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

I love my ultrascope! I'm extremely hearing impaired, and this is the only scope that has ever worked for me! Not to mention the fact that it's gorgeous.

A. Zakikian, Asistente médico de Wadsworth, OH (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

I love my ultrascope!

M. Munster, Asistente médico

Absolutely AMAZING!! Been wanting one for awhile and I'm so excited I finally got one! So light weight and super cute!! You can hear everything so well! I get lots of compliments too! Thank you!!

E. Encinas, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

It as worked great and held up well. I am now needing new tubing after 3 years but expect to use the lifetime warranty.

S. Douglas, Asistente médico (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

So far so good. rnSound is clear, equipment is durable, plus it's cute to boot. rnSound is a big part for me though. I have hearing loss and this will help me be of better service to my patients.

T. Rosenweig, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

light weight and great sound

T. Coon, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

LOVE IT!!!! Tons of compliments

N. Horsch, Asistente médico de Jackson, MI (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I received this stethoscope as a gift for my graduation/birthday gift. I have to say that in all my years in the medical field both as an EMT and a Medical Assistant, this is the absolute best one I have ever used. The sound clarity is amazing, and you can easily hear anything you are listening for. I highly recommend this stethoscope to anyone and everyone that I meet!!

B. Kiddoo, Asistente médico de Spokane Valley, WA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I absolutely love this stethoscope!

A. Barker, Asistente médico de kokomo, IN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love my Ultrascope Duo stethoscope!! I had been researching heard at hearing stethoscopes and had came across this website. Its helped so much! My boyfriend bought this for me as a gift for valentine's day and I have received so many compliments about it. I've told them all about UltraScope. I recommend this to anyone who's hard at hearing.

A. Toor, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopios Dobles)

Love this stethoscope, I can hear so much better with this when taking blood pressures. And it's so pretty.

C. Murph, Asistente médico

I love my UltraScope! I am now able to actually hear what I am learning and I couldn't be any happier with this product.

n. foster, Medial Assistant de elkhart, IN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I've been waiting for a long time to get one of these on my hands, and now that it's finally here I can say I am fully satisfied. I can hear through clothes like they aren't even there. Blood pressures in my noisy classroom are easier than ever and I can't wait to use this out in the field. 5 out of 5 stars from me!! I am going to try to get everyone to buy one of these. Might as well start sending commission because a lot of business is coming your way!!!

L. R, Medial Assistant de Spokane Valley, WA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love that you can hear so clearly unlike the more expensive brands

K. Smith, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

Love this stethoscope! It is light, easy to hear and beautiful!

J. Graves, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I ordered the Pink Zebra/Black Tubing gift set and I am in love with it! The quality is amazing and I can hear so much better with the Ultrascope than with my previous stethoscope!

J. Gordon, Asistente médico de Ligonier, IN (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love it! It's cute and works wonderfully. I work in a cardiology office and can't express how much clearer heart sounds are when using my Ultrascope. And it's pretty!

K. Haag, Asistente médico


T. SAMUEL, Asistente médico (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

"[The MaxiScope] is an amazing stethoscope. I am hearing impaired so this works extremely well."

R. Adrian, Medical Assistant de Stanwood, WA (Estetoscopio Clásico MaxiScope)

"Absolutely amazing. I love my new stethoscope. Works great, and love that I got to design it how I wanted it. The kids really love the bright colors."

T. Buell, MA de Osage Beach, MO

"I can truly hear my patients heartbeats and breathsounds more clearly. It helps me being in pediatrics because when you have a room full of giggling or screaming children you really need to be able to hear. Hands down best stethescope ever, given as a gift to us by the best Pediatrician to work for in St. Joe."

B. Williams, Medical Assistant de St. Joseph, MO

"Love this stethoscope! Not only works great but also the unique designs help distract children. Have had many compliments!"

J. Green, Medical Assistant de Hermon, ME

"I love my UltraScope, can hear everything a lot clearer"

R. Adams, CMA de Cherryville, NC

"The service was great! Prompt delivery! I tried a co-workers UltraScope because I was having trouble with my stethoscope, I was hooked on it immediately! I ordered mine the next day. What a world of difference a great stethoscope makes when listening to pediatric patients."

D. Corder, Medical Assistant de Mayer, AZ

"I had spinal meningitis as an infant. I lost 60% hearing in one ear and 40% in the other. I hear better with this scope than any other."

M. Leesena, Medical Assistant de Arvada, CO

"I always heard L... was the best so I bought one first. I can hear 10 times better out of the UltraScope. Thank you!"

H. Daniel, Medical Assistant de Dayton, TN

"I love it! Super light!" - N. Ceja, Medical Assistant : Salem, OR

N. Ceja, Medical Assistant de Salem, OR

"I love my UltraScope - The sounds are so crisp & clean - Thanks."

K. Foster, Medical Assistant de Moore, OK

"I can hear everything even the faintest of blood pressures."

T. Newman, Medical Assistant de Tallmadge, OH