Very light. Good acoustics

J. Mathers, Veterinarian

Beautiful sound, vibrant colors. Love the engraving!

L. Eisele, Veterinarian

After the diaphragm on my Littman Cardiology III tore for the 3rd time, I decided to purchase an UltraScope. I was surprised at how well my UltraScope muffled the background noise in my busy veterinary practice and the acoustics are comparable, if not better, to my Littmann. The lifetime guaranty and superior customer service won this veterinarian over for life!

S. Callahan, Veterinarian in Chattanooga, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I actually have 3 of these now. I tried one a couple of years ago (when my Littman that I received at graduation broke) and I instantly loved it. I bought 2 more last week so I don't have to be looking for my 1 good one all the time, (I can never remember where I set it down last.)

J. Riddle, Veterinarian in Princeton, MN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Ordered three this time, already have three for our animal hospital. Everyone loves them.

j. schultz, Veterinarian (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

Always like our Ultrascope stethescopes!

A. Brockett, Veterinarian in Huntingdon, PA

This is a great scope! I love the fun colors too! Nobody can easily mistake my stethoscope for theirs.

s. swan, Veterinarian

The sound quality is great, even for wiggly and furry patients. I love that it is almost as long (and sound quality as good) as the Littman large animal stethoscope for a fraction of the cost. Very easy to use on all sizes of animals and works well in noisy barns.

L. Malenke, Veterinarian (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

It took a little getting use to but I LOVE my ultrascope! It works so well through all the noise in the barns!

S. Blackwell, Veterinarian in Raleigh, NC (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)


S. Lynch, Veterinarian in Garner, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful! Love it! And GREAT customer service! Very Happy!

L. Dohanich, Veterinarian (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"The UltraScope [pediatric model] is EXCELLENT for detecting feline lung and tracheal sounds as well as for higher pitched crisp (muscle and valve) sounds of the heart."

M. Scherk, DVM in Vancouver, Canada (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I was given my UltraScope as a gift from my first employer. I have used it almost exclusively in practice and love it."

E. Miller, Veterinarian in Fruita, CO

"The sound is loud and clear, way better than I expected."

I. Baldovi, Veterinarian in Valencia, Spain

"I LOVE my ultrascope! I am VERY impressed with the stethoscope and the company as a whole. I have had parts break and I get free new parts sent almost immediately. It is a wonderful perk of having the best stethoscope so I can keep using it every day!"

J. Lane, Veterinarian

"Ultrascopes has provided another option on purchase of quality stethoscopes. I like the interchangeable head for adult and pediatrics patient, with its unique designs. It just makes my work day more exciting! Thank you."

C. Tan, Veterinarian in Brisbane, Australia

"I love my UltraScope. I have the pediatric version and it is great for small animals and cats!!!"

E. Brown, Veterinarian in Huntsville, AL

"It works great and is beautiful!"

A. Veine-Smith, Veterinarian in Beaver Falls, PA

"I have several other expensive scopes. They remain in the drawer. I only practice with my UltraScope."

C. Van Horn, Veterinarian in Murphy, NC

"Love the acoustics, especially through hair. I found a heart murmur in my geriatric cat the day I bought my UltraScope Pediatric."

M. Ferrera, DVM, Veterinarian in Riverview, FL

"I have significant hearing loss, electronic stethoscopes cost $500 - $750. With the UltraScope, I can hear just as well for a fraction of the cost. I can hear much better than with the pricy L... scopes too. "

D. Morales, Veterinarian in Warr Acres, OK

"Best sound ever. "

R. Johnson, Veterinarian in Silver Spring, MD

"I work exclusively with birds and very small exotic animals and find that my neonatal scope works exceptionally well on these small animals. The focused field and clarity are amazing. "

L. Materi, Veterinarian in Calgary, AB Canada

"Very clear and concise sounds."

Dr. D. A. Thomas, Veterinarian in Siloam Springs, AR