R. Majuyah, Médico de Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Simply the grooviest stetoscope ever and acoustics are very good also.

A. Luukka, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Love my ultrascope! Little patients really like it and will often engage with me about it - especially babies who try to eat it! It's beautiful and I prefer it to any other stethoscope I've ever used.

S. Hardy, Médico de Martinsburg, WV (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

can hear better than my old littman

j. richards, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Really love the stethoscope. Has great length and great sound.

G. Banegura, Médico

Love my stethoscope! My pediatric patients love it too! Great accoustics. The on ly problem is that the tubing breaks and needs to be replaced once a year at least, but customer service is excellent and they send replacements fast.

M. Suarez-Troccoli, Médico de Cooper City, FL (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I really like the sound quality and the appearance of the stethoscope. I have the "basic black" model and like that it looks more like a traditional stethoscope.

P. Jones, Médico

it is so bright and cheery

S. Vandenhul, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

Really cute designs and better constructed!! Love them!!!

M. Velazquez, Médico de Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (UltraScope Estetoscopios Dobles)

I love it!

T. Howell-Stampley, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Wow! I needed a replacement diaphragm. To my surprise, the process was as simple as logging on and clicking the Replacement Parts icon. The whole process took about 30 seconds. If it truly is that easy to order replacement parts, then I am very impressed with the warranty and customer service for my UltraScope!

D. Dorman, Médico de Batavia, IL (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

A unique piece of equipment that is very effective, it does what was said about it.

A. Cajigal, Médico

Very nice

J. Hare, Médico

Love it!

W. Edwards, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)


n. karim, Médico de TUTONG, BRUNEI, Brunei Darussalam (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

UltraScope Stethoscope.. I love it! I would say that I can hear 25 - 50% better with it than with the ... L... I've used for 24 years. This is truly a great product. You've made a convert out of me.

M. Lewin, MD, Médico de Charlotte, NC

Great product especially for pediatric patients

P. Azarcon Samonte, Physician de El Paso, TX (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Best stethoscope I have ever had. Sound is amazing. I never thought I would leave L..., but this is better.

V. Karimkhani, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Great sound transmission. Really cool looking scope.

J. Puckett, Médico (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

"I have used the UltraScope for 4 years and needed a reliable, quality backup. MaxiScope seems to fit the bill."

D. Scheraga, Physician de Olney, MD (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

"Fun way to auscultate. My pediatric patients love it, and so do I."

M. Walker, General Practitioner de Waitakere City, New Zealand

"Amazed in hearing low grade murmur, even S1 and S2."

J. de Leon, MD de Aiea, HI

"This is the best stethoscope."

I. Hashmi, Physician de Brooklyn, NY

"The sound is great and I love that you can mix and match designs. I would definitely buy another in the future."

K. M. Wagner, M.D. de Rockville, MD

"It is a great gift."

V. Meiyappan, Doctor de Tauranga, New Zealand

"Love the personalization you were able to do....copying my photo from my business card of my teal Harley with American Flag background. Thanks."

M. McCarthy, Physician de North Tustin, CA

"Very good both in looks and functionality. Kids love the pediatric version."

S. G. Jois, Doctor de Bangalore, Karnataka, India

"Looks great and sounds are easy to hear."

R. Wall, Physician de Phoenix, AZ

"I love the designs and sound quality."

D. Logan, M.D. de Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"How good is a smiley face that can listen to chests, etc. Very useful in A/E as it is good for listening through clothing to check chest sounds in resuscitation--saves time--saves lives. You can listen with the clothes off later."

P.G. Johnston, Physician de Marlborough, New Zealand

"Prompt service. Custom design really delivers."

C. Wellberg, MD, Médico de Bethesda, MD

"Good quality. Great conversation piece. I have the only one at a 700 bed teaching hospital. Patients and staff really enjoy it! "

C. J. Lusch, MD, Médico de Redding, PA

"I absolutely love my new scope. It is unique, comfortable, and works incredibly well in a noisy ER."

H. Wilson, MD, Médico de Miami Beach, FL

"This was the most wonderful stethoscope I have ever purchased. I love the magnified picturesque scenes - very effective for getting my little ones attention."

C. Hanna, MD, Médico de Richmond, VA

"Beautiful & wonderful. I bought two. "

Dr. G. Wong, MD, Médico de Scarborough, ON Canada

"This is a really great stethoscope. "

J. Jackson, Physician de Burke, VA

"The UltraScope is not only functionally effective, it is also light weight and aesthetically pleasing."

M. Angeles-Riparip, M.D., Physician de West Covina, CA

"Attractive, my pedi patients are no longer afraid to be examined because they thought its a toy. Clear heart sounds and breath sounds even if the baby is crying. "

E. Bayla, Physician de Lloilo City, Phillippines