Awesome product with a great design!! Many times I heard sounds that are barely audible with other famous brands. Moreover, the company gives a great customer service and the useful lifetime warrantly.

a. visintin, Asistente médico de gorizia, italy, Italy (UltraScope Estetoscopios Dobles)

I love it!

K. Silva, Asistente médico

"UltraScope has been fantastic. Acoustics have been equal to my $$$ L... Cardiology Stethoscope."

K. Amato, Physician Assistant de San Dimas, CA

"Attractive, lightweight, good sound."

D. Newby, Physician Assistant de Chehalis, WA

"I work at a NASCAR Speedway where noise is a factor. Your stethoscope is the best for eliminating outside noise!" (10 year owner of an UltraScope)

D. Rupprecht, PA-C de Lansing, MI

"Lightweight. Great sound. Excellent quality. "

A. Zielinski, Physician Assistant de Flushing, NY