I find this product absolutely perfect. It has been a lifesaver for me. Thanks

R. Johnson, CNA

I was a little skeptical at first, but this thing works amazingly. I tested it in noisy rooms around the house, right in front of a roaring fan on full blast, etc. and the sound was very clear and easy to distinguish. It's also not hard to use. The rounded acrylic is actually very ergonomic, in my opinion.rnrnthe ear pieces that were installed on the stethoscope were a little dirty straight out of the package, but it looks like bits of the packaging itself. (cardboard dust, etc.) So I'm not concerned about that either. It came with extra ear tips and a name tag, too.

B. Spice, CNA de Mountain Home, AR (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Just received and it already pleases me - I have had a hard time with other models from different companies due to hearing difficulties. I could hear with the Ultrascope - first try!!! I don't need to have my hearing aid in with the Ultrascope!!!!!

J. Bigelow, CNA

I absolutely love the quality, and design of the stethoscope, also fits in my ears perfectly and I feel like I can hear a mile away compared to other stethoscopes!

F. Giglio, CNA (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

I love this stethoscope! It was just as I ordered it and came to me faster than predicted. Thank you UltraScope!!!

J. Underwood, CNA de Statesville, NC (UltraScope Estetoscopio Individual)

Am a Nursing Student and a friend of mine recommended this product and once I ordered it the shipping was on time and the packaging was neat. Above all, the sound was so crisp and clear. I will recommend it to my other friends as well.

U. Ekpe, CNA

Wonderful! First stethoscope exactly what I wanted and expected!

K. Brown, CNA (Estetoscopio Individual MaxiScope)

"I really like this stethoscope because the sound is so clear."

M. Fisk, CENA de Cedar Springs, MI

"Great product! Love the designs, very fun and unique."

K. Scacchetti, CNA de Indian Trail, NC

"Tried all stethoscopes in store, felt the quality and warranty was the selling point."

M. LeBlanc, CNA de Thompson, CT

"The Ultrascope is great, we tried a few others while at the store and the Ultrascope was by far the best! Thank you for such a quality product."

R. McMahon, CNA de Cottage Grove, OR

"I purchased my UltraScope Classic, due to being deaf in left ear and a significant loss in right ear and with my UltraScope Classic I am able to still take my patients blood pressures. Thanks so much!"

A. Lightfoot, CNA de Wetumpka, AL (UltraScope Estetoscopios Clásicos)

"I went to the store to purchase another brand but came out with an UltraScope and I have been happy ever since."

A. Kenney, CNA de Richmond, KY

"This stethoscope is a great asset to my job. It makes my job more accurate. Thank you!"

W. Graham, CNA de Cape Girardeau, MO