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7 Lucrative Healthcare Jobs Young Adults Should Consider

Healthcare is such a wide field, and it is only advancing and growing larger as new science emerges. There is rarely a shortage of jobs, and the experience can be one-of-a-kind because no two days are ever going to be the same. This article will discuss seven areas of healthcare that are worth considering.

1. Nursing

A registered nurse requires about two years of schooling, plus any required prerequisites for the program. An LPN requires less schooling, but they are also able to perform a limited range of duties in the work environment. You can expect to start out at anywhere from $20-30 per hour depending on your location and field of interest. You'll be responsible for caring for patients, charting, collaborating with the rest of the team, and passing medications.

2. Dental Assistant

A dental assistant helps the dentist deliver care. They may help get the room set-up, make sure supplies and tools are available and clean, and get the patient brought back and ready. They can also handle tasks like handing tools to the dentist during procedures. Schooling length depends on the type of degree you initially seek but is generally a year or two to start.

3. Chiropractor

A Chiropractor practices a form of medicine that works to keep the human body in alignment. This, in turn, prevents things like inflammation and pain from occurring as often. A chiropractor learns to adjust and manipulate various joints to help their clients. According to experts in the field, The chiropractic industry is one of the most stable and fastest – growing economic sectors in the United States and worldwide. As more people realize the importance of quality preventative care and education, the demand for our services continues to grow. Plan on four years of medical school for this one.

4. Paramedic

This profession is the team of people that are first on the scene in the event of a car accident or other emergency. They are trained to provide immediate care to stabilize the patient for transport to a hospital where they receive further care. Schooling has a range of six months to two years for completion.

5. Veterinary Tech

Workers in this job are responsible for helping care for animals. This may include your typical cat or dog, or you may be in charge of other species. A tech position typically requires an Associate's degree, where you will learn the various anatomies and disease processes that you will be helping to treat.

6. Radiology Technician

A radiology tech is going to be the person who performs ultrasounds and is in charge of taking x-rays of patients. There are certificates available, but as with most healthcare careers, it is suggested to obtain a minimum of an Associate's degree. During school, you can expect to learn about the human anatomy, as well as different ways to position the body to get an appropriate view of the affected area.

7. Nursing Assistant

This job is in the nursing field but requires much less schooling than an RN or LPN. Some programs last as little as a few months, then you can take your state exam and begin working. Some tasks that you may help carry out are feeding clients, helping them bathe and dress, and assisting with ambulation.


As you can see, there are many options for entering into the healthcare field, even if you aren't looking to spend decades in school. Many programs can be completed in as little as a few months or require just a two-year associate's degree to get started. Aside from usually being well-paid, in-demand, and respected, most healthcare jobs will also teach you compassion and a lot more about the human condition. You can look forward to making a difference in lives, even if you do have to wear a uniform all the time (though you can definitely get some customizable tools to personalize it). If any of these professions sound interesting, we would encourage you to pursue them.