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Normal usage may loosen the diaphragm, retaining ring and ear-tips.

Check your scope occasionally and tighten these parts as necessary.

Methods for Cleaning Your Ultrascope

A cloth dampened with water and antibacterial soap can be used to clean any part of your Ultrascope. Wipe well with a clean, damp cloth until all soap is removed, then dry completely. Drying is important; you can read more on that below.
Do not soak any part of your stethoscope in liquid.
Keep your stethoscope away from extreme heat, extreme cold, solvents and oils.

Safely Disinfecting Your Ultrascope

We recommend disinfecting your Ultrascope or Maxiscope by wiping it with a a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.
Hand sanitizer is not an appropriate disinfectant as it may contain additives that will damage the tubing or diaphragm.
Any low temperature sterilizers such as Anprolene® by Andersen Product can be used on any Ultrascope or Maxiscope stethoscope.
The ubiquitous PDI Super Sani-Cloth® disposable wipes are safe for disinfecting your Ultrascope but use them gently on the Diaphragm membrane and the underside of the head when the Diaphragm is removed.

Let It Dry!

With any cleaning method, if the diaphragm is removed to clean it and the underside of the acrylic bell, where the design is located, it is important to ensure all parts are completely dry before reassembly. The diaphragm is meant to be air-tight to the head and any moisture that remains trapped between the diaphragm and the head could affect sound quality and, if left over a long period of time, cause the design to separate from the head.

The same goes with using your Ultrascope for marine and aquatic veterinary treatment! It is a good idea to remove the bell from the tubing and remove the diaphragm and retaining ring from the bell every now then after use to make sure no water has seeped in. The Ultrascope is designed to be air-tight but not necessarily water-tight. It will function great underwater but any water that gets inside can disrupt performance. After use in a saltwater environment, please give the metal parts a quick rinse to prevent any potential for corrosion.

Common Care Questions

Hanging/holding your Ultrascope by the binaurals and carefully running a hair dryer over the tubing can release and kinks or curves stuck in the tubing's memory. Please keep the hair dryer at an adequate distance for safety. If this does not sufficiently solve any kink, you can request a replacement tubing set through the Lifetime Warranty page.

The tubing can be "shined" with a cloth sprayed with Pledge® or other non-solvent or non-petroleum distillate polish.

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If you have any questions about specific disinfecting methods please contact us using the form to the right on desktop or below on mobile.

If you have a performance issue with your Ultrascope please visit the FAQ & Troubleshooting page for relevant information.

If you need a new Tubing & Binaural Set or other parts, please visit the Lifetime Warranty page.

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