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Buying Your First Stethoscope: What to Consider

So you've decided to buy your first stethoscope. Congratulations! Now what? Well, it's important to consider what type of stethoscope will be best for the job before purchasing one. This blog post will help you answer this important question: How do I choose a good stethoscope? We will discuss what factors to think about when buying a new stethoscope and how they can impact your decision-making process.

What are you looking for in a stethoscope?

The first question that you should ask yourself before purchasing a stethoscope is what will you be using it for? Will this be used for adults, children, or even possible animals?  This will help you decide what type of stethoscope to purchase and where on the spectrum it should be.

What about quality?

It's important not only to consider what your needs are, but also how much money that you have available to spend on a new device. For example, if this is being used for children or animals then there may be a need for you to purchase multiple devices, which will result in higher cost.

If this is primarily being used by adults then investing more money into the device may be worth it because of its durability and quality.

How often do I plan on using my stethoscope?

The frequency at which you use your new stethoscope will play a role in what type of device you purchase. If this is primarily for work, then it may be worth the investment to spend more money on a top-of-the line product that will last.

Are there any accessories I need as well?

It's important to consider not only what features are desired by your needs and what features are included, but also what other accessories you need. Will this be used by different people? Do they have allergies or sensitivities to latex?

How much do you want to spend on your first stethoscope?

This is a major factor in what type of device you purchase and how much it will cost. Stethoscopes can range in price from  $30 to $3000.

What features are desired?

This will determine what type of device you need and how much it costs. The most common types of stethoscopes include diaphragm, bell or piston (or both). Do you want a dual-head instrument with two different style sounds for listening at once?

How will this be used primarily - adults, children or animals?

This is an important factor in what type of stethoscope features are desired and what it should cost. For example, if someone has a small child at home that they need to care for with limited time while they work, it might be best to purchase a pediatric stethoscope.

What is the difference in stethoscopes for different uses?

There are many types of adult and child-sized instruments available on the market today, with features such as dual head or chest piece size. The type you need will depend entirely on what your needs are.

What are the different parts of a stethoscope?

There are a few different parts to a functioning stethoscope. Those parts include the diaphragm, bell and tubing.

What does the diaphragm on a stethoscope do?

The diaphragm on a stethoscope is what will pick up sound and transmit it to the ear piece.

What does a bell do on a stethoscope?

The bell is used for amplifying certain sounds which helps when listening for murmurs or heart rates.

How many types of tubing are there in this market today?

There are three different types of tubes, those being rubber, latex and vinyl.

What does the material of tubing do?

The type of tube you choose will depend on what your needs are for it. For example if a patient has an allergy to either latex or rubber then they should pick one made with vinyl tubing instead.

Are there any other features that come with stethoscopes?

Yes, there are many features that come with stethoscopes. For example some may be color coded for different uses and others may have sound amplifying effects to help you hear better in certain situations.

What should I consider when buying a stethoscope?

- what will the stethoscope be used for primarily?

- is this for adults, children, or animals?

- what type of tubing does the stethoscope have - rubber, latex or vinyl?

- are there other features that come with the stethoscope such as color coding and sound amplifying effects?

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to choosing your first stethoscope we recommend starting with some basic questions. What will the main use of the stethoscope be? What features are necessary for you to have? Lastly, what is your budget for your first stethoscope purchase? We hope that this article has helped you ask the right questions to find the perfect piece of equipment needed to perform your job tasks.