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How to Recognize Counterfeit Stethoscopes

A stethoscope is a useful instrument when listening to internal sounds during medical diagnoses. When people are affected by diseases that affect internal organs such as the lungs and heart, this unique medical instrument plays a great role in capturing the sounds. The medical experts analyze the sounds and offer the correct medical diagnosis.

It is good to buy a genuine stethoscope to get an accurate diagnosis. There are several brands of medical equipment available on the market such as 3M Littmann. Many popular brands are known to perform well. It is good to carry out research and know the right brands you can buy to get the best value for your money. When you buy your stethoscope from Ultrascope, you can be sure that you are getting a genuine product.

There are also several fake stethoscopes on the market. You should avoid them at all costs. Below are some of the steps you can take to identify a fake product and steer clear of it:

Buy from official stores

There are some manufacturers of stethoscopes that have been around for several decades. They have developed a good reputation for providing top-quality products. You can easily know whether you are buying the right product if you can check out the official website.

Most manufacturers will have product sales pages where you can place an order, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a genuine product. Look for recommended stores and order from them, as you will probably find them available for the best prices. The majority of manufacturers will have a website allowing you to order directly from them.

Comfortable earpieces

A stethoscope has several parts. The earpieces are essential in allowing you to listen to the sounds produced by internal organs. You can easily know whether you have bought a genuine stethoscope if you can assess the feel of your medical device. A genuine stethoscope should be comfortable to your ears.

After you have got the device, take it out of the box and place the earpieces in your ears. They should fit comfortably to capture the sounds well. Genuine products are designed to have comfortable earpieces that will relax your ears and offer the best listening experience.

Flexible tubing

The tubing on a genuine stethoscope should be flexible. If you notice the tubing is stiff, then you should be worried about its durability. A high-quality stethoscope will come with flexible tubing that can last long. When using the stethoscope, you will have to move it to different positions on the body of the patient during an examination. Flexible tubing can easily take different positions during use.

Genuine manufacturers know the tubing will be exposed to different forms of twists and movements during application. They will try to make it as flexible as possible. You should be wary of stethoscopes that you take out of the box and you discover that the tubing is solid. This can easily break during a medical examination, as well as expose you to unnecessary expenses.

Reputable dealers

Some dealers are known to sell high-quality medical products. You can start by researching the dealers before you can proceed to place an order. In most cases, the official manufacturers will offer recommendations about the right suppliers. You can check out reviews of the different suppliers and know the best. Many medical experts will give reviews of the different dealers.

Spend some time when researching the different dealers, so you'll be able to know the best suppliers. Buy from the best dealers with lots of positive reviews and ratings as they will offer you genuine products.

Original logos on the chest piece

In most cases, the manufacturers will print the official logo on the chest piece of the stethoscopes. Some manufacturers may place the logos on different parts of the instrument, so give it a quick check when you have it in your hands. If you are buying a medical device from a given reputable brand, then you need to ensure it bears the original logo.

Ensure you check out the general design of the device before you can order and make sure that the official logo is printed on the product before you place your order.

Price range

The price of a given stethoscope will be an indication of whether you are about to buy a genuine product or not. In most cases, imitations will be sold at lower prices than the market price. You will know the market price of a given medical device by checking the official websites of the manufacturers.

If you find an online deal that appears too good to be true, you should think twice about it. Those who make fake medical devices will try to lower the price so that they can attract you into buying their products. The price should be reasonable but should not be too low to an extent where it appears suspicious.

There are times when you can opt to buy a used device, but they should indicate it is a refurbished item. You can expect to find a refurbished stethoscope at low prices because it has already been used. It is better to spend money and buy a new device that will offer you the right medical diagnosis.

Packaging of the stethoscope

You will know whether you are about to get the best deal after you check out the packaging. The genuine manufacturers of medical devices will offer them attractive packaging. The boxes should have original logos and all the user instructions. Take time to check out whether there are seals.

A genuine product will come with a seal that will indicate the warranty will be void after it has been broken. People looking to buy genuine products should research the packaging. You can visit the official website of the manufacturers where you will be able to see photos of the products.

High-quality performance

A genuine stethoscope will always provide you with the best performance. If you have ever used a stethoscope from a certain company in the past, then you already know the quality of the item. Check out how the device performs before you can proceed to purchase it or place an order. Working with a high-quality medical device will guarantee you the right diagnosis. The tubing, chest price, and earpiece should fit comfortably. It should be easy for you to use the stethoscope if you have got a genuine product.

Buy a reputable brand

Some brands are known to make top-quality stethoscopes. You should order from brands such as 3M Littmann, FriCARE, Omron, and MDF MD. Before you decide to order from a given brand, ensure you carry out background research.

Sometimes, new products are introduced to the market, and it can be hard to find reviews of such products before you proceed to order. If you get a product that is developed to deliver the best results, then you will always assure your patients of the right diagnosis.

Warranty terms

A genuine stethoscope company will sell high-quality products that are accompanied by a warranty. The warranty should cover a considerable amount of time. When you order stethoscopes from a given company, then it should ensure the product is durable and strong enough to serve its purposes. You should check the warranty terms before you order a stethoscope. Ensure you get a product that is built to allow you to get the best experience out of its use.

The above are the few steps you can take to determine whether you are buying a genuine stethoscope. Fake stethoscopes will tend to fail if you pass them through the above discerning criteria.