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Storing a Stethoscope When Not in Use

It is always good to store a stethoscope the right way. After buying a new medical device, it will come with instructions on how to handle it. In most cases, you will get to know how you will store it and use it from the instructions. Ensure you check out the care instructions and your stethoscope will last longer. There are several things you should not do when storing the medical device.

For instance, you should avoid storing it in direct sunlight. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. Your stethoscope can be affected by oils and liquids if you do not handle it well. It is always essential to ensure you have the right place where you can store it. In most cases, you should dedicate a drawer where you will store the device.  If your interested in stethoscopes you might like our original stethoscopes with bling.

Here are some of the tips you can follow, and it will be easy for you to store the stethoscope perfectly:

1. Use the original box to store

The stethoscope will come in an original box that will protect it against wear and tear during shipping. You should keep the box well and it will be easy for you to store the device in the long run. After you decide to store the box, it becomes easy to keep the medical device. It will stay in its natural position without bending too much. The surfaces on the original box are scratch-resistant. They are soft to keep the device in good condition. If you are looking for a way you can keep the device safe in your medical office, then ensure you retain the box. The box is hard enough to protect the device from bending or against wear and tear in the process.

2. Avoid bending or stretching out

The stethoscope should not be bent or stretched when in storage. There are high chances it will tear if you can stretch it a lot when not in use. You need to spread it out before you can put it in the drawer for storage. If you have its original box, you should as well avoid bending it or stretching too much before you can store it. The device is designed in such a way it will spread easily in the device. Sometimes you may be tempted to bend the tubing before storage. It is a bad habit, and you should stop because it can lead to wear and tear. Remember the tubing is sensitive.

If you can stretch it too much, it can lose sensitivity and lead to poor acoustic signals as you listen to the internal sounds from the patients. Try to keep it in a relaxed position and it will play a great role in making you enjoy the best experience as you try to get the most accurate sounds. Always ensure you take good care of your medical device so that it can serve you for a long.

3. Do not fold the stethoscope tightly

Sometimes you may feel like it is right to fold the device so that it can fit in a small space. You should avoid folding it too tight because it can lead to damages. The tubing and earpiece should be left to relax on the surface. Plan in advance and have space where you will store the device before buying. There is no need of buying a high-quality device and you end up exposing it to wear and tear. You risk getting poor quality sounds if you fold the device too much.

The tubing may be damaged making it hard for you to get the right diagnostics. People looking forward to getting the right results when carrying out the diagnostics take necessary measures to store the devices well. You will get the best results as you try to get the diagnostics from patients.

4. Store in a cool and dry place

The device should be stored in a cool and dry environment. In most cases, the medical office rooms are air conditioned. The manufacturers will offer recommendations on the right temperature to store the devices. Ensure you stick to the right room temperature when storing the devices. The stethoscope will serve for a long if it is stored in a dry and cool environment. When the temperature is too high, there are high chances the components in the devices will get damaged.

Look for a way you can keep the room cool and your device will serve for long. The place should be dry because any moisture can affect the components in the device. Check out the humidity levels in the room before you can proceed to store the device. Spare time to check the condition of the device from time to time so that you can know whether it can serve you well.

5. Ensure the place is clean

The place where you store the medical devices should be clean. When practicing medicine, the devices should be kept clean to avoid cases where you can end up contaminating the patients. Too much dust can tear the tubing and lead to faulty recordings. A stethoscope is among the devices that you need to buy if you would like to diagnose patients in your office. They are available from different brands.

Research about the best brands and you will find it easy to diagnose different health complications. People who suffer from the internal organ is complications can be treated after a diagnosis is carried out. Application of a stethoscope has proven it to be the best way if you would like to get the sounds and analyze them.

6. Keep out of direct sunlight

The place where you store the device should be free from direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays can affect the performance of the device. In most cases, you will realize the devices are sold in dark boxes. The design of the boxes is aimed at making it hard for the light to penetrate. When you expose the device to a lot of light, you will lower its lifespan.

You would like the device to serve for a long so that you can realize value for money in the process. You will be disadvantaged if you can decide to expose it to a lot of suing light. If you decide to store it in a drawer, the drawer should be light-tight. There is a tendency where people tend to leave the devices on their desks. It is a bad habit because it can lead to damage. Ensure you have a safe drawer where you will store it when not in use.

7. Remove heavy objects from near the stethoscope

When you store heavy objects near the stethoscope, there are high chances the heavy objects will fall on the device. They will damage it in the process. Ensure you remove all heavy objects from the cabinet. Some of the items that can crash the tubing include dumbbells or weights. You will have made the right decision if you can remove all the devise and dedicated the drawer to store the stethoscope.

The device is delicate, and it should be handled with care if you would like it to realize value for money. There is no need of buying several medical devices due to damages that can be prevented. A high-quality stethoscope can last long if good care is taken.

8. Keep it away from oils and solvents

The stethoscope should be kept away from oils and solvents. They can enter the tubing and lead to obstruction of sound signals. There are high chances the oils will spill and affect the device if you store it in a drawer that has other solvents. For the best results when carrying out diagnosis, ensure you remove all oils and other solvents that may be available in the room. Even if you have placed the device in its box, there are high chances the oils and solvents will still affect it.

Remember they can soak into the box and stain the device. It is hard to use a stethoscope that has been stained with oils. Follow the right steps and it will be easy for you to have the stethoscope serving you longer. Apart from avoiding oils and solvents in the drawer where you keep it, you should also avoid carrying the device on your neck. When it comes into direct contact with your skin, the oils and lotions that you apply to your skin can affect it. The best way to carry it around involves hanging it around your coat or shirt.

It is easy to keep your stethoscope safe if you can follow the above steps. The device will perform better and last longer if you can take the necessary measures and store it in the right place. Always ensure you invest in a secure drawer where you will place the medical device. The device should be stored in an air-conditioned room. Direct exposure to sunlight can affect it. Take necessary measures and employ the above steps to keep your devices secure at all times.