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As a medical practitioner, it is important to carry the right instruments to assess and check your patients’ health. No matter what type of work you do, thisglitter stethoscope can help you listen to various diagnostic sounds from patients in different settings, be it medical offices, emergency clinics, or general wards. When it comes to patient health and care, time is of the essence, so having reliable tools on hand can keep you well-prepared.

With a fun and uniqueglitter acrylic head, this custom stethoscope can add sparkle to you and your patient’s days and make any head turn, no matter where you are! Loop it around your neck, place it in your pocket, and use it alone to perform auscultations, or with a sphygmomanometer to get blood pressure measurements.

Essential Design Features

  •   Superb Acoustic Performance
  •   Excellent Sound Quality
  •   Noise Reduction Capabilities
  •   Single-Sided Acrylic Head
  •   Comfortable Fit
  •   Lightweight Material
  •   Glittery and Sparkly Design
  •   Unique and Customizable Designs
  •   Versatile Color Options
  •   Lifetime Warranty

While this stethoscope’s exterior design may be filled withbling and sparkle, enough to catch anyone’s attention, it is made to be a reliable instrument above anything else. Lightweight, durable, and thoughtfully designed to be convenient and comfortable; this stethoscope is made to give you unmatched quality and reliability in the medical setting.

Whether you are a fan of the hype and craze surrounding anythingrose gold or simply want to have a unique-looking instrument to carry around with you, this Ultrascope is a perfect choice! With both aesthetics and functionality, thisglitter stethoscope is a serious deal, sure to give you value for your money with a vibrant design and a quality that matches its uniqueness.

  •   EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY.Our top priority is to deliver high-quality sound performance through exceptional acoustic quality and sensitivity. Get accurate sound readings and the best possible auditory diagnostics with stainless steel binaural that give you better sound flow. With this Ultrascope, you can access a full range of frequencies to get the most accurate sounds possible.
  •   PATIENT-FRIENDLY. This Ultrascope is made to be patient-friendly to ensure your patient check-ups and assessments go smoothly. For one, the bright and eye-catchingbling can surely draw attention to your patients and put a smile on their faces. Aside from this, the acrylic head prevents any discomfort from the chill of metal that usually comes with most stethoscopes.

Furthermore, thissparkly stethoscope is also designed to be convenient for the wearer, allowing you to use it for extended times and long hours in the day without problems. Choose between firm screw-on ear tips or plush ear tips to get the maximum comfort possible. The lightweight material also helps prevent any strain or pain that may build up from having the stethoscope around your neck for a long time.

  •   SINGLE-SIDED HEAD. This Ultrascope is designed to have a pressure-sensitive, single-sided acrylic head to perform auscultations easily and without discomfort. By adjusting the amount of pressure you put on the head, you can listen to different frequencies.There is no need to repeatedly and continuously flip it around, yet it works just as effectively as a double-sided head.
  •   EYE-CATCHING DESIGN. Why not inject some personality, add sparkle to your day, and show off your personal style with aglitter stethoscope, something that is sure to get heads turning everywhere you go! Customize your trusty instrument with ten custom painted head designs and over ten tubing colors to play around with.

Want to make your stethoscope even more personalized? You can do so by engraving the head with your name, monogram, insignia, or symbol.

  •   LIFETIME WARRANTY. We know that a reliable instrument is crucial for any medical practitioner’s set of tools, so we make it a point to offer a lifetime warranty for every stethoscope. Get any of the parts replaced at any point in time, and all you have to pay for is the shipping. Likewise, if you get a stethoscope with any manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it for free.

Product Specifications

  •   Head Designs: US007MC, US007LA, US007LB, US007HP, US007PU, US007RD, US007RB, US007TE, US007RG, US007SL
  •   Styles: Single Stethoscope, Classic, Extended, Duo, Teaching
  •   Head Sizes: Adult, Pediatric
  •   Custom Engraving: Optional
  •   Production and Turnaround Time: 7-10 days

About Ultrascope

Ultrascope was founded in 1987. For over three decades, we have been making quality stethoscopes that deliver excellent sound with eye-catching style.

Beneath their vibrant exterior, Ultrascope stethoscopes are all business. We strive to make every single Ultrascope consistent, reliable, and durable. We take our customers’ needs very seriously and aim to give our users the ultimate listening experience with a stethoscope.

Style versus substance? You don’t have to choose. Ultrascope gives you both in one beautiful package.

Stethoscopes come with (1) head with single stem, your choice of design, your choice of  tubing color, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag.

Estimated Production and Turn-Around Time is 7-10 Days - Custom Painting takes a little time.  We promise it will be worth it!

Keep up with Ultrascope.