Design Your Own Ultrascope Stethoscope!

We Will Bring Your Idea To Life

Ultrascope is already one of the most unique stethoscopes on the market because of our unique sound blocking technology and our AMAZING DESIGNS!

We are constantly coming out with new designs, but if you have something special you've been dreaming of, let our team see if we can make it a reality for you.

Maybe you see one of our current designs you'd like in a color we don't offer...

Maybe you have a crazy idea for a unicorn riding a rainbow.

Maybe you'd like a portrait of your favorite kids/pets/landscape.

Fill out the form below to tell us about your idea. We will let you know what is possible with a custom Ultrascope! Custom orders start at $25 on top of the cost of the stethoscope, you still get to choose your tubing, engraving, etc.

Katy is one of our favorite instagram follows! She sent us a picture of her childhood kitty who just passed away recently. He had a Hawaiian name, so wanted plumeria and hibiscus flowers to go along with a portrait. Our design team went above and beyond to give Katy a truly special custom stethoscope. Ready for yours?

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Step 1: Send Us Your Idea

Whether you want a new color scheme, a custom doodle, or a full portrait, our team will take your ideas and work up something magical. Note - We are not able to do Licensed Sports or Characters.

Step 2: You Choose Tubing Colors & Style

After we confirm with you that we can draw what you are wanting, we will send you an invoice for the custom stethoscope. We will just need to know what type of stethoscope you want and the color of tubing. The custom charge can vary if it is a simple color change, a new character design, or a full portrait.


Step 3: We Get To Work!

The custom design process takes a little longer than our normal process, but that's to ensure we exceed your expectations! We will send you a shipping notice once it leaves our building. Then you will have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind stethoscope!

Keep up with Ultrascope.