Best Stethoscopes for EMT

Emergency medical technicians, also known as ambulance technicians, are the first medical practitioners who operate in emergency and pre-hospital situations. As an EMT, your life is full of stressful scenes where a single decision can determine whether your patient is going to make it to the hospital or not. 

There's no doubt that the stethoscope is the most crucial tool in an EMT's arsenal. The right stethoscope can help you measure a patient's vital signs in a split second and instantaneously perform the correct action.

It also enables you to identify the patient’s potential medical condition before they even set foot in the ER, which is an action that can save a life in extremely critical cases. 

However, choosing a stethoscope that fits the nature of your job isn't the easiest task. There are many factors to consider, and the fact that there are many products and brand names on the market doesn’t really help.

We know you’re short on time and don’t have the energy to search the world for a good stethoscope. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you find your next partner in your high-stakes job. 

Why You Should Have Your Own Stethoscope

If you’re a novice EMT, you might be wondering why you need to buy a stethoscope when ambulances and emergency helicopters are comprehensively equipped with many stethoscopes and automated blood pressure machines. 

While every company provides its vehicles with enough stethoscopes, these are used by all the health practitioners on board. That means the pair you're picking to use at the moment has been in another person's ear before, and that's far from hygienic.

Oil, earwax, and debris are all substances that accumulate on the ear tips of stethoscopes and can cause ear infections to the person using them next. Moreover, cleaning and disinfecting the earpieces before each use isn’t practical, especially in chaotic scenes such as patients having a sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. 

Hence, having your pair is essential to be able to interfere immediately. Furthermore, the onboard blood pressure machine can break down or show wrong readings due to bumps and dips on the road, so it's best to be prepared with your own equipment.

Another reason to purchase a stethoscope is that, usually, the ones provided by emergency companies are of low quality. You don’t want to use a cheap stethoscope with third-rate sound quality in a noisy and hectic environment like that of an ambulance. 

Finally, using the same stethoscope for a long time helps you know how to use it right and master good auscultation skills, enabling you to improve in your career. 

Many professional EMTs say that getting used to their own stethoscope helped them be quicker in detecting life-threatening conditions such as suspected pneumothorax and aortic aneurysm.

All in all, having your own tool customized to your liking will help make you a health practitioner with character. You’ll always have it within your hand’s reach; clean and ready to get the job done. 

What Makes Ultrascope the Best Stethoscope for EMT

Before we shed light upon the different models that Ultrascope offers for EMTs, here are the highlights of what to look forward to in our products. 

Noise-Cancellation for Accurate Assessment

You work where things can get out of control quickly, and noise can affect your performance. There's no guarantee that your surroundings are going to be quiet when you perform auscultation. During emergency trips, you'll be exposed to street noise in heavy traffic, car horns, people shouting, and even the siren of the ambulance you're working in.

Moreover, the noise generated by air ambulances, especially emergency helicopters, is unbearable. That’s why you need superb noise-reducing properties along with excellent sound consistency so that you can make your assessments precisely.

Instead of metal chest pieces, which pick up all the sounds in your surroundings, Ultrascope uses acrylic heads in all its models. These acrylic chest pieces block out ambient noises and shut off the world around you so that the only thing you hear is your patient’s breathing or heartbeats. 

Impressive Sound Quality

Accuracy and speed are what make an EMT a good emergency practitioner. To be able to identify a life-threatening condition in a matter of seconds, you need a stethoscope with top-class acoustics and a wide frequency range.

Ultrascope provides you with the best sound experience you can ever ask for from a pair of stethoscopes. The acrylic heads are designed to provide cardiology-grade sound quality. 

Not only that but also, the stainless steel binaural integrates large internal bores for enhanced sound transmission. The larger room inside the binaural allows the sound to flow more freely and reach your ears with greater accuracy. 

When using any Ultrascope stethoscope, you’ll be able to detect low frequency sounds as good as mid and high range ones.

Light as a Feather

The minimum duty hours of an EMT are 8 to 10 hours, and some shifts continue for a whole day. You’re always on the move, and as the stethoscope is your first medical equipment in responding to a call, you carry it all day. 

Whether you hang it around your neck or tuck it in your gown’s pocket, it’s an added weight to your continuously moving body, so you’ll benefit from having the lightest one. Fortunately, all Ultrascope stethoscopes are made from sturdy and lightweight materials yet weigh under six ounces.

Forget about neck cramps and pain because with an Ultrascope around your neck; you'll be light as a feather jumping in and out of ambulances all day long.

Endless Comfort

Wearing an uncomfortable pair can cause you horrible headaches and ear pain. For this reason, Ultrascope stethoscopes are outfitted with flexible headsets that you can wear without a hassle and earpieces that fit easily in your ears and don't pain you after a couple of usages. 

What’s more, the ear tips fit snugly in your ear to block all the noises from the distracting environment around you. 

There are two types of ear tips: hard screw-on and soft push-on. Because user preferences differ, you can choose either type when purchasing any model from Ultrascope.

Quality and Trusted Brand

Among all medical professions, you're in one of the hardest. Your stethoscope will have its fair share of bumps against ambulances' doors and knocks from patients suffering from epileptic seizures or anxiety attacks. Hence, it would help if you had a durable one.

For over three decades, Ultrascope has been producing quality products that deliver consistent durability and reliability. Our stethoscopes are made from top-class materials that are guaranteed to stay with you throughout your action-packed career. They are genuinely fit to handle the challenging nature of your job.

Under Warranty as Long as You Own It

You never know what could happen to your stethoscope during an emergency, and of course, you want to ensure that your investment hasn’t gone to waste. Our products are long-lasting purchases that ensure you receive maximum value. 

We offer a lifetime warranty on all Ultrascope models. The only thing you’re ever going to pay for is the actual product. If any part becomes worn out or you’re dissatisfied with any piece, you can order a replacement, and it’ll be at your doors with no extra charges. 

Our warranty includes the tubing, binaural, diaphragm, ear tips, retaining ring, and name tag. Therefore, use it comfortably and freely because you’re literally covered. 

Types of Ultrascope Stethoscopes for EMT

There is no stethoscope for everyone, and that’s what Ultrascope has kept in mind and produced several models with different purposes and design touches. While there are many types, we always say that the best Stethoscope is the one that works best for you. 

Whether you’re new to the medical field, a seasoned EMT with years of expertise, or a paramedic instructor, we have the right model for you. Check the guide below to know more about our products.

Ultrascope Single Stethoscope

The Single stethoscope is Ultrascope’s most popular product and the most similar to the standard stethoscope most health providers use. It’s a reliable, single-sided, pressure-sensitive model that can serve you in all kinds of situations. You can use it to listen to abnormal body sounds to detect different health abnormalities and common medical conditions. 

It comes in both pediatric and adult sizes and can be used for human and animal patients. The single-sided chest piece, which is the hallmark of all Ultrascope models, allows for easy and fast assessment. 

Instead of the diaphragm and bell being on opposite sides, the Single stethoscope has both on one side. This is to spare you the hassle of turning the head over every now and then to listen to different sound frequencies.

When using a single-sided head, all you have to do is apply light pressure to hear low-frequency sounds and increase the pressure for higher frequency sounds. This technique is especially practical for EMTs who need all the help they can get from their tool to conduct a rapid assessment and quickly act on it.

If you're quite bored with stethoscopes' standard colors, you'll be glad to hear that Ultrascope Single stethoscopes come in hundreds of designs and colors.

For EMTs who prefer a serious and professional look, there are muted designs. However, if you’re the type who likes to look unique and brighten their workspace with colorful tools, we offer you plenty of fun designs with creative illustrations and colorful drawings.

Ultrascope Duo Stethoscope

If you like our designs to the point that you can't decide on one chest piece, you might want to consider this model. The Ultrascope Duo stethoscope  looks the same as the Single, yet it's designed to offer more versatility in the chest piece's size and shape.

A chest piece used to examine an adult can’t be used to check the lung sounds of a 4-year old. And since professional EMTs should be prepared to deal with all patients, the Duo stethoscope comes with two heads, one for adults and the other for pediatrics. 

The switch between the two heads is super easy and fast. You won’t need any tools in the process; just unfasten the attached head with the tips of your fingers and screw the new one, then you’re ready to go. 

With every purchase, you can choose the two heads' shape from the plethora of Ultrascope's designs. They don't have to be similar! Besides, you can personalize your equipment to make you stand out by engraving your name or adding your credentials or medical insignia.

Furthermore, you can choose between 14 vibrant colors of tubing according to your taste. You might think this isn’t important. However, you won’t believe the number of patients who recognize the paramedic who helped them in the worst experience they’ve ever had in their lives by the unique color of their stethoscope!

Ultrascope Extended Stethoscope

The Extended stethoscope is a single-sided, pressure-sensitive stethoscope just like the others but with an optional tubing extension that can be attached and detached easily when the situation demands.

While the usual tubing length is between 22 and 31 inches, the Extended stethoscope can reach 51 inches, allowing you to deal with patients without any uncomfortable situations.

Also, the area inside an ambulance is much smaller than that around a hospital bed or in the ER. You might find it restricting to move or maneuver your way over the medical equipment in the vehicle, which is where the extension will come in handy.

Not only that but having this extension can also help you efficiently do your job while keeping a distance from patients suffering from a contagious disease or having an anxiety attack.

Finally, if the weather drops below freezing and opening your coat is an insane act, you can wear the Extended stethoscope below your coat and let the chest piece slide out of your sleeve. 

Ultrascope Classic Stethoscope 

The classic stethoscope is a double lumen one that provides an individual sound channel to each ear. This means that there are two tubes attached to one chest piece, and each tube goes into one ear tip, delivering a different sound to each ear.

This unique design separates the sound into the left and right channels according to its frequency, which allows you to hear the subtlest heart sounds and delicate murmurs with more clarity and distinction. 

This improved audio quality, along with Ultrascope’s sound-canceling properties, will allow you to make better sound observations even in the noisiest situations.

Ultrascope Teaching Stethoscope

This is another double-barrel stethoscope, yet it’s made for a totally different purpose.The Teaching stethoscope can be attached to two pairs of earpieces, allowing two users to use it concurrently. 

This is a popular model among teachers and instructors who want to hear what their students hear in real-time to give better instructions and correct their mistakes. The student can attach their own binaural to the teacher’s stethoscope, which means no ear tips are shared.

Shared stethoscopes are one of the most common causes of ear infections among the medical staff. By using the Teaching stethoscope, you’ll be providing a fruitful learning experience in hygienic conditions. 

What Is the Best Stethoscope for Your EMT Specialization?

Each medical professional possesses different skills and has particular roles. The best stethoscope for trainees who provide first-aid treatment and life support care isn’t the best for a paramedic who deals with acute situations. So, let’s see which stethoscope is right for your EMS certification level.

Best Stethoscope for Emergency Medical Responders

EMRs are the personnel who give immediate care to emergency patients before they get into an ambulance. They possess the necessary life support skills required to handle a patient at an accident or a fire scene. 

Their job is to arrive at the scene quickly, take the patients’ vital signs, and stabilize them until they are left in the hands of the ambulance’s crew. The skills required include first-aid basics, CPR, life-saving techniques, as well as basic airway management.

Our Recommendation: Ultrascope Single Stethoscope

EMRs aren’t required to handle extensive and complicated cases. Still, they need to have a do-it-all stethoscope for any situation at hand, and for that, we recommend the Ultrascope Single Stethoscope. 

Many of the EMRs are firefighters or on-call volunteers. With the training courses already probably keeping you on a tight budget, you’ll need a user-friendly stethoscope that won't add to your financials. Fortunately, the Single model is the most affordable among our line of products. 

Its single-sided head is super easy to use, and the lifetime warranty guarantees that this model will stay with you throughout your career.

Best Stethoscope for Emergency Medical Technicians

EMTs are the technicians who handle the situation between the scene and the hospital's emergency ward. Personnel with EMT certifications work under medical oversight and provide emergency care for critical patients using ambulances' basic equipment.

If you're an EMT, you'll be asked to manage patients' bleeding, attend to their burns, and splint suspected fractures. You'll also have to keep their vital signs stable until they reach a hospital where they can receive a higher level of treatment. Auscultation of lung sounds and heart tones in an extremely noisy environment is also a major part of your job.

Our Recommendation: Single or Duo stethoscope

Both have acrylic head chest pieces that do a great job in dampening the surrounding noise so that you can make quick and accurate assessments.

Since you’ll be on the move all day long and jumping back and forth from sites to hospitals, you’ll need a pair of light stethoscopes. These models are comfortable and nearly weightless to the point that you’ll forget they’re hanging around your neck.

In emergencies, you never know the age or the size of your next patient. With the Duo stethoscope, you’ll have two differently sized heads within reach so that you can provide care for a toddler as well as a 60-year-old woman without changing the stethoscope.

Best Stethoscope for Advanced EMTs and Paramedics

Advanced EMTs and paramedics provide more extensive pre-hospital care for emergency and critical patients. Their job is more intense and requires more advanced cardiac monitoring and higher-level lung assessment. 

You’ll find yourself in situations where you need to place an endotracheal tube or perform epigastric auscultation to know if the air is leaking to the patient’s stomach. A stethoscope with unmatched acoustics, improved sound amplification, and excellent noise-cancellation is a must. 

Our Recommendation: Classic stethoscope

We suggest the Classic stethoscope, as its dual tube design and excellent acoustic seal provide you with the best listening experience. Not to mention its comfortable fit, extreme durability, and fun designs that help ease your patients’ stress.

Best Stethoscope for EMT Instructors

EMTs don’t become professionals on their own. There are people behind this process who train and prepare technicians physically and emotionally to handle dangerous situations and make the right decisions under stress. 

Our Recommendation: Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope 

We recommend the Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope for such a hard task, as it allows the instructor and the student to listen simultaneously. This enhances the learning experience by enabling trainers to demonstrate how auscultation is done and monitor their students' performance in real-time.

Handling a double binaural stethoscope may be cumbersome and uncomfortable for some instructors, given that it requires setup. However, you won’t face these problems with the Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope since it’s easy to put together and has adequately long tubing to be comfortable for both parties.    

Best Stethoscope for Veterinary Technicians

Just as EMTs and paramedics help people in emergency health situations, veterinary EMTs help our furry friends to make it to the hospital.

Emergency veterinarians provide care to animals by assessing and stabilizing their vital signs. Since animals and pets are a bit more creative in getting themselves in trouble, veterinary technicians are responsible for treating their injuries caused by falls, accidents, or traumas.   

Our Recommendation: Duo stethoscope or Extended stethoscope

Since your patient can be a small pet or a wild agitated animal, we recommend using either the Duo stethoscope or the Extended stethoscope. Both offer great versatility to deal with different situations, especially the Extended model, since it allows you to examine the patients without bending over them or crawling under their bodies. 

The Verdict: You Should Try Us!

An EMT’s job isn’t an easy one, and even their training is intense. You don’t want to add to your stress with an underperforming stethoscope that transmits the patient’s heart sound mixed with car horns and bits of conversations of people walking around your emergency vehicle.  

In situations where people’s lives are at stake, you need a reliable tool to assess patients accurately and provide the right interventions with speed. And that’s what Ultrascope offers in all its products; first-class sound-cancellation properties, light, and comfortable designs, as well as a lifetime warranty on all parts. 

With that said, it’s time to try our products and respond to the next emergency call with confidence.

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