The Best Stethoscopes for Nursing Students

Credit is due to health care personnel who fight tirelessly on the front lines every day without waiting for a thank you!

A nurse’s job is a far cry from being easy. It’s a collection of night shifts and busy morning rounds. You get close to patients and befriend them throughout their noble fights against their illnesses.

If anything, you’re a fighter who needs a top-of-the-line weapon, and in your case, that’s your stethoscope. That’s why we’re going to help you find the best equipment.

If you’re a nursing student, you’ll need a good stethoscope to learn how to examine patients and conduct accurate physical assessments. The problem is, with many products on the market, various price tags, and different specifications, you can get confused about which is the best for you and your nursing specialty.

It’s time to get your answers and pursue your dream with confidence. Read our detailed guide to know more about Ultrascope stethoscopes and what they offer to make your life better.

A Guide to Ultrascope Stethoscopes

Before we tell you which stethoscope is the best for your studying field, let’s first give you an idea about what we have in store. Ultrascope provides different types of stethoscopes to match the needs of various users.

Comfort, superb acoustics, and reliability are consistent qualities among all Ultrascope's models. However, they're built differently to suit different types of patients and all health caregivers' needs. Then, what's really the difference between our products?

Ultrascope Single Stethoscope

Ultrascope Single stethoscope is the chief product from Ultrascope and sits on top of the bestsellers list. It takes the shape of most nurses and doctors’ standard stethoscopes: a hollow tube with a chest piece on one end and two earpieces at the other.

This is the cheapest option from Ultrascope and the one favored by nurse students who haven't decided on a particular specialization yet.

Your first stethoscope should offer you the best sound quality and reliability because if you’re not going to learn right, you’re putting the rest of your career at stake. And that’s why Ultrascope’s Single stethoscope is your best choice if you’re using a stethoscope for the first time.

Easy One-Sided Use

The Single model from Ultrascope is an acoustic, pressure-sensitive stethoscope. It’ll help you make the correct assessment by delivering accurate sounds at different frequencies. But what really makes it stand out is its single-sided head. 

Nursing students will still be learning how auscultation works and trying to understand the meaning behind each sound coming from the lungs, intestines, and heart. That’s something you grasp after a long time of practice and experience. 

A regular two-sided stethoscope has the diaphragm (plastic disc) and bell (hollow cup) at different sides. To listen to different frequencies, you’ll have to flip the head over every now and then. 

If you use a stethoscope with two sides, your concentration will be divided between flipping the head over continuously and trying to make out the reason behind the sound you’re hearing. That’s just not practical for a beginner nurse. And that’s where the single-sided head of the Ultrascope stethoscope comes into play.

With the diaphragm serving as the diaphragm and bell simultaneously, the process becomes much more manageable. All you have to do is apply light pressure with your index finger to hear lower frequencies and increase the pressure for higher ones. In other words, the more pressure you apply, the higher the frequencies you hear. That's how simple it is!

Block the External Sounds

Well, you’re still not an expert when it comes to body sounds, so you’ll need all the concentration a stethoscope can give. Fortunately, the Single stethoscope and all the other Ultrascope models as well are entirely noise-proof.

Unless you’re training in a quiet clinic, most of your work will be in hospitals or fields where there’s severe noise pollution. The sound of medical staff conversing together, visitors talking to patients, passing tea trolleys, and telephones ringing are all examples of the sounds you can hear in hospitals.

When you’re trying to get a patient’s blood pressure, you’ll need to block all these sounds, and that’s what Ultrascope offers. Made from acrylic, the chest piece of Ultrascope stethoscopes reduce ambient noises and shut off the world around you so that you can focus on your patient only. 

Customize Your Favorite Tool

With Ultrascope, you can customize your stethoscope! Customization options are available for all models, not only the Single stethoscope.  

As a nurse, you’re not just in charge of your patients’ health condition, but you’re also responsible for giving them emotional and spiritual support. When you approach a patient, the first thing they notice is the object hanging around your neck, so a stethoscope with an appealing look will be an ice-breaker.

Our products have been individually designed and hand-painted to make you look unique. We have around 80 chest piece designs made in different colors and 14 color options for tubings.

You’re free to order whatever you like. You can match a flowery blue head with a yellow tube or pick a chest piece with a smiley face to draw a smile on your patients’ faces. In short, your fun options are infinite. 

Ultrascope Duo Stethoscope

TheUltrascope Duo stethoscope is nearly identical to the first model but with far more versatility. It’s another single-sided, pressure-sensitive stethoscope with an acrylic head and noise proofing capabilities. Yet, the difference between it and the first model is that it gives you the option of switching the chest piece. 

The Most Versatile

Nurses provide care to a wide range of patients. You may be asked to take a 30-year-old man's blood pressure and check a newborn's breathing on the same day.

Stethoscopes used for older patients aren’t suitable for kids and vice versa. Besides, having two stethoscopes on you all the time is neither a practical nor economical method for such situations. That’s why you need a Duo stethoscope.

This model comes with two heads and two connectors linked to one tube and a pair of earpieces. The two heads aren't connected simultaneously, of course, but they can be switched easily in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools. 

To change the head, you just need to unscrew the connected one by your thumb and index, then screw the one you need. Then, you’re ready for your next mission. 

The two heads that come included are of two different sizes: adult size and pediatric size. The former is suitable for elderly patients, while the latter is best used when dealing with infants and small animals. 

Brighten Your Workspace

The best feature about Ultrascope Duo stethoscopes is that you get to choose the two heads' designs. Out of all the fun illustrations and dreamy designs we offer, you can select two different chest pieces and switch between them according to the situation.

Our customization options are endless, and for nurses who like to stand out from the crowd, we offer personalized engravings. You can choose to add or omit colors and have your name or an insignia written on the head. 

Essentially, the Duo stethoscope is also a good option for nurses who can’t decide on one design from our plethora of designs. 

Ultrascope Extended Stethoscope 

Ultrascope Extended Stethoscope is just the right model for tricky conditions. Usually, stethoscopes have standard tubing lengths that range from 22 to 31 inches, with the 27-inch tube being the most common. 

Our extended model comes with a tubing extension that you can use whenever the situation demands. Don’t worry; it’s a separate extension that you can attach when needed. And the attachment method has never been easier; no tools are required. 

Like the previous two models, this one has a sturdy, single-sided acrylic head that dampens all the unwanted noise. You also have the freedom to choose from countless colors and drawings.

Reach Further Than Your Arm’s Length

So why do you need this extra length? For many reasons, actually.

First, infants, kids, psychotic patients, and small animals can get scared easily if a nurse gets too close to them when hearing their heartbeats or checking their blood pressure. 

Keeping a reasonable distance between you and the patient can help ease their stress and lower the chances of mistakes. Hence, an extended stethoscope is necessary to calm these patients and get the job done quickly.

Second, many practitioners recommend choosing this model as it reduces the amount of bending, which causes lower back pain in the long run. 

What's more, it comes in handy when your patient is suffering from a contagious disease, and it's safer to keep a distance. Lastly, if the weather is chilling and opening your coat is not an option, you can wear this model under your coat and slide the chest piece in and out of your sleeve.

Enjoy Unmatched Acoustics

Sometimes, more tubing length affects the sound quality, but that’s not the case with our products. All Ultrascope models are made from first-class materials that deliver accurate sounds at all frequencies. 

The binaural spring is made from high-quality stainless steel and is designed with a spacious interior diameter. This wider space allows the sound to flow more freely and reach your ears as accurately as can be. Hence, even if you’re connecting the tubing extension, the sound will still be clear, and you’ll be able to make your assessment without a problem.

Lifetime Warranty

We’re 100% sure that our products won’t disappoint. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on all Ultrascope products.

Later on, after you finish your degree and enter the real world of medical records and patients with multiple diseases, you’ll find that most hospitals require that nurses should have their own stethoscopes. We don’t want you to waste your money. Our products are going to stay with you during your learning journey and actual practicing life. 

Due to the nursing job's challenging nature, stethoscopes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. For this reason, we offer free replacement for all our stethoscopes' parts, including the tubings, binaural, ear tips, diaphragms, and retaining ring.

Ultrascope Classic Stethoscope

The first thing you’ll notice about the Ultrascope Classic stethoscope is that there are two tubes instead of one! This model is designed with a double-barrel chest piece that holds two separate tubes kept together with a clip. Each tube is connected separately to an earpiece and delivers a different sound to each ear.

Like the other models, the unit incorporates a single-sided acrylic head and boasts impressive noise proofing capabilities. It works the same way as the others, so you don’t have to follow a different procedure. 

Don’t Miss a Sound

This amplified model is explicitly designed for the hard of hearing health care providers. The unique design allows for a new range of sounds to pass through the tubes and reach each ear separately.

Each tube focuses on picking up sounds at specific frequencies so that aspiring nurses with hearing issues can detect normal and abnormal heart rhythms, as well as other anatomical sounds without a hitch. 

Comfortable All-Around Experience

You’re in a field where a single mistake can result in an irredeemable disaster. Since nursing students wear their stethoscopes for many hours, an uncomfortable one can cause them headaches and inconvenience, affecting their performance. 

The classic stethoscope is a well-constructed, sound-isolating stethoscope that guarantees a comfortable all-around experience. Like all Ultrascope products, the model is lightweight and ensures a good fit without hurting your ears. 

When purchasing any model from Ultrascope, you can choose either the screw-on ear tips or the plushier push-on ones, depending on your preference. 

Ultrascope Teaching Stethoscope

Similar to the Classic stethoscope, the Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope has two tubes. However, their purpose is completely different. While each tube is connected to one earpiece in the former, each in the Teaching stethoscope has its own binaural pair.

Other than this change in design, the model is no different from other Ultrascope models in terms of single-side use, sound-canceling, comfort, and incredible acoustics. 

Give Your Instructions at the Right Time

The unique design of the Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope allows teachers or instructors to share the same device simultaneously. 

For example, when teaching how to measure a patient’s blood pressure with a classic sphygmometer, both the instructor and the student can wear a pair of earpieces extending from the same chest piece. That means both of them will hear the same thing concurrently, allowing the instructor to detect the student’s mistakes and give better instructions. 

But that’s not its only merit. In fact, teachers love this model because it provides a more hygienic and healthier way of sharing their stethoscope. Shared ear tips can cause ear infection if not cleaned thoroughly after each use.

Which Stethoscope Is the Best for Your Specialization?

Nursing students are required to choose a field at the time of university application. That’s why you should first make up your mind about your future specialty then select a stethoscope that will aid in making you the perfect candidate for every job opportunity you come across. 

We’re going to help you take the guesswork out of which stethoscope is the best for you and your nursing specialty. Here’s a guide to the fields you can choose from and our recommendations for the stethoscopes that will make your hard job a breeze.

Best Stethoscope for Cardiac Nurses

Coronary heart diseases and congestive heart failure are the lead causes of death in the USA. That's why the demand for cardiac nurses has never been greater. If you choose the cardiology field, you’ll be signing yourself up for a huge load of work, and you’re going to need a tool that can keep up with that.

In this particular department, you’re going to use a stethoscope to detect faint heart sounds and vascular murmurs, which are abnormal sounds that blood makes when it rushes past an obstructed artery. You’ll need a stethoscope with impressive sound quality and superb noise proofing. 

Our Recommendation: The Ultrascope Single stethoscope or the Classic stethoscope. 

Both of them incorporate acrylic chest pieces that don’t pick up ambient noises and extra-wide stainless-steel binaural to give more space for the sound to flow. 

Using either of the two models, you’ll be guaranteed highly-accurate acoustics, especially with the Classic stethoscope. However, many professionals would prefer the Single over the Classic because sometimes the sound of rubbing tubes can interfere with the sound transmitted.

Best Stethoscope for Geriatric Nurses

Geriatric nurses are responsible for older patients. They provide care for their injuries or other health problems, but most importantly, maintain their quality of life. Most of your duties will revolve around making sure that their vital functions are well, and that includes a lot of work with a stethoscope.

Our Recommendation: The Single stethoscope or the Extended stethoscope. 

You’ll benefit from their top-quality materials and cardiology-grade sound quality. On top of that, both models are super comfortable and lightweight. Since you’ll be on your foot most of the day, you’ll need a tool that doesn’t increase your stress and exhaustion. 

Many geriatric nurses prefer the Extended stethoscope because most old patients suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Moving them around during the examination can sometimes be difficult, and some patients don’t feel comfortable with a nurse or a doctor bending over them. 

With the Extended stethoscope, you can use the extension to reach further than your arm’s length without hurting your back or disturbing the patients. 

Best Stethoscope for Pediatric Nurses

The little ones aren't the quietest or the bravest when it comes to doctor visits and physical examinations. As a pediatric nurse, you'll deal with newborns, toddlers, kids, and young teenagers. Patients are afraid of medications at this young age and become agitated quickly when sitting on a hospital bed.

If most of your work is in an infant’s ward, we recommend that you use a Single stethoscope with a pediatric head. The pediatric chest piece measures 1 to 3 inches to suit little patients, and the diaphragm is contoured to their small bodies.

However, if you perform physical examinations on older children at the same time, you’ll definitely need a Duo Stethoscope. With a duo stethoscope, you can switch fast between a pediatric head and an adult one according to the patient you’re dealing with at the time. 

Our Recommendation: Single stethoscope or Duo Stethoscope

Since the pediatrics ward is always full of crying babies and loud kids, you’ll need all the soundproofing you can get, and that’s what you’ll find in both models. Moreover, the chest pieces are available in all kinds of fun illustrations and vibrant colors to catch the kid's eyes and distract them from the examination.

Best Stethoscope for Critical Care and ER Nurses

To be a critical care nurse, you need specialized training. Working in intensive care units involves treating severely injured patients and caring for the most vulnerable. It’s a place where a stressful scenario is a usual occurrence, and you won’t have time to think twice before you interfere. 

The same goes for the emergency department. Although ER nurses don’t require the amount of training critical care nurses take, they deal with many life-or-death situations. Hence, they must be quick as a flash when examining a patient’s breathing or detecting wrong bowel sounds. 

Our Recommendation: The Ultrascope Single stethoscope or the Duo stethoscope.

The single-sided head provided in Ultrascope models makes performing auscultation in critical situations fast and easy. You won’t have to flip the head to listen to different sounds or deal with it falling off your hand in the process. 

In intensive care and ER wards, it's impossible to predict the next patient's age. With a Duo stethoscope, you won't have to worry about such situations because you'll always be prepared with both a pediatric and adult head.

Best Stethoscope for Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary nurses deal with animals. They treat the injured ones and provide pre and post-surgery care for animals after procedures. Plus, they educate the owners about how to care for their pets and domestic animals.

It's impossible to tell the type of animal you're going to treat next in a vet's clinic or a hospital. Sometimes you'll be asked to examine furry house pets like cats and dogs. Other times, you're going to treat domesticated animals like pigs, cattle, and sheep. Therefore, a versatile stethoscope is a must-have.

Our Recommendation: The Extended stethoscope or Duo stethoscope

An Extended stethoscope will help you reach the underside of large animals. Moreover, it’ll help you keep a safe distance from small animals that can be restless and agitated easily like hamsters and mouses.

The Duo stethoscope will also come in handy if you want to keep different head sizes within reach to deal with differently-sized animal patients. 

Best Stethoscope for Clinical Nurse Specialists

This is an advanced field that demands years of studying and training. Clinical nurse specialists don’t only provide direct care for patients, but they also lead the other nurses and communicate with staff to improve the quality of care. 

Our Recommendation: The Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope

One of the essential duties of a clinical nurse is teaching and training newcomers. That’s why we recommend the Ultrascope Teaching stethoscope for clinical nurses, as it’ll help them give better instructions and keep their precious tools clean and hygienic.  

Ultrascope Stethoscope: Time to Try Now!

A stethoscope is vital for a student as much as it is for a professional. Your first stethoscope can be the reason you fall in love with this job and give it your all. You want a stethoscope that carries a part of your personality and never lets you down in critical situations.   

That’s why we offer you the best! 

Ultrascope stethoscopes are going to be your loyal friends throughout your learning journey. Whatever model you choose, you’re guaranteed unmatched sound quality, an easy-to-use single-sided head, effective soundproofing, as well as numerous bright and vibrant illustrations to make your workspace a happier place. 

And finally, we provide you with a lifetime warranty on all our products, so do you really need to think twice? 

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