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Looking for the Best Gift for Medical Professionals?

Let the nurse, doctor, or medical student in your life show off their personality with a Custom Stethoscope from Ultrascope

 Finding the perfect gift for medical professionals—whether friend or family—isn’t always easy.

Especially when celebrating graduation from years and years of medical or nursing school, you want to find a gift that captures the weight of their accomplishments and expresses their personality.

 That’s just what the Ultrascope is built to do.

Always Welcome

When you’re buying a gift for anyone, the number one concern is getting them something they’ll actually want. An Ultrascope makes the perfect gift for medical professionals because you can never have too many stethoscopes.

Nurses, vets, and doctors are all in the habit of collecting stethoscopes, and it’s best practice to replace them regularly. So you know that your Ultrascope will always be welcome.

Always In Style

From bold, single-colored scopes to kaleidoscopic swirls, our stethoscopes are always in style.

 We’ve got plenty of options to help you tailor your gift by profession or personality as well: paw prints for the vet in your life, flip flops for the beach lover. The choices are endless.

Always Memorable

Most importantly, an Ultrascope makes the best of gifts for medical professionals because they are unique.

Every time they check a heart beat, every time they listen to another pair of lungs—they will remember who gave them this fun, stylish stethoscope.

Ultrascope: A Brand You Can Trust

 Our stethoscopes aren’t just one of the best gifts for medical professionals because they look awesome. They are backed by our 30 years of producing incredibly functional, durable equipment that is built for daily professional use.

Lifetime Warranty

Every single one of our scopes is backed by a lifetime warranty. From tubing to eartips and everything in between, we’ll replace every single part for free, for life.

Superior Acoustics

Our stethoscopes are designed to work even better than the run of the mill alternatives. We use acrylic heads rather than alloy so that every sound comes in loud and clear, even in noisy environments.


The Perfect Gift for Medical Professionals

Perfect for Grads

Nothing sends the med school grad off for success like a personalized gift that shows how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Perfect for Nurses

From scrubs to shoes, you’ll rarely meet a nurse who doesn’t want to show off their personality with their professional attire. What better accessory than a stunning stethoscope?

Perfect for Pediatricians

Pediatric doctors are always looking for another way to distract or entertain nervous children. A colorful or decorative Ultrascope is just the tool for the job.

Perfect for Veterinarians

Veterinarian bedside manner is all about showing proud pet parents that you care, and a playful animal themed stethoscope will work wonders projecting the pet lover in any vet.  Plus, the noise cancelling properties of the acrylic head is really nice when the "patients" are a little more barky than normal...

Perfect for Everyone

Simply put, an Ultrascope is one of the perfect gifts for any medical professional, for any occasion.

Graduations, birthdays, Christmas, and more—all can stand out as unique and memorable with a custom stethoscope.

 Check out our product lines and find the right gift to celebrate the people in your life who make the world a little bit healthier, one patient at a time.