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Your Lifetime Warranty is exactly that: Lifetime!

Click on the item you need, choose the appropriate options on the item's page, and then enter your information at checkout. If you are unsure about what you need, there is a chart right below the following items. There is no need to send your stethoscope in; we send you what you need!

All parts ship same day if ordered before 3 PM EST (Monday - Friday).

The Diaphragm & Retaining Ring

The Retaining Ring is threaded onto the acrylic head to secure the outer edge of the Diaphragm membrane. It seals tightly but can be removed for cleaning or replacing the diaphragm. Our Diaphragm is made of a resilient laminate that can handle just about any common cleaning supplies used in your clinical space. If you notice a decrease in performance or if it is starting to look worn, just request a new one for free (just pay shipping)! Degradation of the Diaphragm membrane is going to be the primary culprit of any performance issues. If your Retaining Ring will no longer stay on, it is most likely an issue with the Ring and not the threading on the head itself. If, after replacing the Retaining Ring, you continue to have issues with it staying secure, please contact us.

The Tubing & Binaural Set

The Binaurals are the metal stems rising from the Tubing that hold the Ear Tips. Our Binaurals are made from stainless steel and are threaded to receive our Screw-On ear tips. Our softer Push-On ear tips also grip securely to the Binaural threading if you prefer the feel of that style. If you have any issues with the Binaurals or the Tubing we will send you an entire new set as one piece. All you will have to do is pull the acrylic Acoustic Globe out of the old Tubing and insert it into the new one when it arrives. The head is held in place by a barbed metal tube so it will take a firm pull to remove it from the old Tubing.

The Ear Tips

We offer 2 types of Ear Tips: Push-On (black, left) and Screw-On (grey, right). Our stainless steel Binaurals are threaded to receive the Screw-On variety but we were careful to ensure that the threading and the outer diameter would sufficiently allow the legacy Push-On style to securely grip and seal as well so that you have 2 options for comfort and fit. If you are having trouble unscrewing your Srew-On type Ear Tips, you can remove the grey PVC cover and grasp the internal metal cap with a pair of pliers or a jar opener to help break the seal.

We are glad you are considering the Ultrascope for its fine build quality and unique appearance, and we want to always help you care for it.

We believe Ultrascope has the best overall value of any stethoscope on the market. If a part on your stethoscope becomes damaged or you are dissatisfied with our product for any reason, we will repair or replace your scope, or refund your money (Please see the Return Policy).

It is our goal that every customer is completely satisfied and continues to use this stethoscope for as long as possible. Thank you for your business!

Our Policy

Ultrascope warrants your Ultrascope or Maxiscope stethoscope for life. Ultrascope Tubing and Binaural sets, Eartips, or Diaphragms and Retaining Rings will be replaced at no charge except for shipping and handling charges. The acrylic head will be replaced for significant damage that compromises usability at the option of Ultrascope. If a manufacturing or material defect is determined, the Ultrascope will be repaired or replaced at the option of Ultrascope. The warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Abuse, including neglect, unauthorized alteration (ie. use of any permanent adhesives for whatever reason) will void the warranty. The warranty does not cover loss or theft of the acrylic head. The warranty also does not cover long-term cosmetic wear on the acrylic head.

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