MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope

Model MC
Price $52.95
Estimated Ship Time: 7 business days
The MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope is sometimes the best solution for our hard of hearing users due to unimpeded sound delivered to each ear. However we always recommend our hard of hearing customer try the MaxiScope Single Stethoscope first. Please note: In-the-ear hearing aids must be removed to use any UltraScope or MaxiScope stethoscopes.

Why try the Classic model?
  • If you have serious hearing loss in either ear.
  • If you say, "My Scope doesn't sound the way it used to."

The MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope come with (1) head with double stem, your choice of design, your choice of (1) classic style tubing color, (1) extra pair of eartips, and (1) name tag. Read More
Est. Production Time (business days) 7
US Metric
Weight 6.20 (oz) 175.8 (g)
Height 0.88 (in) 2.2 (cm)
Length 27.00 (in) 68.6 (cm)
Quantity Price
1 $52.95

"I figured if the UltraScope was NOT as good as my high-dollar brand scope, I could stomach the cost. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only is it lighter and better looking than my previous stethoscope, but the sound quality is amazing. I am sold and I will be recommending these scopes to co-workers and associates." (MaxiScope Classic)

M. Branum, Nurse in Las Vegas, NV

Excellent stethoscope for price.

C. Robson, Vet Technician / Other

I love this stethoscope so far. Easy to hear lung sounds and blood pressures, even in a noisy environment. Lightweight and durable.

M. Holtzclaw, LPN