Nursing, Medical and Veterinary Students

Nursing, Medical and Veterinary Students
We've heard from countless students how difficult it can be to learn to accurately auscultate; not with UltraScope brand stethoscopes. The durable acrylic head helps to drown out surrounding noise, providing you with a quieter environment to hear what you need to succeed.

Why choose UltraScope?

  • Solid acrylic head blocks out ambient noise creating a clearer sound
  • High performance stethoscope at 'mid-range' price; perfect for a student budget
  • Distinctive, fashionable designs
  • Lifetime Warranty

You've got plenty being demanded of you, with an UltraScope Stethoscope learning to auscultate is one less thing you need to worry about.


I Love my Utrascope stethoscope I got it for a Christmas present from my husband!!!

N. Eastman, Students

"It is a great product! I love it!"

W. Sheets, Student Nurse in Winslow, AZ

"I had an injury in my ears scuba diving and since then I have had bad hearing I tried all stethoscopes ranging from $300 price range and by far UltraScope is affordable and guaranteed to work like it says."

P. Librando, CNA Nursing Student in Juneau, AK
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