Nursing, Medical and Veterinary Students

Nursing, Medical and Veterinary Students
We've heard from countless students how difficult it can be to learn to accurately auscultate; not with UltraScope brand stethoscopes. The durable acrylic head helps to drown out surrounding noise, providing you with a quieter environment to hear what you need to succeed.

Why choose UltraScope?

  • Solid acrylic head blocks out ambient noise creating a clearer sound
  • High performance stethoscope at 'mid-range' price; perfect for a student budget
  • Distinctive, fashionable designs
  • Lifetime Warranty

You've got plenty being demanded of you, with an UltraScope Stethoscope learning to auscultate is one less thing you need to worry about.


Beautiful stethoscope...amazing acoustics...better than my L......was so pleased with my purchase. The price was great. Shipped very quickly! Love the lifetime warranty. Will be telling all my nursing friends to buy this stethoscope!

M. Scott, Students

"As a nursing student, this stethoscope makes learning how to get vitals so much easier."

J. Callahan, Student in Mantee, MS

"I am slightly hearing impaired and I was looking for a scope that would be easy to use and that would help me in clinicals. The classic model I purchased is awesome! I am excited about returning to the floor now!"

S. Hamilton, Nursing Student in Port Wentworth, GA
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