UltraScope® has a wide array of products that will fit any veterinary diagnosing need. Use the Single Adult Stethoscope for animals over 45 lbs; the Single Pediatric Stethoscope for animals under 45 lbs. For others, consider the Duo Stethoscope which allows interchangeability between Adult and Pediatric sizes without compromising tubing or having to carry 2 separate stethoscopes. For equine or bovine veterinarians, the Single Extended Stethoscope allows for total assessment of larger animal patients.

Why UltraScope Stethoscopes?

  • Hear through "talking", barking and purring
  • Solid acrylic head blocks out ambient noise
  • Superior performance through thick fur
  • Pediatric Head excellent for auscultation of the frontal sinuses to diagnose chronic feline upper respiratory syndromes
  • UltraScope acrylic head provides different sensitivities and frequencies for pulmonary auscultation
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts, even on chewed or scratched products!

References: Snots & Sniffes: Chronic Feline Upper Respiratory Syndromes by Margie A. Scherk, DVM, DABVP


It took a little getting use to but I LOVE my ultrascope! It works so well through all the noise in the barns!

S. Blackwell, Veterinarian in Raleigh, NC

Love the artistry and uniqueness of the beautiful hand painted grey cat face with matching tubing. I can continue to do my job and look awesome too!

C. Myers, Vet Technician / Other

I work at a loud veterinary hospital, and this stethoscope is AWESOME! It has excellent clarity and is very durable!

L. Bolton, Vet Technician / Other in Catlett, VA
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