Tried it out immediately and loved the lightness and sound clarity. Showed it off at work as a coworkers one year old Litmann stethoscope's tubing broke. Now she wants an Ultrascope too!

J. Good, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

love it

K. Ferguson, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Ultrascopes are the best!! The acoustics are superior! As an L&D RN, I can hear neonate heart murmurs that were not detected when compared with my colleagues Littmann scope.

B. Mulcahy, RN or Other Nurse in Rutland, MA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely LOVE my new UltraScope stethoscope!

C. Bautista, Vet Technician / Other in Tacoma, WA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely love it, great acoustics (and I normally carry a cardiology III) and of course it looks great!

L. Caspersen, RN or Other Nurse in Millington, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Best stethoscope I've ever used! I can hear so much better!

M. Klusti, RN or Other Nurse in Wadsworth, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I have had an Ultrascope before, absolutely loved it sound quality is awesome, I am able to hear hear everything!!!! I am so happy I was able to get another one. My first one was stolen, this one will never leave my sight!!!! Love this scope

C. Brothers, LPN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Love it

J. Long, Respiratory Therapist

This is a great product for people with hearing problems

A. Stanford, LPN (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I find this product absolutely perfect. It has been a lifesaver for me. Thanks

R. Johnson, CNA

Very light. Good acoustics

J. Mathers, Veterinarian

Awesome product with a great design!! Many times I heard sounds that are barely audible with other famous brands. Moreover, the company gives a great customer service and the useful lifetime warrantly.

a. visintin, Physician Assistant in gorizia, italy, Italy (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I love this scope. I am in respiratory and I tried a few other ones without any real luck, but I am very impressed with the quality of the product itself, and definitely the sound quality. It seems to cut out a lot of the ambient noise and I can hear breath sounds easier than with any of the other scopes that I have had. I think I have found my scope for life, and with so many neat options and colors you can customize to be all your own!

B. Dover, Students in chattanooga, TN (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! Quality sound and make!

T. Longfield, Vet Technician / Other

great acoustics.

C. Allard, RN or Other Nurse in Poquoson, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Very nice feel

M. Little, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I was a little skeptical about this scope. Sometimes it seems that "pretty things" do not work too good. However, I am glad I made the investment. Not only is my scope beautiful, but the sound quality is great. I am looking forward to being an Ultrascope customer for the duration of my career.

T. Wimbush, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

looks great. picks up all vascular sounds

P. Brathwaite, Other (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

I am in love! The bell is beautifully painted and the little lives I use it on will love it as much as I do, I know!

S. Worley, Students in Blue Ridge, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am a Family Medicine Resident with some baseline hearing difficulties secondary to very narrow ear canals- to my great embarrassment, at times in medical school, I was simply unable to hear a patient's heartbeat no matter how I adjusted the scope. I'm happy to say this hasn't happened so far after a month with my new Ultrascope. I'm not sure if I like the single chestpiece yet, but the customized design certainly brightens my day every time I use it.

H. Clark, in Daytona Beach, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Worlds better than my lightweight Littman scope. Happy for the upgrade!

J. McCrae, RN or Other Nurse


R. Majuyah, Physician in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great looking and the sound is precision

T. Solin, Nurse Practitioner (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Looks exactly as expected sound so far phenomenal.

C. Thompson, Vet Technician / Other in Las Vegas, NV (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Love it

s. johnson, Vet Technician / Other in toledo, OH (UltraScope Extended Stethoscope)

Great accoustics

T. Nickerson,

Very lightweight, enhanced listening........awesome!

S. Green, RN or Other Nurse in Hampton, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!! It works better than any stethoscope I've ever used

D. Stonebraker, Vet Technician / Other

I got the stethoscope with the extension when I ordered the single. Turns out I really love the extension because I'm so tall. It saves my back! The engraving is beautiful and the quality of sound is untouched by other companies that I've spent $300 on their stethoscopes.

B. Wilson, RN or Other Nurse in Killeen, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely love it

J. cruz, Medial Assistant in seattle, WA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I am in love with this stethoscope! It provides the best sounds hands down

N. Reyes, RN or Other Nurse in Pearland, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This is the best stethoscope I've ever had the pleasure of auscultating with. Also, everyone loves it I've received so many compliments from colleagues and clients alike

N. Reyes, RN or Other Nurse in Pearland, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it.

K. Mahon, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Such a good product and so cute!

L. Jividen, in Crossville, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful sound, vibrant colors. Love the engraving!

L. Eisele, Veterinarian

I love it!!!!

L. Tant, Medial Assistant in Wake forest, NC (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Love it!

E. Babson, LPN in Fort Edward, NY (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

My stethoscope is perfect! I'm excited to have it with me through my journey as a veterinary technician!

W. Mann, Vet Technician / Other

I love my ultrascope! I'm extremely hearing impaired, and this is the only scope that has ever worked for me! Not to mention the fact that it's gorgeous.

A. Zakikian, Medial Assistant in Wadsworth, OH (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

My 2nd one!!I only bought it because the tubing of my 1st one is faded from having it so long, & the leopard & hot pink was too cool to pass up! Im sure I have some hearing loss, & even with other brands I(even those made for hearing impaired) cant make a clear assessment. I swear a ultascope amplifies the sound like NO OTHER!! LOVE THEM!! They are also light weight & not bulky. I will never go back to using anything but a/an Ultrascope!! Thank You

D. Walton, LPN

Nice quality

G. Kujawski, Armed Services (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

After the diaphragm on my Littman Cardiology III tore for the 3rd time, I decided to purchase an UltraScope. I was surprised at how well my UltraScope muffled the background noise in my busy veterinary practice and the acoustics are comparable, if not better, to my Littmann. The lifetime guaranty and superior customer service won this veterinarian over for life!

S. Callahan, Veterinarian in Chattanooga, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope

G. Lombardi, RN or Other Nurse

Since I've started wearing my UltraScope, even people I don't know stop me on my rounds and comment on how cool it is.

G. Koo,

I love it! It's cute, lightweight and breath sounds are easy to hear.

L. Alcaraz, Respiratory Therapist

I was a little skeptical at first, but this thing works amazingly. I tested it in noisy rooms around the house, right in front of a roaring fan on full blast, etc. and the sound was very clear and easy to distinguish. It's also not hard to use. The rounded acrylic is actually very ergonomic, in my opinion.rnrnthe ear pieces that were installed on the stethoscope were a little dirty straight out of the package, but it looks like bits of the packaging itself. (cardboard dust, etc.) So I'm not concerned about that either. It came with extra ear tips and a name tag, too.

B. Spice, CNA in Mountain Home, AR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Not only is it beautiful to look at, it works as promised.

R. Pattberg, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Best stethoscope I have used in my 18 years as a paramedic. This is my second UltraScope. My first one was purchased 10 years ago and is as good as new. This recent purchase is the same fantastic quality. As someone who works in loud environments there is zero issue hearing with my UltraScope. Also, an added plus is the ability to customize. I never have to worry about anyone mistaking my stethoscope for theirs. Thank you UltraScope!

T. Mertena, Paramedic / EMT in Lake Charles, LA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I ordered several scopes and yours was so far superior, there is no comparison. I also ordered one for my nurse daughter.

P. Orem, Other in Newbury, MA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

absolutely adorable and top notch quality!!!!

J. Ehren, Vet Technician / Other in Port Washington, NY (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I love the hand painted cheetah print design. It is very light weight and has great sound.

A. Smith, RN or Other Nurse

This has been the best product I have ever purchased. It works great for what I need to do and I get compliments on it every where I go. Thank you for having such a phenomenal product!

J. Nunley, Other in Beaverton, OR (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Love it!

B. Strong, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I Love my Utrascope stethoscope I got it for a Christmas present from my husband!!!

N. Eastman, Students

My Ultrascope was a gift that I had requested I had owned one in the past and find the quality and audible clarity superior.

J. Bailey, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I actually have 3 of these now. I tried one a couple of years ago (when my Littman that I received at graduation broke) and I instantly loved it. I bought 2 more last week so I don't have to be looking for my 1 good one all the time, (I can never remember where I set it down last.)

J. Riddle, Veterinarian in Princeton, MN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my ultrascope!

M. Munster, Medial Assistant

Just received and it already pleases me - I have had a hard time with other models from different companies due to hearing difficulties. I could hear with the Ultrascope - first try!!! I don't need to have my hearing aid in with the Ultrascope!!!!!

J. Bigelow, CNA

Ordered three this time, already have three for our animal hospital. Everyone loves them.

j. schultz, Veterinarian (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

Absolutely love my ultrascope!! Great price for a top of the line stethoscope!!!

C. Carr, LPN in Amherst, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it. This is my third stethoscope I've bought I love everyone of them and I can hear so clearly.

K. Phillips, in Brockway, MI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Just received my stethoscope. It is beautiful and lightweight as expected. Great auscultation quality

S. Russell, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The Ultrascope enables me to hear so much better

m. lyons, LPN

excellent product, kids love it

b. kulkarni, Pediatrician in fresno, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

i love it!

A. Nafe, LPN in Ephrata, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Patients love my fun stethoscope and so do I. The lifetime warranty cannot be beat!

A. De Wit, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

my second Ultrascope. Had the first one for 16 years! The only reason I needed a new one is because my first was lost.

M. Case, Other in Bristol, CT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My wife and I met in nursing school more than 20 years ago. I bought her an Ultrascope as a gift about 15 years ago because she wasn't happy with the performance of the stethoscope she'd been using. She loved the Ultrascope from day one (AND it looked cool). I had used another well known brand and found it adequate until a year or so ago when a change in jobs made auditory acuity very important. My wife allowed me to borrow her Ultrascope and it was just what I needed. More amazing than the performance, frankly, is the warranty. During the time I had my wife's Ultrascope one of the ear tips broke (It is over 15 years old). I was astonished to discover there would be no charge to replace the ear tips. Not for the parts. Not for the shipping. In the process I learned the same applies for replacement of the tubing, ring or diaphragm. Very cool. The manufacturer of the other stethoscope I've used doesn't do that. I know - I've replaced ear tips and diaphragm on that scope in t

D. Ruhl, LPN in Monessen, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Simply the grooviest stetoscope ever and acoustics are very good also.

A. Luukka, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely love this stethoscope. A respiratory therapist I work with recommended it to me and I will never shop another brand again!

P. Clark, RN or Other Nurse in Bellarie, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

So cute and lightweight. I get compliments all the time! The design and quality are top notch!

C. Stewart, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Better than a Littmann Cardiology! Love my Ultrascope Stethoscope!

B. Green, in Montevallo, AL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My previous ultrascope was awesome but the tubing broke. Had I registered it and known about the free tubing replacement I would not have needed to buy a new one. Best stethoscope I have owned and with the free replacement parts it is well worth the investment.

J. Cochran, Paramedic / EMT

I just got this stethoscope last night as a Christmas present and I can't wait to use it. It is much lighter than my cardiology 3 and I love I can personalize it. Can't wait to try it out!

L. Webb, Students

Absolutely AMAZING!! Been wanting one for awhile and I'm so excited I finally got one! So light weight and super cute!! You can hear everything so well! I get lots of compliments too! Thank you!!

E. Encinas, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Amazing product, was skeptical at first and even after receiving it as a gift from my gf, but it really does sound amazing.

J. Smith, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely the best stethoscope I have ever used! My hearing isn't the best and with this stethoscope I can hear everything even mild heart murmurs!! Great product!!!

K. Keller, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It's beautiful! I'm hoh....can'the wait to use it.

S. Frasier, in FELTON, DE (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It's amazing! I have tinnitus and have a very difficult time auscultating heart and lung sounds with most other stethoscopes, not so with this one. I can hear the faintest of crackles with no problems and as so my confidence in my assessments has grown. I also love that I was able to completely customize my scope, I get questions/complements on it nearly every day!

A. Hendershot, RN or Other Nurse in Munroe Falls, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my ultrascope! I can hear better than with any other stethoscope I've ever used! All of my friends tried mine and now are on their way to purchasing one of their own:)

L. Sandmann, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful color,very light, and sound clarity is great.

H. Lovell, LPN

Such great sound! I can hear a pin drop!

P. Cohen, RN or Other Nurse in milton, MA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful! Love it!

L. Nordland, Students

Always like our Ultrascope stethescopes!

A. Brockett, Veterinarian in Huntingdon, PA

Best stethoscope ever! Great sound

B. Owens, Respiratory Therapist in Longs, SC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I LOVE my Ultrascope! I work at a pediatric hospital and I get compliments on my "fun" stethoscope ALL the time! The kids love it and it makes their bad hospital day just a little bit better! It does what it needs to do as far as lung/heart/bowel sounds! I absolutely recommend this stethoscope to everyone!

L. Madsen, Students in Keenesburg, CO (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

These stethoscopes are top quality and allow for much better ability to hear in the back of a rescue unit or on a scene. The product is of very good quality, provides best available performance and is priced very reasonably when compared to other high quality stethoscopes. The cherry on top is the outstanding customer support, I don't know of any businesses that stand behind their products like this and also provide free replacement parts and ZERO cost to the customer for LIFE! Will continue to use and recommend!!

K. Isler, Paramedic / EMT in JUPITER, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The acoustics on this stethoscope are clear and this will be great for me to learn on!

A. Seachord, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The veterinarians in my practice swear by the ultrascope!

E. Shortell, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great! I love the color. Haven't used it on patients yet, but I used it on myself and it does cut out ambient noise better than my old stethoscope. I thought the price was great.

K. Christensen, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! The sound is amazing!! Even with someone talking to you, you can still here the heartbeat!!

L. Bell, (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It as worked great and held up well. I am now needing new tubing after 3 years but expect to use the lifetime warranty.

S. Douglas, Medial Assistant (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

First time using it was in the room of an actively dying patient multiple family members in the room, ball game blasting on the television and oxygen concentrator humming. Mix all of those with the weak pulse of my patient and was still able to get his BP with no problem!

J. Ward, LPN in Cushing, OK (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my ultrascope! Little patients really like it and will often engage with me about it - especially babies who try to eat it! It's beautiful and I prefer it to any other stethoscope I've ever used.

S. Hardy, Physician in Martinsburg, WV (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Amazing and beautiful stethescope

Z. Viennas, Pediatrician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this steth!

A. Scott, RN or Other Nurse in Ocoee, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

can hear better than my old littman

j. richards, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Fantastic stethoscope!

M. Lukasik, RN or Other Nurse in Minot, ND (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love, Love, LOVE my Ultrascope! Best scope for the back of the ambulance!

S. Thompson, Paramedic / EMT in Hyde Park, NY (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Really love the stethoscope. Has great length and great sound.

G. Banegura, Physician

Love my stethoscope! My pediatric patients love it too! Great accoustics. The on ly problem is that the tubing breaks and needs to be replaced once a year at least, but customer service is excellent and they send replacements fast.

M. Suarez-Troccoli, Physician in Cooper City, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Fantastic quality and sound. Cardiology worthy.

j. chadwick, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I was hospitalized the same week I began nursing school. While admitted, my husband noticed the nurses stethoscope and asked about it. The RN lit up with excitement about this product. She was extremely happy with the lifetime warranty (she recently used it to get new tubing) and that it didn't need a bell. My husband purchased the stethoscope without me knowing and when it arrived, I was so happy and excited!

N. West, in Olathe, KS (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My second Ultrascope! Not because the first one stopped working, but because I loved it so much I wanted another. I work on a Cardioligy floor and it works really well. Thank you for a great product!

S. Palmer, RN or Other Nurse in The Villages, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

An EXCELLENT stethoscope!

E. Saccullo, Vet Technician / Other in Livermore, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

So far so good. rnSound is clear, equipment is durable, plus it's cute to boot. rnSound is a big part for me though. I have hearing loss and this will help me be of better service to my patients.

T. Rosenweig, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I really like the sound quality and the appearance of the stethoscope. I have the "basic black" model and like that it looks more like a traditional stethoscope.

P. Jones, Physician

very good quality sounds even in obese CHF residents with shallow respiration's, was able to hear well in rooms with their t.v. up all the way and family yelling over it. love it so far!

A. BRYANT, LPN in Sulphur Springs, TX (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Really like this one can't wait to use it.

M. Griffin, Dialysis

Love how it is lightweight putting less strain on my neck during long shifts.

S. Holsten, LPN in Jonesboro, AR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I was gifted a Littmann when I graduated from my nursing program and was satisfied with it. I loaned to a co-worker and never saw it again. Another co-worker was gracious enough to let me borrow her stethoscope and I was astounded! I didn't think there was a better quality stethoscope than the one I was given. I could hear lung sounds much easier and clearer. I love this stethoscope! AND!!! I would definitely recommend it over the stethoscope I had before. Thank you!! For a quality stethoscope at a very reasonable price!!!

D. Whirlwind Soldier, LPN (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Very sensitive to cardiac sounds, great in places with lots of ambient noise.

M. Suriano, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love the quality and the way it locks out surrounding noises

Y. Allen Lawrence, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my Ultrascope, works as well as my Littman for a fraction of the price and is much more attractive!

L. Stevenson, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my stethoscope. I can hear so much better.

R. Cycotte,

love it!

M. Useche, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I just received my Ultrascope stethoscope for nursing school. It is beautiful and I can't wait to use it!

K. Lorenzini, Students in Pittston, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful stethoscope with wonderful acoustics!

S. Webb, RN or Other Nurse in Jackson, MI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love the quality, and design of the stethoscope, also fits in my ears perfectly and I feel like I can hear a mile away compared to other stethoscopes!

F. Giglio, CNA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

light weight and great sound

T. Coon, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Super excited to have this stethoscope!

C. Crawford, LPN in early, TX (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Love the artistry and uniqueness of the beautiful hand painted grey cat face with matching tubing. I can continue to do my job and look awesome too!

C. Myers, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!

j. cook, Vet Technician / Other in Stuarts Draft, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope. Had one when I was peds ICU nurse and just decided to buy another after lugging around Littman Cardiology in CICU. My neck and ears are much happier, as are my patients

M. Creed, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely in love with my ultrascope, beautiful and worth every penny. Sounds is unbelievably clear!!!

T. Sawvell, LPN in Dayton, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This was bought for me for a graduation present and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the acoustics of the stethoscope.

H. Iser, LPN

Love this stethoscope, let's me hear everything in the back of an ambulance

R. Jackson, Paramedic / EMT in Clearwater, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I purchased 3 of these stethoscopes for our nurses to use to assess their residents. We were very pleased with this product, and will purchase more in the future.

M. Saleeby, RN or Other Nurse

I love this stethoscope.... so clear and great for pediatrics

s. deshields, Nurse Practitioner in Bensalem, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

LOVE IT!!!! Tons of compliments

N. Horsch, Medial Assistant in Jackson, MI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Loving this stethoscope. I can hear way better with it than I can with my Littman. Even through layers of clothes or with noise, as I work in the ER.

M. Griffin, RN or Other Nurse in Blackwell, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely love it!

M. Coady, LPN

I love this stethoscope! It was just as I ordered it and came to me faster than predicted. Thank you UltraScope!!!

J. Underwood, CNA in Statesville, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely beautiful with impeccable sound quality! Great product at a great price!

K. Payne, Students in Blytheville, AR (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

This is a great scope! I love the fun colors too! Nobody can easily mistake my stethoscope for theirs.

s. swan, Veterinarian

I love my ultrascope. I had one from 1996 that was stolen from my locker at work and was heartbroken. So glad I could order one in pink with my flowers to replace the stolen one.

M. Henry, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I received this stethoscope as a gift for my graduation/birthday gift. I have to say that in all my years in the medical field both as an EMT and a Medical Assistant, this is the absolute best one I have ever used. The sound clarity is amazing, and you can easily hear anything you are listening for. I highly recommend this stethoscope to anyone and everyone that I meet!!

B. Kiddoo, Medial Assistant in Spokane Valley, WA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wonderful product.

M. WILLIAMSON, LPN in Haddock, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love your stethoscopes. This is the second one I have bought due to I needed a pediatric size!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!!

A. Garzon, RN or Other Nurse in Edmonds, WA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Very stylish and good quality stethoscope.

K. Chriss, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

The sound quality is great, even for wiggly and furry patients. I love that it is almost as long (and sound quality as good) as the Littman large animal stethoscope for a fraction of the cost. Very easy to use on all sizes of animals and works well in noisy barns.

L. Malenke, Veterinarian (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Such a fun stethoscope to use. I am a veterinary technician at a zoo and the Ultrascope Duo replaces several stethoscopes I use in practice for critters of all sizes.

A. Gallagher, CVT, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I love my Ultrascope! I still get comments on the design and when anyone borrows it, they want to get one because of how well it works (even after all these years).

M. Jones, RN or Other Nurse in Mesa, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

First time using the Ultrascope. I have been a nurse for 32 years. By far my favorite stethoscope.

K. Kimrey, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

wonderful product LOVE mine 10 stars in my book!

R. Johnson, RN or Other Nurse

I got it as a graduation gift from my family. It is a beautiful stethoscope! It works wonderful!

J. Maina, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wow has amazing sound right out of the box !

J. Wheeler, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

So far sounds very clear compared to my more expensive Stethescope

A. Young, Nurse Practitioner

it is so bright and cheery

S. Vandenhul, Physician (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I couldn't have pictured it ant better than it turned out! Love love LOVE my stethoscope!! Not only is it super adorable but I can hear so much better than with my other popular brand stethoscope!

J. Warner, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This is my 2nd ultrascope and I wouldn't consider using anything else!

R. Darnell, Nurse Practitioner (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It's gorgeous. I'm very excited to use it :)

L. Burk, RN or Other Nurse in Lake Geneva, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I get the most compliments about my awesome ultrascope! Works great in a peds environment!

V. Charbonneau, RN or Other Nurse in Tampa, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Really cute designs and better constructed!! Love them!!!

M. Velazquez, Physician in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Customer service is excellent! Order processed and shipped in a timely manner and looks even better in person! Very impressed with the overall quality!

C. McCoy, RN or Other Nurse in Allen, TX (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

the clarity is great, love the design.

k. zetts, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! My second one & I won't use anything else!

B. Cole, LPN in GILLESPIE, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! Beautiful stethoscope.

A. Mendoza, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!

S. DeShields, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My very first stethoscope ever and after 10 years I still love it!

J. Abbott, RN or Other Nurse in Salem, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Unbelievable quality- for the price! Love it

R. Sawh, Internist (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

When my previous Maxiscope was stolen, I had to use my even older ordinary stethoscope. That's when I was reminded of why I bought a Maxiscope in the first place! My hearing's not the best, and I simply couldn't do with the old scope what was routine with my Maxiscope; like hearing through clothing.

H. Burkhart, Paramedic / EMT (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love this stethoscope!

A. Barker, Medial Assistant in kokomo, IN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!

T. Howell-Stampley, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I got this ultrascope as a present for my son who is starting nursing school this year. I got my Ultrascope at an ENA convention in Salt Lake City many years ago and haven't had one regret. Thank you for making such a quality product. I am honored to be able to pass this tradition down to my child.

J. Sorenson, RN or Other Nurse in LAWTON, OK (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love the ultrascope stethoscopes! They are the only ones I've been using for the last years of my nursing career. I currently work in a busy Emergency Department and I wouldn't trade it for any other stethoscopes. I did just order a dual head w/ a peds head and I hope I love it just as much.

V. Rhodes, RN or Other Nurse in Waddell, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my new Ultrascope! I have paid much more for a well-known brand, and could barely hear in a noisy room. That's something I don't have to worry about any more. I already convinced a colleague to buy one for herself, and will be working on the rest of the floor nurses soon. I will never buy another brand again!

C. Conboy, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it. It distracts the kids and I can hear through everything.

B. Roach, RN or Other Nurse in New Kensington, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!! It's lightweight and met all of my expectations!!

R. Javellana, in Goodyear, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful and super clear sound!

B. Cameron, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! It looks amazing and the acoustics are great! Not to mention it's easy to identify as mine. Highly recommend!

K. Coffelt, RN or Other Nurse in Yorba Linda, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Cannot wait to use on the ambulance recommended by other paramedics

S. Kouninis, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my stethoscope! People are wanting to order because of how loud the sounds are, and you can't help but love the design!

N. Estep, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope so far. Easy to hear lung sounds and blood pressures, even in a noisy environment. Lightweight and durable.

M. Holtzclaw, LPN (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

I work at a loud veterinary hospital, and this stethoscope is AWESOME! It has excellent clarity and is very durable!

L. Bolton, Vet Technician / Other in Catlett, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Better then my littmann master classic. Superior sound !!!!

A. Miranda, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful Craftsmanship and the sound is amazing!

J. Slegl, RN or Other Nurse in Spring Valley, CA (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Works great, love it! Nice and bright so it never leaves my sight! Can hear lung and heart sounds much better then with my old littman classic II on tiny to large 4 legged friends. had a upper only engraving option that fit Ashley Bower LVT in the one line, I couldnt get that to fit here and I didnt see an upper only option.

A. Bower, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great acoustics, and it's lightweight and beautiful.

A. Riebling, RN or Other Nurse

I absolutely love my ultra scope! It is light weight and very durable and love my custome design! Thank you so much ultra scope!

C. Casas, Vet Technician / Other in Wisconsin Rapids, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Looks even better than on the website! I haven't had a chance to use it officially yet but tried it out on my family as soon as I opened the box because I couldn't wait to try it out. As a pediatric nurse practitioner I find it frustrating to never seem to have the right stethoscope for the next patient around my neck and carrying 2 is too heavy and hurts my neck. The Duo Scope is the perfect solution to this problem and is so lightweight compared to my other stethoscopes. I have been a loyal user of a major competitor for over 20 years and am only sorry I didn't get an Ultrascope sooner!

K. Longtin, Nurse Practitioner in Bourbonnais, IL (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Great product! Thoroughly impressed!

D. Daniels, Paramedic / EMT

Amazing acoustics and perfectly clear, no ambient noise or struggling to hear anymore! My stethoscope wasn't supposed to be here until the 23rd when ordered on the 2ng but I received it today and already enjoyed using it. It took a couple times varying the pressure applied to hear perfectly, only because I'm used to having a two sided stethoscope. Excellent! Highly recommend trying this stethoscope.

B. Carey, LPN in Girard, KS (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Amazing! Light weight, great sound and easily recognizable as mine with my customized choices of tubing and head. Perfect in so many ways!

M. Noonan, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I love my Ultrascope Duo stethoscope!! I had been researching heard at hearing stethoscopes and had came across this website. Its helped so much! My boyfriend bought this for me as a gift for valentine's day and I have received so many compliments about it. I've told them all about UltraScope. I recommend this to anyone who's hard at hearing.

A. Toor, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I received this as a gift when I graduated from nursing school. Almost 13 years later, it still works great!!!! I love the replacement warranty. I just placed my 3rd replacement request for tubing. A lot of my colleagues have another name brand stethoscope and have had to repurchase one when their tubing dries out. I will never purchase any other brand than ultrascope. I have purchased one for a close friend and when my sister graduates, I will purchase one for her as well.

N. Tate-Nowell, Other in Woodlawn, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great stethoscope with a great sound.

C. Wade, Paramedic / EMT in Duluth, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

amazing color, great fit, very light weight, easy to hear all around great product!

S. Parker, Dialysis

My hearing isn't the best any more but the Classic model with the dual tubes works great for me. I love this product.

T. Ernst, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

This is my second ultrascope. I had planned to retire with the first one, but someone decided they liked it too and it disappeared one day at work. I just wasn't happy with any other brand. I love it!!

K. Kirk, RN or Other Nurse in Columbia, IL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope, I can hear so much better with this when taking blood pressures. And it's so pretty.

C. Murph, Medial Assistant

Love the scope, I can hear through many layers! It's lightweight and the design is cute. Well worth the money!

S. Baird,

Got the ultrascope duo for a christmas present because i knew I would be needing a better stethoscope for classes and i recieved this scope. It is amazing i can hear so much more clearly and just everything about it is great

E. Huebner, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I work on a Telemetry unit and this has definitely helped with my ability to assess different issues with the heart

J. SMith, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I have hearing loss in my left year and as a nursing student I need to be able to hear sounds. I got my ultrascope for Christmas and absolutely fell in love with it! I can finally hear things i could not at first. I am truly happy with mine!

L. Brooks, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The acoustics are amazing! I would definitely recommend for anyone who has a difficult time hearing heart/lung sound .

R. Spears, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

WAY back in 1999 I bought a smiley face ultrascope. I absolutely loved it. I have hearing loss and had trouble hearing soft heart sounds with other scopes. I found ultrascopes and will NEVER use any other! I misplaced my smiley face & so I bought another one. For the price, it's great quality, durability, awesome acoustics & plenty of styles to let your personality shine! You will LOVE this scope! My only suggestion is get it engraved-scopes have a habit of "disappearing"-you'll wanna keep this one for sure!!

V. ZABOROWSKI, RN or Other Nurse in JEFFERSON HILLS, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I'm a cardiac nurse & have a slight hearing loss. I can hear everything with this scope! It's absolutely unique & durable. I will never have any other scope!

V. ZABOROWSKI, RN or Other Nurse in JEFFERSON HILLS, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope!! I'm always complimented on it, and my co workers always know who it belongs to!

J. Beadles, RN or Other Nurse in Frisco, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! Great sound, quality and very stylish! Lightweight can wear it around my neck all shift withouto any hassle.

A. Leavitt, RN or Other Nurse

Had an old ultrascope I used for 12 years and finally the tubing broke. I am impressed w/ its acoustics. Hears better than regular littmans.

K. Barnes, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

WONDERFUL!! I had the TV pretty loud to truly test it out.. and I could still hear my apical and brachial pulse so perfect without out even focusing on a beat like normal when it is sort of noisy.

C. Moore, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Lightweight, excellent sound! Beautiful design.

H. O'Neal, Dialysis

I purchased this UltraScope because the stethoscopes at work tend to disappear, and acoustics on some of them were terrible. My pretty purple one stands out and acoustics are great!

M. Jordan, Other

The most beautiful stethoscope I've ever laid my eyes on.

Q. Nixon, Students in Dover, DE (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I purchased this product while in nursing school but since graduating have used it at my place of employment at a pediatric hospital. I must say, the sound quality is excellent with the pediatric population and I have recommended this stethoscope to many of my coworkers and nursing friends.

A. Dombrowski, RN or Other Nurse

I am deaf in one ear and this is wonderful stethoscope! I can hear everything even in the hectic environment of an ambulance. Everyone loves the pink color of my scope.

R. Perry, Paramedic / EMT in Centerville, GA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

It took a little getting use to but I LOVE my ultrascope! It works so well through all the noise in the barns!

S. Blackwell, Veterinarian in Raleigh, NC (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

The best stethoscope ever!!

A. Gilkison, Respiratory Therapist in Castle Rock, CO (UltraScope Extended Stethoscope)

I LOVE it! Clear sound and cute look. I like it better than Littman.

A. Edwards, Other in Hampton, TN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I have been wanting an Ultrascope since I began my education in nursing school. Getting one for Christmas after becoming an RN is one of the most incredible gifts. I love it!! Listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds will be a breeze now! Thank you Ultrascope!!

A. Weigel, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my ultrascope! Will never use another brand!

C. Clements, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wow! I needed a replacement diaphragm. To my surprise, the process was as simple as logging on and clicking the Replacement Parts icon. The whole process took about 30 seconds. If it truly is that easy to order replacement parts, then I am very impressed with the warranty and customer service for my UltraScope!

D. Dorman, Physician in Batavia, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it. I have had one since 2002 until it was destroyed in a fire. It was the best thing I spent money on in my nursing career.

L. Wright, LPN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Great, super quality. As good as that other brand's 250$ model

D. Fulghum, Nurse Practitioner in Lakeview, AR (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I really love this stethoscope! The sound quality is great!

J. Flaska, Students in Bethlehem, PA (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

My UltraScope Stethoscope works like a charm! I have hearing loss in my right ear, and I am able to hear very clearly using this product. It really helps me get the job done at work, and I also love the sleek design of these stethoscopes!

C. Boucher, LPN


m. hubbard, in pace, FL (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

A unique piece of equipment that is very effective, it does what was said about it.

A. Cajigal, Physician

This is a fabulous stethoscope set - perfect for an OB/neonatal nurse. Why carry two stethoscopes when you can just carry one and swap out the head? Brilliant!

K. Miller, RN or Other Nurse in Broomfield, CO (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

My UltraScope stethoscope is phenomenal and has exceeded my expectations in both quality and comfort. It is lightweight and has incredible acoustics. I'm so pleased!

C. Swegle, Other

I love it!

C. Jergens, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!!!

L. Cranney, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

So far, it is a good fit. I cannot give a complete review until I use it at clinicals tomorrow. However, I was able to hear my father's heartbeat through a double-thick jacket! It is wonderfully light, and if it works for me, I will get this model again. Thank you!

J. Widholm, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

love the design

B. Leal, RN or Other Nurse

I love my ultrascope!!! I can hear so much better than my "L" .... The acoustics are amazing and its so light weight!

c. ford, LPN in shreveport, LA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it so far. This is my first UltraScope. It is lightweight, which is a bonus, and has great acoustics.

c. jernigan, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)


A. HERNANDEZ, Students (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL stethoscope. I had a really old L... & the sound on this UltraScope is sooo much better! Should have purchased an UltraScope years ago.

L. Deemer, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope! I can have it fit my personality and it work better then some of the ones my coworkers have!

C. Lenz, Vet Technician / Other in Cassville, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The sound is so clear. This is my second UltraScope! I love them

K. LILLY, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Nice sound. Cool look. Satisfied!

p. whetstine, Nurse Anesthetist (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Very nice

J. Hare, Physician

My instructor said "you need a better stethoscope", so I asked around and several nurses recommended UltraScopes. I just received it and I haven't had an opportunity to use it on patients, but I have used it on my family and I've noticed a big difference between my old stethoscope and my UltraScope. Thanks!

C. Villalobos, LPN in Moses Lake, WA (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I love my Ultrascope! I thought I owned one after using a coworker's so often. I just had to get my own! I purchased mine on Amazon, but am sending mine in for engraving. The level of excitement among all my boring L... owning colleagues makes me want to ensure my UltraScope stays mine!

J. Matthews, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much!

M. Clark, RN or Other Nurse in Keithville, LA (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Amazing stethescope, I had my first one for 5 yrs, got lost recently. Ordered the exact same one, I love my Ultrascope!

E. Castro, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I have had this stethoscope since I started nursing school and I can't tell you how much I LOVE this stethoscope! I have been in obstetrics my entire nursing career and I love that I can hear a baby's just as easily as I can hear mom. I have just recently had to replace the tubing after 14 years! Although it was a gift I have to say I have definitely gotten my money's worth. It's also a great conversation starter as my patients almost always say "I love your stethoscope, I have never seen one like that". I recommend it to all the nursing student that come through our unit. Thanks UltraScope for 14 good years and hopefully many more!

E. Jourdain-Moore, RN or Other Nurse in Sylvania, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my UltraScope, plus no one steals it because it is unique and personalized.

K. Wessel, RN or Other Nurse in Festus, MO (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

After testing several brands back to back, the UltraScope has superior acoustics.

b. morris, Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love! 2 years and never had a problem!

N. Burrowbridge, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

The sound quality is wonderful! It is functional and cute. Love it; would recommend it to my friends.

D. Begallia, Students

While I haven't used the stethoscope yet I bought this product because everyone at my clinic said it was the best and uses them above all other products. I am just starting out in the Veterinary Technology field and look forward to using this product that came highly recommended.

A. Kemp, Vet Technician / Other in salina, KS (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Excellent product! I can hear my patients lungs sounds clearly. Great warranty on product.

s. collado,

I LOVE my Ultrascope Duo! The ear pieces fit nicely and comfortably in the ear and really seal out noise. I can take blood pressures in rooms with people talking, music playing, or TVs on with no problem. And it's so cute! Great way to distract nervous kiddos or even adults. And it's so light weight I can carry it around my neck all day and it doesn't bother me a bit.

B. Forgey, Students (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Love my stethoscope, the colors are brilliant and it amuses my students (I am a school nurse). And to be able to listen to heart and lung sounds over clothing is an added plus.... This is the second one I have purchased from you...

n. bergman, School Nurse in Las Cruces, NM (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it compared to the L... I can hear well on it.

A. Thomas, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Turned out the look. The acoustics are great!

B. Pratt, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

While shopping for my first stethoscope, I was unsure where to start or how much to spend. This stethoscope was the perfect choice! Wonderful quality, cute designs, and at such a reasonable price! I'm obsessed already!

E. Lance, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Lighter than expected. Excited about my own personal design. Can't wait to go to work tomorrow and use it! Came quickly in mail.

A. Powell, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The staff was extremely helpful over the phone and the service was first class! Your company delivered exactly what I asked for, at record speed. Just got the new scope today (actually picked it up directly) and have not used it yet, but from previous experience borrowing co-workers UltraScopes, I have no doubt about the quality and excellent performance of my new scope. I highly recommend taking the extra time and minimal expense of personalizing your new scope, as something that works this well will be a "hot" commodity and prone to "walking away", I have unfortunately saw this occur. My new scope looks great and has a unique flair that displays it as MINE ALL MINE (insert crazy laugh here) Thanks!

B. HUTCHENS, Paramedic / EMT in KANNAPOLIS, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Awesome scope!!!!

D. Rizzo, Paramedic / EMT in Vineland, NJ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This is the best stethoscope ever! I can hear very clearly with the B/P sounds, heart beats, stomach, and lungs. It also has many different designs and colors to choose from. And the best thing about the UltraScope is the lifetime warranty!! If your tubing is tearing they will replace it!! I highly recommend the UltraScope to nursing students!

D. Shallar, LPN in Lake City, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my new stethoscope. its light weight, flexible and I can hear heart and lung sounds way better. I get lots of compliments on the design of the diaphragm (palm tree).. it reminds everyone of our beautiful beaches here in Florida. Thanks UltraScope!!!

v. johnson, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Very impressed so far. The sound is very clear.

v. Adamski, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am a senior wildlife rehabilitator and I am in total LOVE with my new stethoscope. Thank you!

K. Verville, Other in Riverside, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Best stethoscope I've ever used.

S. Rogers, Vet Technician / Other in Macomb, MI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

So far so good. I love that all peices have lifetime warranty. Very unique and awesome!

k. montague, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my UltraScope! I am now able to actually hear what I am learning and I couldn't be any happier with this product.

n. foster, Medial Assistant in elkhart, IN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My L... got stolen at work and I was looking for a replacement that wouldn't break the bank. Review after review raved about your products. I figured I'd give it a shot. When my MaxiScope Single came, it was beautiful and then I listened to myself through clothes and heard perfectly. It is at least 10 times better than my L... for a third of the cost. I'm so thankful I found out about your products!

B. Lamb, RN or Other Nurse in Springfield, TN (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love this stethoscope, it is lightweight and constantly get compliments on it.

n. randoph, RN or Other Nurse

I love the UltraScope it has been the only thing I will use. I am on my third one.

T. Zamarron, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

My stethoscope is so beautiful and functional. I absolutely love it!

M. Malinowski, Paramedic / EMT

Am a Nursing Student and a friend of mine recommended this product and once I ordered it the shipping was on time and the packaging was neat. Above all, the sound was so crisp and clear. I will recommend it to my other friends as well.

U. Ekpe, CNA

Love Love Love my UltraScope!!! I wish I had done my research before I bought my L...!! I have hearing problems and I hear great with the UltraScope!!! Lightweight also which is a plus!!!! Will never use L... again!!

A. Kaylor, RN or Other Nurse in Gallion, AL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)


S. Lynch, Veterinarian in Garner, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This is the most amazing stethoscope I've ever used.

s. bristol, RN or Other Nurse in langley afb, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great product, just as expected. Beautiful and great sound. Thank you.

T. Smeeks, RN or Other Nurse in COOLVILLE, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my Ultrascope

C. Lindsey, Paramedic / EMT in Dover, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I've been waiting for a long time to get one of these on my hands, and now that it's finally here I can say I am fully satisfied. I can hear through clothes like they aren't even there. Blood pressures in my noisy classroom are easier than ever and I can't wait to use this out in the field. 5 out of 5 stars from me!! I am going to try to get everyone to buy one of these. Might as well start sending commission because a lot of business is coming your way!!!

L. R, Medial Assistant in Spokane Valley, WA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Stethoscope seems very well made. I have not been able to use it much since it just came, but what I have checked it out on has left me very impressed as there was loud noise in the background and I was still able to hear lung sounds very well. I love that we can customize our scope to such an incredible degree. But when you consider how much better I can hear using this scope and a lifetime warranty on the tubing? I couldn't not get my own. ... We have one nurse at work that has probably sold 4 or 5 stethoscopes for you because she allows people to borrow hers, and then shows them your website when they ask her questions. A co-worker loaned me his to try....You have a great product that owners will tell others about.

S. Stokes-Begley, Respiratory Therapist in Harrisonville, MO (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I really haven't gotten to put it through it's paces yet, but great auscultation on breath sounds and BP. I love the pre angled ear pieces, so I don't have to adjust them every time I put them in my backpack. Awesome product glad I found a review on a you tube video.

D. Ballard, in Sherman, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

MY nurses love this stethoscope. Will be purchasing more in the future, as well as one for myself.

P. Finn, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope!

P. Finn, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Awesome product and I love the design!!!

A. Salcedo, RN or Other Nurse

Love it! Its perfect! I can finally hear what i need to now!

H. Bursott, LPN

I absolutely LOVE this stethoscope. I have hearing loss and with my UltraScope I can hear everything clear and crisp. Also love the lifetime warranty. Had a L... stethoscope before this one and will NEVER go back!!

P. McAtee, Other in Milton, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my stethoscope! It's pink, so others don't walk away with it, it's completely cleanable, and has great acoustics.

D. Moore, RN or Other Nurse

This scope is AWESOME!!!

T. Wood, LPN in DENVER, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Have used this stethoscope for 10 years and works great! It's lightweight and I have found the company claim that you can hear through clothing to be true!

T. Lamphere, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am so excited to use my new ultrascope! It is lightweight and the sounds are loud and clear!

M. Ricks, RN or Other Nurse in Brunswick, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am hard at hearing and after graduating nursing school, I knew I needed a high quality stethoscope. I love the options I had to choose from.

K. Webb, LPN in Archie, MO (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love that you can hear so clearly unlike the more expensive brands

K. Smith, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I just received my UltraScope today and I love it! Everything on it looks great, including my engraving. They sent me emails updating me on the progress of my order and it arrived really quickly.

A. Mays, Paramedic / EMT in Statesville, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my stethoscope, wanted a unique design, and something I could hear good with. works great!

K. Caldwell, RN or Other Nurse in Metropolis, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my stethoscope! It's lightweight, clean and crisp. I've gotten so many compliments on it and I have no one else to thank but ya'll. Love this product and beyond estatic to be a part of the UltraScope family!

a. guerrero, Vet Technician / Other in boca raton, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! The designs and colors exceeded my expectations. The acoustics are amazing and I can't wait to put this to use at my first job once I pass boards! Thank you for a great (and cute) stethoscope!

C. Hill, RN or Other Nurse in Washington, NC (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I love my UltraScope. I had trouble auscultating breath sounds previously. That is no longer a problem thanks to how well i can hear with my UltraScope.

C. Decker, RN or Other Nurse in Lewisburg, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It looks great, it feels great and the most important it sounds it!

E. Piskopianou, Anesthesiologist (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Best Stethoscope I have ever used, and its also the prettiest. Won't ever buy another brand.

C. Hawkins, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Best stethoscope ever I had and superb audio even with all the noise at the ward. And everyone loves the orange color; makes me young at heart. My staff nurses wanted to buy!

G. Parr, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Works and looks fantastic!

B. Ramirez, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my UltraScope! I can hear everything so much better on it than with my L...! I get complements on it all the time! Love the colors and the designs!

B. King, RN or Other Nurse in McMinnville, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful! Love it! And GREAT customer service! Very Happy!

L. Dohanich, Veterinarian (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Awesome ! Love it

R. Bruno, Nurse Practitioner (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!

W. Edwards, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Excellent product, works well in the back of a noisy ambulance.

D. Gillihan, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

What a beautiful medical instrument with fantastic acoustics. The stethoscope is very well made and my order arrived in just a matter of days, engraved and all. I'm so excited to use this during clinical rotations at school. A very unique and personalized item.

J. Smith, Students in West Greenwich, RI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

As a veterinary technician in a very busy, very LOUD Detroit animal shelter, I was having difficulties finding a stethoscope to suit my needs. My criteria: 1. The ability to hear heart and chest sounds through purring, and background barking etc. 2. Something I could carry in my side cargo pocket. 3. A stethoscope that had replacement parts at a reasonable price. Ultrascope provided all 3 needs. I've been using it 1 month now, and I am more than happy with my purchase:)

D. Rodzos, Vet Technician / Other in Saint Clair Shores, MI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it. I'm surprised at how well I can now hear a cardiac murmur and yet remain stylish!

A. Denton, Internist

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stethoscope!! I have compared it to my other ones and the sound quality is exceptional!!

j. sievers, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope! I work on mobile blood drives on noisy buses and couldn't hear donor's blood pressures. I "upgraded" from my old popular brand stethoscope to this one. It has made a big difference.

R. Heideman, RN or Other Nurse in Harker Heights, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I've had my MaxiScope for almost 4 years now, and I can't see using another stethoscope. I'm a paramedic, so my work field can get pretty noisy. My MaxiScope does a great job helping me auscultate where other stethoscopes wouldn't let me hear a thing.

S. Stevens, Paramedic in Metairie, LA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I purchased this stethoscope (lime green tubing with hot pink diaphragm) to replace my L.. light weight [stethoscope] as it was starting to fall apart after only 5 years. After reading many reviews about the UltraScope brand stethoscopes, I knew this was the brand for me. I work in a fast-paced high acuity hospital where it is typically noisy. I was very impressed with the quality of the acoustics and light weight of this stethoscope. I have gotten so many compliments about the colors and how 'unique' it is! I keep referring my co-workers to your website or so they can buy one for themselves. Keep up the great work - happy customer!

S. Mencini, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Awesome, lightweight, great sound, and beautiful!

N. Brum, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wonderful! Great sound! Every one is no longer just diminished.

T. Hajdo, Respiratory Therapist in Millington, MI (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I just got it today and was super surprised at how fast I had gotten it. I was not expecting it to ship until next week. Awesome!

G. Cool, Students in Morgantown, WV (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Able to hear very clearly, one of a kind look, very esthetically pleasing

S. Bowen, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am very impressed that this company offers an affordable stethoscope with such clear sound.

J. Carter, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my stethoscope! Best quality and personalization was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier!!

E. Philman, Paramedic / EMT in O Brien, FL (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Love it...Great stethoscope and great price!!!!

J. Berglund, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

This is my second UltraScope stethoscope and still the best RN stethoscope ever.

B. Garin, RN or Other Nurse in Orange Park, FL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Amazing stethoscope! Quality is great!

C. Bevis, RN or Other Nurse in Caryville, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Excellent stethoscope-this is my second one as I lost my first one. I won't use any other stethoscope!

D. Hoium, RN or Other Nurse in Campbellsport, WI (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)


n. karim, Physician in TUTONG, BRUNEI, Brunei Darussalam (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I just received my Ultrascope Duo Stethoscope today and cannot wait to use it. It is so clear and crisp to listen to. The duel heads are a great idea as I care for both adult and paediatric patients. An overall great product.

V. Fisher, RN or Other Nurse in Warners Bay, New South Wales, Australia (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Awesome acoustics and so much lighter than my old stethoscope!

A. Martini, RN or Other Nurse in New Edinburg, AR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!

K. Silva, Physician Assistant

Great acoustics and great style, too!

J. brown, Internist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love UltraScope products!! Staff amazing to deal with! This is my first neonatal stethoscope but I loved my adult one!!

H. URBAN, Students in Edmonton, AB, Canada

Love this stethoscope! It is light, easy to hear and beautiful!

J. Graves, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great sound, comfortable, best I've used, and beautiful. Love your stethoscopes!!

L. Roberts, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it...can hear so clearly

L. Illig, RN or Other Nurse

Great product compared to my other well known make, clear.

S. Okorafor, Nurse Practitioner in London, London, United Kingdom (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Good quality, nice design.

L. Gagne, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it. I have hearing loss in my right ear and I can hear with this stethoscope very well.

A. Bednar, Other in Halifax, PA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Love it--replacement for one bought over 15 years ago

L. Lane, RN or Other Nurse in Ronks, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my new scope

s. harclerode, Respiratory Therapist

best stethoscope everrrrrr

k. smith, LPN

LOVE IT! Acoustics are amazing!

J. Riggs, Students in Yucaipa, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

UltraScope Stethoscope.. I love it! I would say that I can hear 25 - 50% better with it than with the ... L... I've used for 24 years. This is truly a great product. You've made a convert out of me.

M. Lewin, MD, Physician in Charlotte, NC

received it as a gift and absolutely love it, different and hard to misplace as well as wonderful sound quality.

K. Konopaske, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

LOVE IT!! its so loud!!

m. duncan, LPN in what cheer, IA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I'm very impressed with this stethoscope. The acoustics are phenomenal, so incredibly sensitive.

E. Thomas, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great product especially for pediatric patients

P. Azarcon Samonte, Physician in El Paso, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I ordered the Pink Zebra/Black Tubing gift set and I am in love with it! The quality is amazing and I can hear so much better with the Ultrascope than with my previous stethoscope!

J. Gordon, Medial Assistant in Ligonier, IN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my new stethoscope. Works very well. Very fast shipping....ordered on a Sunday and was delivered Friday. Very pleased!

J. Morrison, RN or Other Nurse in Port Wentworth, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful stethoscope...amazing acoustics...better than my L......was so pleased with my purchase. The price was great. Shipped very quickly! Love the lifetime warranty. Will be telling all my nursing friends to buy this stethoscope!

M. Scott, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Fantastic stethoscope! I can hear so much better than with my L.. II.

j. adams, Students (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

This stethoscope is absolutely amazing!! It picks up both heart & lung sounds with great quality!

C. DeGrave, Vet Technician / Other in Green Bay, WI (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I am hard of hearing, and I wear hearing aides. I bought a higher end stethoscope to help me hear and it doesn't come close to the ability of listening to heart/lung sounds as my UltraScope! I'm so glad my co-worker recommended your company to me! You guys are doing great work!! Thank you!

C. Sullivan, Students

I love it!!!! I can hear so well with it and it is so cute! Love my breast cancer charm I got also

R. Hobbs, Other in Erlanger, KY (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

My pediatric patients are entranced.

S. Boone, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! Now my personality can shine through whilst I'm working! Thank you!

M. Field, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Clear sound... was able to do blood pressure through a heavy sweatshirt and hear clearly!

R. Fitzpatrick, Paramedic / EMT in East Meadow, NY (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my UltraScope! It turned out just how I wanted it and sounded great when I tested it out. Can't wait to get to the hospital tomorrow and use it!

C. Hiotis, RN or Other Nurse in St. Petersburg, FL (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Simply the best stethoscope ever created! Sound is amazing and I am in love with it!

A. Hannan, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

We bought 2 for each of the teachers here at Flowery Branch HS. We are both thrilled with the quality and workmanship with this teaching scope. Lifetime warranty is a real plus!

K. Peake, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Teaching Stethoscope)

This is the BEST teaching scope I have ever used! I have been teaching for 12 years and the teacher scope gets the most abuse and all my previous ones have broken. This is durable and has great sound making checking off students easy and simplifies my life. The bright color makes it easy to find among the other scopes! I LOVE IT!!

K. Peake, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Teaching Stethoscope)

Beautiful! Wonderful results!

M. Kirby, RN or Other Nurse in Vanceboro, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The stethoscope was bought for me as a gift for my birthday as a replacement for my old and not so good one. I can hear very well with it and am very happy with it, considering I work with all ages and it works very well for both peds and adults although I just bought the adult.

A. Fomenko, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My mother bought it for me as a graduation present from Nursing school. Almost 7 years later, I am still loving it!

N. Perez, RN or Other Nurse in Orlando, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I can hear so clearly, even through clothing! I love it, it is going to replace my expensive L..., which was too quiet for me (couldn't hear a diastolic BP).

L. Carrow, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love how I got to design my own stethoscope. I also love the fact that I can hear clearly through patients clothes and background noises and can still hear clearly. Very great product to own.

A. Earnshaw, Students

Pure Excellence

A. Pridgen, RN or Other Nurse in Phila, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this product. The sound is amazing and the price was great too (well it was a gift but I know what he spent lol)

S. Murdough, Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my UltraScope! I am an LPN, as well as an RN student, and I love the styles and the acoustics. With a lifetime warranty you can't go wrong.

A. Coleman, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! Great quality!

C. Yanke, Respiratory Therapist in Sanford, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am very pleased with my UltraScope! I was shocked to see that it arrived within 2 days of ordering!

B. Craft, Other in Deep Run, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Awesome stethoscope....this is my second one; the first one is greater than 20 years old and is still in fine shape

j. wells, Nurse Practitioner (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I love it! The sound is crystal clear, and the design is very cute! 5 star purchase!

A. Armas, Students in tupelo, MS (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

It's awesome!!

E. Cockerham, RN or Other Nurse

I've always questioned my hearing ability- actually I almost failed nursing school because I couldn't catch blood pressure readings consistently. One day I borrowed a friend's UltraScope and I couldn't wait to get home to order my own! I love everything about it from the extraordinary customization options to the amazing acoustics. I never miss a sound now!

A. Townsend, RN or Other Nurse in Hewitt, TX

I love it! It's cute and works wonderfully. I work in a cardiology office and can't express how much clearer heart sounds are when using my Ultrascope. And it's pretty!

K. Haag, Medial Assistant

Love it so much... I'm amazed at the quality of the sound and the price is just fantastic for the quality and performance of this beautiful stethoscope.

J. Ellison, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My wife loves the stethoscope I bought her for Christmas. She is a RN and said it works great and was just what she wanted.

J. Hightower, Other in Travelers Rest, SC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I already bought one at the AAP convention in San Francisco a few years ago. I find it better to use in a tropical country like the Philippines where i am currently using it. One of its advantages is that compared to the rubberized rim on the diaphragm and the earpieces which loosens because of the heat, the ultrascope is resistant to that problem

E. Tan, Pediatrician in Riverside, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Pretty neat. The tubing blocks exterior sounds from interfering while listening to vitals.

G. Shipman, Students (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it so far!!

A. Harrell, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wonderful! First stethoscope exactly what I wanted and expected!

K. Brown, CNA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my UltraScope! I have never heard heartsounds so well!!! Plus it's pretty!

E. Glassgow, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Excellent quality! The best stethoscope I've owned.

M. Clayton, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my MaxiScope. I have had for about 10 years. It stays around my neck everyday at work.4

V. McQueen, RN or Other Nurse in Brandon, VT (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Very pleased and quick delivery.

B. Brence, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it, love it, love it. When the pediatricians come to see the babies in the nursery they search high and low for one of these bad boys.

A. Briggs, RN or Other Nurse in Payson, UT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Excellent stethoscope for price.

C. Robson, Vet Technician / Other (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

Love love love it!!!! I'm hard of hearing going into the nursing field and what a difference it makes!

S. Basemann, Students in Littleton, CO (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Looks great, sounds great, priced great. Great product, great value.

P. Haynes, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)


D. Kaufman, Paramedic / EMT in TEL AVIV, , Israel (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!

S. Scally, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

Wonderful stethoscope! I love the variety of heads you can get, and all of the colors. The sound is impeccable. I can't wait to get one with a pediatric size head.

J. Olson, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my stethoscope. Light to wear during a shift but such clarity for all body sounds!

P. Pelham, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful!! I love it!

L. Carver, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Finally, a stethoscope I can hear through and depend on! Looking forward to many more years of high quality assessment with my UltraScope. I have purchased many stethoscopes, which have failed me. but with UltraScope's Lifetime Warranty, I have confidence that this will be the last one I need to buy. My friend at work praised her UltraScope highly and convinced me that this was a worthwhile investment.

D. Covington, RN or Other Nurse in Groves, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I work in veterinary medicine. I have seen many UltraScope reviews that or spec. paragraphs that speak to how easily the UltraScopes conduct heart sounds through hair. I personally have not noticed much of a difference between my UltraScope and my adult sized L.. Cardiology II SE, but what you can take away from that is that the acoustics are at least as refined as L.... I have a pediatric sized UltraScope that was given to me by the medical credit card company CareCredit. I have had this scope for more than 7 years, and have used it for small dogs and larger cats - the smaller cats, exotic mammals, and birds require a neonatal or infant stethoscope. About a year and a half ago the original tubing cracked and needed to be replaced. UltraScope sent me a new tubing and diaphragm ring in spite of the fact that I had not actually purchased my stethoscope from them directly; talk about customer service!...

J. McKeever, Vet Technician / Other in Chattanooga, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Best stethoscope I have ever had. Sound is amazing. I never thought I would leave L..., but this is better.

V. Karimkhani, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love the design and sound quality

K. Freeman, Dialysis (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! I can hear clearly even through hair and loud noises! It is also fashionable

v. amezcua, Vet Technician / Other

Absolutely love my Ultrascope! Quality meets practicality and affordability!

K. Taylor, RN or Other Nurse in Broken Arrow, OK (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I can already tell the difference of quality compared to the P... I had just from only a few uses. I'm a nursing student and asked my instructor what she'd recommend because I could not hear anything from mine. She had a couple teaching ultrascopes with bright colors and cute beachy scenes for the head. I also tried her L... out but was intrigued by the variety of these. The Dolphins are cute and I love all the options. May buy another! I'll always need one!

L. VENSEL, Students in Pittsburgh, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Just arrived in the mail and looks extremely dutiable! I haven't been able to use it yet but extremely excited to be able to. I ordered the my stethoscope on a Wednesday and received it that weekend and I even had a custom engraving on it done. I have family who have bought one and I only hear amazing reviews from them.

T. Ferguson, Armed Services (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Haven't used it clinically yet, but it's absolutely beautiful!!

k. weichsel-Arya, Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

IT'S PERFECT! I was so pleased by how well of a heartbeat the diaphragm can pick up. My stethoscope from school had extremely painful ear buds and these ones that are attached to the UltraScope are perfect! I am soooooo satisfied!

S. Hi, Students

I have always loved the ultrascope for it's dual ability of the magnified sound enhancement, being able to hear sounds over layers of clothing. I'm very happy with my ultrascope.😊

l. flores, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I LOVE IT!! I can hear everything it is the best stethoscope I have ever had!! The other nurses like to use is as often as they can and one of the other nurses have even purchased one. I have a L... and even though it is a good scope I believe the UltraScope is the best one for me, I will never buy anything else.

K. Jenkins-Harms, RN or Other Nurse in Raleigh, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

LOVE my UltraScope. I am a veterinary technician in a busy referral practice and I never have to shush my coworkers or go to a quiet place to auscult properly. Thanks!

K. Boomer, Vet Technician / Other in Cape Coral, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love this scope. Its first use was to find a foal's heartbeat while still in the womb. Love the sound quality!

S. Brodmarkle, Vet Technician / Other (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

This stethoscope is awesome! One of the best out that!

C. Johnson, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love It

A. Araiza, Students (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"We have identified a few students with hearing impairment... The Classic has helped them regain their confidence in vital signs."

M. Alexander, Instructor (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"The UltraScope is great. I can finally hear a radial pulse."

T. Barnard, Paramedic

"I can hear lots of sounds you 'don't hear' when you are learning."

M. Odle, BSN Student

"Kids love the scope, use it as a distraction when starting IVs."

D. Ohay, RN (ED)

"I use UltraScopes to expose new ICU nurses to subtle heart & lung sounds they can't hear with their 'cardiology' stethoscopes"

J. LeFevre, RN


T. SAMUEL, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

This stethoscope is amazing. So different from any others. I was always a fan of L..., but this blows them out of the water. I don't have to hold the ear pieces (which I always had to do with L...) to hear correctly, fits just right. I LOVE my new stethoscope!!

A. Taylor, LPN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Best Scope for your money.

J. Walker, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I am a nursing instructor and my clinical students purchased this for me at the end of our rotation. Very nice stethoscope. The head is a little heavy when wearing over neck during work, but great quality during assessment of sounds. And the design adds a little humor when patients ask about it. Overall great purchase.

J. Waymoth, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I love how clear heart and lung sounds are! And it's so cute!

S. Jackson, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great sound transmission. Really cool looking scope.

J. Puckett, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I'm hearing impaired in my right ear and the Classic works exactly as described. I could not be happier with my purchase."

R. Campbell, Nurse in Bluff City, TN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"I've tried many different brands of stethoscopes and couldn't hear anything, with my new UltraScope I can hear everything, even in a noisy room"

M. Monk, Nursing Student in Beckley, WV (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I used my old L... Cardiology and immediately compared it to my UltraScope...THERE'S NO COMPARISON! UltraScope picked up crackles when I heard diminished with the L... I'm never using any other scope again. The other Respiratory Therapists in my department will be ordering soon. Thanks!"

J. Myers, Respiratory Therapist in Hamburg, AR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I liked the idea of the parts having a lifetime warranty. That tells me it's a quality product."

C. Abel, Nurse in Louisville, OH (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I love UltraScopes. I work nights in pediatrics and it's nice to be able to hear through blankets and pajamas without waking up the children."

L. Lane, Nurse in Ronks, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"Let me begin by saying that I am not being compensated for promoting the MaxiScope or UltraScope stethoscopes in any shape or form. My first experience with this product was in the mid 90's at a fire equipment show in up-state New York. The salesman stated that you could assess lung sounds through structural turn-out gear. I had a hard time believing this, so I took the challenge. It was true, I could hear the gentleman's lung sounds without difficulty. Since that day it is the only stethoscope I use. Also being an EMS instructor, teaching lung sounds is much easier and the students learn that much faster with increased ability to improve their assessment skills. Dollar for dollar, if you provide EMS in your line of work, this is the best scope on the market in my opinion."

Don Singer, NC Level 1 EMS Instructor, NC EMT-P, NC FF II - pa in Charlotte, NC

"Education and training is my passion with EMS. As a Level One Paramedic Instructor one of the hardest challenges in my environment is to train the best EMTs I can. In order to do this I have to depend on quality equipment. The MaxiScope gives me the opportunity to teach my students how to assess vital signs. Over the ten years of teaching, breath sounds are the hardest task to achieve. This product is priced right for the students and gives the quality that is needed for listening to breath sounds on our patents. When operating as a paramedic in various environments it is hard to listen. With this fact, I even have a hearing loss from years of "working the streets". I continue to offer this product to each class I teach so they can reach their full potential as EMTs and achieve my personal goal of great patient care. Hats off to you MaxiScope for making my job easier."

Lisa Holmes, NREMT, Level One Paramedic Instructor in Charlotte, NC (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I love being able to express my individuality with my stethoscope at work, where we have to wear black scrubs alll the time! It also prevents my stethoscope from being mistaken as another coworker's and disappearing, which has happened more than once. You do not have to give up sound quality for fashion, as this stethescope has excellent sound quality! It is the best of both worlds and it is affordable. I love it."

L. Toler, Nurse in Chocowinity, NC (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"I love my UltraScope. I work in the Pediatric ER and I can hear through clothes and if patient is crying."

V. Warner, RN in Eldersburg, MD

"It's absolutely beautiful!! Best stethoscope I've EVER used!! I couldn't be more happy with my purchase! THANK YOU!"

E. Diaz, Nursing Student in Wichita Falls, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"Great product. Love the design which makes it personal to you. Easily noticed and usually always brings a smile."

G. Nesas, Nurse in Van Nuys, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I am hearing impaired and someone mentioned this product to me as I was not able to afford another electronic stethoscope after it broke. I can definitely hear much better out of this stethoscope than a regular stethoscope and I didn't have to spend a fortune. Thank you!"

D. Goodson, Other in San Antonio, TX (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

"Several years ago I found the general adult/pediatric stethoscopes were inadequate for listening to newborns' heart and lungs... Counting newborn heart rates (over twice the rate for an average adult) is daunting. The Ultrascope has the best acoustics and allows the user to zone into a particular area/sound that I was not able to do with a regular stethoscope."

Jennie M. Wagner, EdD, RN, MSM, Clinical Instructor in Raleigh, NC (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"The UltraScope [pediatric model] is EXCELLENT for detecting feline lung and tracheal sounds as well as for higher pitched crisp (muscle and valve) sounds of the heart."

M. Scherk, DVM in Vancouver, Canada (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"Awesome and my boss loves it also!"

C. Abbott, LVN in Dallas, TX

"I used it for the first time, my first day on the job. It was very clear, and easy to hear. I love the design and the practicality of it!"

J. Wombaker, LVN in Greenville, TX

"I appreciate you all for allowing customers to have more of a say in their individual scope which allows them to express themselves and their reason for choosing their career."

V. Hogan, Charge Nurse in Starkville, MS

"I work in a long-term care setting. The elderly can be difficult to obtain a good BP - until I purchased the UltraScope! Thank you!"

J. Vaska, Charge Nurse in Milwaukee, WI

"This scope was recommended to me by several Registered Nurses. They have Doctors ask to borrow their scopes. "

B. Royal, RN or Other Nurse in Davison Springs, KY

"I absolutely love it and so do the children, the glitter head is a wonderful distraction. "

C. McMackin, Pediatric ER Nurse in Hingham, MA

"I love my new scope. Not only is it stylish and functional, I can hear heart and lung sounds better than with any other scope I have ever used. I would buy another one in a heartbeat."

V. Hamel, Charge Nurse in Albany Township, ME

"Fun and functional stethoscope!"

N. Williams, Nurse in Scappoose, OR

"Working in a noisy pediatric setting, this is by far the best stethoscope I have ever used. The sound is so clear and accurate. I own the pediatric bell edition and I would recommend it to anyone!!! "

V. Pineda, Nurse in Anaheim, CA

"This scope is out of this world. I heard what I needed while the patient was screaming."

W. Hall, Nurse in DeQueen, AR

"When assessing organ sounds are clearer, more defined and you feel confident in your report."

J. Watson, Nurse in McKinney, TX

"This is the best stethoscope I have ever owned."

P. Atcher, Nurse in Louisville, KY

"It works great. I have a hearing loss and this is the best. Better than L..."

R. Olson, Nurse in Jamestown, NY

"My school recommended a L... - I wish I had ignored them and went with a MaxiScope! Everything sounds clearer now!"

J. Maxon, Nurse in West Decatur, PA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"My staff love their new stethoscopes. I purchased 3. Sound is very good. Lightweight and colorful."

P. Sumpter, Nurse in Warren, MI

"Absolutely amazing! Was able to hear cardiac sounds with an undershirt, sweatshirt and a canvas bag placed over the cardiac region! (All at the same time!) And not to mention the fashion statement they make! Love it and would recommend it to everyone!!"

S. Hauck, Nurse in Greenville, PA

"I work in a busy ER/ Noisy. The UltraScope is not only adorable but the sound quality is excellent!"

T. Bujan, Nurse in Sarasota, FL

"I really like the UltraScopes and can really hear very good with them. I personalized my UltraScope with a photo of my kids and its really cute... I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks."

T. Bailey, Nurse in Fairmont, NC

"The ordering was easy, the customer service was superb. They called about a better engraving option so as not to obscure my head design and the shipping was much faster than expected."

J. Wiseman, Nurse in Massillon, OH

"I love my lets my personality shine through!!"

C. Fountain, Nurse in Waldorf, MD

"I can hear clearly with a lot of back ground noise, which is helpful when there are friends and family in the room."

D. Wilson, Nurse in Roanoke, VA

"Just love my new UltraScope sound quality is excellent even in a noise and busy room. Also the patients think the funky design is cool."

D. Bowie, Nurse in Wanneroo, Austrailia

"Different organ sounds are now clear music to my ears. Of course some days the notes are off, but at least I can hear them now. Great to be tuned in again, and I thought I was just going deaf."

A. Jack, Nurse in Calgary, AB, Canada (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"I just received my stethoscope today and for the last 2 years I have used a L.....I can tell the amazing difference between my new awesome [UltraScope] and my expensive L.... Thanks!"

R. Haslip, Nurse in Mount Pleasant, SC

"I lost my first UltraScope in the flood of tropical storm Lee. I have been lost without one, others do not compare to the UltraScope."

B. Moore, Nurse in Shickshinny, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"MaxiScope is one of the best stethoscopes I have ever used.  Not only is it superior to other stethoscopes upon auscultation, but the wide variety of colors, personalization options, as well as the affordability of each model, you definitely get what you pay for. Thank you."

P. Jarvis, Nurse in Sullivan, IN (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"Excellent product, great price and sales person was wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful about products offered."(MaxiScope)

N.J. Dugas, Nurse in Bradenton, FL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"Love the variety of designs and lightweight feel of the steth. Would definitely recommend for friends."

M. Goodwin, Nurse in Lafayette, IN

"I love this stethoscope. It is the best one I have ever used!!!"

D. Dean, Nurse in Spring Hill, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"It is my third UltraScope and I love them! I work both in ICU and on a critical care ambulance and I can easily hear over alarms and sirens! It is better than any other brand I have used and I can pick it out from paces away! No more indefinitely borrowed stethoscopes after getting these!"

M. Fleming, Nurse in Mesa, AZ

"Love your product. It really opens the door for communication with my patients. They notice my UltraScope and typically make a comment on how "cool" it looks. It is one of the only scopes that I can hear all cardiac sounds. Excellent product. Also, very high quality. I have had mine for over five years and just now replacing the tubing and diaphragm."

S. Reggentin, Nurse in Cedar Rapids, IA

"I have used lots of stethoscopes....I have never heard as well as I do with my new MaxiScope"

S. Mitchell, Nurse in New Bedford, MA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"The UltrasSope is clearer and louder than my L.... I can count the pulse with my L... on my radial artery. However, this UltraScope lets me hear the blood flow through that artery."

G. Hicks, Nurse in Baxter, TN

"Love my new stethoscope! Two toned purple. Fun and sassy. I can hear lung and heart sounds perfectly."

B. Nowak, Nurse in Naperville, IL (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

"Great sound quality, easy to use, comfortable, and best of a fashionable too!"

M. Murphy, Nurse in Glen Allen, VA

"I love it! Beautiful and I can hear heart and lung sounds so well... I also get so many compliments! Thank you!"

T. Hailes, Nurse in Charlotte, NC

"This an amazing stethoscope!! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!!"

A. Garzon, Nurse in Edmonds, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I figured if the UltraScope was NOT as good as my high-dollar brand scope, I could stomach the cost. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only is it lighter and better looking than my previous stethoscope, but the sound quality is amazing. I am sold and I will be recommending these scopes to co-workers and associates." (MaxiScope Classic)

M. Branum, Nurse in Las Vegas, NV (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

"I love it. I can hear everything so well, even with so many monitor alarms going off in the room!"

J. Lazarus, Nurse in Hollywood, FL

"I love my UltraScope, I can hear more clearly with it than I ever have with any other product."

A. Williford, Nurse in Memphis, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"Excellent product and like fact that you have a lifetime warranty on parts. Really does have excellent sound quality!"

J. Lusby, Nurse in Houston, TX

"I love the sound quality, light weight, and design and color options!!!!!!"

C. Hannibal, Nurse in Salem, OR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"If you have difficulty hearing using other products, I would suggest UltraScope."

J. Rill, Nurse in Wesley Chapel, FL

"Highly recommended by experienced nurses."

K. McNamara-Haas, Nurse in Hamburg, NY

"Impressed with the quality and appreciate the lifetime warranty"

C. Hahn, Nurse in Bucoda, WA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"Love this product! I can hear everything so clearly and I absolutely love the design!"

N. Pollard, Nurse in Pendergrass, GA

"I love my stethoscope I can hear everything so clear and there is no more guessing when listening to breath sounds."

H. Le Drew, Nurse in Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Beautiful, very prestigious looking piece of equipment, great conversation piece to put patients at ease."

J. Duncan, Nurse in Jesup, GA

"Love the quality of this product! A fabulous addition to my everyday practice and completely one of a kind!"

J. Stephenson, Nurse in Sumiton, AL

"Excellent acoustics. Let a nursing student borrow it and she was finally able to hear her first murmur in a 2 day old infant!!"

C. Linder, Nurse in Jensen Beach, FL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I love how light weight they are compared to the one I received when I was in school."

T. Ronnebaum, Nurse in East Jordan, MI

"Had my stethoscope sent in for repair, I was blown away with the service! Everyone at my hospital is stunned that I have a warranty on my stethoscope."

K. Meszarosova, Nurse in Richmond, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"Amazing sound quality with beautiful detail."

N. Mitchell, Nurse in Hartwell, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"The quality is unbelievable. It is so easy to hear with the MaxiScope. I will probably be a lifetime customer."

J. Miclow, Nursing Student in Rockford, IL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I can hear so well with my new MaxiScope. I love the length and weight."

M. Westfall, RN in Springfield, IL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"The quality of sound with the MaxiScope is exceptional. The noise on the ambulance or at a noisy vehicle accident can make hearing lung sounds impossible. This scope makes it easy to hear in those situations. Even through clothes!"

E. Foran, Paramedic in Willisten, FL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"A nurse at the hospital let me try her MaxiScope out. It was the first time I could hear lung sounds clearly and the heartbeat was the loudest, clearest I ever heard. I am VERY SATISFIED. AWESOME PRODUCT! I would be a spokesperson for the company!"

D. Taylor, Student Practical Nurse in Upper Sandusky, OH (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"The MaxiScope is amazing. I can hear everything! I thought with my other scope I was losing my hearing. Not anymore!!!"

E. Hanna, Registered Respiratory Therapist in Girard, OH (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"MaxiScope is a great stethoscope with accurate results for a very reasonable price."

B. Johnson, Firefighter / PM Student in Puyallup, WA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I have used the UltraScope for 4 years and needed a reliable, quality backup. MaxiScope seems to fit the bill."

D. Scheraga, Physician in Olney, MD (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I absolutely LOVE my [MaxiScope]! I have a L... stethoscope, which I paid an outrageous amount for and my MaxiScope is so much better and at a fraction of the cost!"

V. White, RN Student in Germantown, NC (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I am just learning to use a stethoscope, and compared to some of the others I have tried, MaxiScope is much simpler to use and has a clearer sounds."

T. Jansen, Student in Alvin, TX (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"I love my MaxiScope! Outstanding performance! Very clear sounding in noisy environments and easy to use on furry animals. Also nice having the option to customize with your name or characters. Great service. Fast shipping. I would recommend to other veterinary staff members and anyone else needing a good stethoscope. Thanks."

C. L. G. Hill, Veterinary Assistant in Wichita, KS (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"Very good quality.  Auscultation very audible." (for MaxiScope)

M. Chacon, RN in Bradenton, FL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"Sound is clear. LOVE this stethoscope!" (MaxiScope)

S. Webster, LPN, Student RN in Morgan, VT (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"This [MaxiScope] is the best stethoscope I have owned for the price.  I can hear heart and lung sounds so clearly through fur and a variety of tissue layers."

T. Vestal, Veterinary Technician in Portland, OR (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"[MaxiScopes] are amazing! Best stethoscope you can buy! Everyone should have one."

J. Lankford, EMT in St. Lenard, MD (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"[The MaxiScope] is an amazing stethoscope. I am hearing impaired so this works extremely well."

R. Adrian, Medical Assistant in Stanwood, WA (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

"These are beautiful and functional. As a medical student who needs to hear, these are wonderful!"

S. Marroquin, Physician in Charleston, OR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I am really impressed with the acoustics of my scope. I would put it up against a L.. any day in the back of an ambulance."

D. Thomas, Paramedic/EMT in Dalton, MA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

"This is an absolute necessity for any medical student. You can hear through clothes or even in noisy areas. This would make a great graduation gift for Nurses, CNAs, Medical Assistants or anyone who use stethoscopes, and plus the possibilities to customize are endless!!"

C. Hernandez, Students in Fort Mohave, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"I love your product because I can listen through dressings and clothing which is a must in the healthcare field."

J. Rogers, Nurse Practitioner in Garden Grove, CA

"Love how light weight and bright the color is."

A. Pardo, RN or Other Nurse in Corpus Christi, TX (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"Great stethoscope! Have been using UltraScopes for about 6 years - first as a pedi resident, now a practicing pediatrician. I like the different designs & fun colors; both kids & parents have commented on it."

I. Edeki, Pediatrician in Houston, TX

"Impressive! Everything I have been told about this stethoscope is true. I can hear every little sound so clear that it makes it easy to distinguish heart sounds from lung sounds and lung sounds from abdominal sounds. This is a great assessment tool."

M. Ramsey, Other in Fort White, FL

"This scope makes it so much easier to take blood pressures in the back of an it."

M. Cooper, Paramedic/EMT in Greene, NY

"I love this stethoscope it has great quality and I love that I was able to customize to my needs best I have ever used!"

J. Killough, Other in Ogden, UT

"I have the best ability in auscultating heart murmurs with these stethoscopes. I work in the Veterinary field and a lot of my co-workers over the years have also stated the same."

M. Gonsalves, Vet Technician in Taunton, MA

"I was given my UltraScope as a gift from my first employer. I have used it almost exclusively in practice and love it."

E. Miller, Veterinarian in Fruita, CO

"I am really liking this product so far. It is the lightest and clearest stethoscope I have used."

K. Reid, Other in Midvale, UT

"Love it so far! I can hear so well with this stethoscope and great quality!!"

M. Barnett, Nursing Student in Carlisle, KY

"This is an awesome scope I am slightly hard of hearing due to chronic ear issues and now I can hear heartbeats and lung sounds through purring and whining I LOVE IT!"

N. Bachman, Vet Technician in Colorado Springs, CO

"I hear heart and breath sounds with unparallelled ease with your stethoscopes"

R. Klein, RN in Pembroke Pines, FL

"The sound is great for people with hearing problems. My Husband has ALS and on a ventilator so I need to check his lung sound many times during the day and night I have tried other stethoscopes and could not hear any sounds . With my new UltraScope I can hear great even with the TV on and the noise of the ventilator."

K. Collier, Other in Wills Point, TX

"I have had my UltraScope stethoscope since 1994 when I went through EMT had been through hell and back with me until Monday May 20, 2013 where it went through the ultimate hell of the EF 5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma at the Moore Medical Center. It has not been found. The hospital is giving us new scopes, but I am going to order a new one from you. There is NOTHING I have ever used that compares to the UltraScope and I want to use nothing else. Thank you for a wonderful product!!!!"

D. Hannon, Paramedic / EMT in Moore, OK

"Absolutely amazing. I love my new stethoscope. Works great, and love that I got to design it how I wanted it. The kids really love the bright colors."

T. Buell, MA in Osage Beach, MO

"I needed a stethoscope for school and a friend of mine got an UltraScope and I had to have it! I love it! I can hear so well with it, definitely a good purchase."

L. Coiner, Nursing Student in Fort Defiance, VA

"I have been very pleased with my UltraScope - especially with its ability to block ambient noise.  Performs very well and much more affordable than alternatives.  Also - colors and designs are fun - I get compliments all the time"

C. Toben, Paramedic in Overland Park, KS

"Delivery was fast and the sound quality is immaculate!"

J. Bossard, Other in Germansville, PA

"I love my stethoscope! I use it every day at work. I work in a doctors office and see a lot of patients every day and sometimes its hard to hear their heartbeats when they are talking or with just regular interference from other patients or another staff member but with my UltraScope I never have a problem. I will never use another brand of stethoscope."

S. Luneack, Other in Independence, KY

"Absolutely the best non-assisted scope on the market."

C. Burt, Paramedic/EMT in Canandaigua, NY

"This is the best scope I have ever used, I can even hear when small kids talk in the background while I am trying to listen to heart and breath sounds of mom."

E. Rummel, Nursing Student in Newburry, FL

"I am so excited about my purchase. It is an amazing stethoscope and even the lightest sound can be heard!"

N. England, Instructor in Saudi Arabia

"I love my UltraScope! Lung sounds are crystal clear. It makes assessments easy and accurate!"

B. Palomdo, Nurse (RN) in Spanish Fork, UT

"Great product. I recommend [UltraScope] to my EMT and EMR students."

C. Thoenen, EMT in Linn, MO

"LOVE this product, and that fact that you can customize it makes it ten times better! I am a paramedic and nursing student and this is by far one of the best stethoscopes!"

A. Claypool, EMT/Paramedic in Cynthiana, KY (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

"You hear great with these. They are such a great investment for anyone in the medical field. This is my most exciting investment as a soon to be nurse."  

S. Prevost, Nursing Student in Edmond, OK

"I have had numerous stethoscopes over my nursing career and the lifetime warranty on the tubing is the reason I purchased the UltraScope.  The tubing is usually the first thing that has cracked on previous stethoscopes."

J. Wales, RN in Lyles, TN

"Excellent sound, makes it easier for students to hear blood pressure accurately."

G. McFarland, Instructor in Savannah, GA

"The sound is loud and clear, way better than I expected."

I. Baldovi, Veterinarian in Valencia, Spain

"I really like this stethoscope because the sound is so clear."

M. Fisk, CENA in Cedar Springs, MI

"It is a great product! I love it!"

W. Sheets, Student Nurse in Winslow, AZ

"Amazing! First time I used it, I could hear everything. Very happy."

A. Paulus, Registered Nurse in Yucca Valley, CA

"The best stethoscope!"

H. Noll, Veterinary Technician in Annapolis, MD

"The easy part was the ordering process. Item was shipped and received on time. The hard part was picking which UltraScope I wanted. So far the product has been great. I have only used it for a week now. Every one I work with loves the look and feel."

S. Craven, Registered Nurse in Herriman, UT

"I just received this stethoscope for graduation. I am SO excited I can finally hear the heart and lung sounds without having to strain my ears! This stethoscope blows my L.. out of the water!"

S. Hornberger, Other in Lecompton, KS

"This made hearing the heartbeat of our animal patients so crisp and clear."

M. Rozek, Vet Assistant

"I received this stethoscope for a present and I am beyond myself with how well I hear out it! Love the life time warranty!"

K. Anderton, RN in Roanoke Rapids NC

"I can truly hear my patients heartbeats and breathsounds more clearly. It helps me being in pediatrics because when you have a room full of giggling or screaming children you really need to be able to hear. Hands down best stethescope ever, given as a gift to us by the best Pediatrician to work for in St. Joe."

B. Williams, Medical Assistant in St. Joseph, MO

"I have 7 stethoscopes,(5 L.. and now 3 UltraScopes). I love my Ultras the best. As an RRT, I am able to hear the lungs better with your scopes. Thank you for honoring the warranty on my tubing on an Ultra I purchased 5 years ago. Keep up the good work on the scopes."

D. Seagraves, RRT in Lake Butler, FL

"The acoustics are great.  I teach an EMT program and will recommend this product every time!"

C. Snider, Firefighter/EMT in Osprey, FL

"In the busy and noisy ER I work in, UltraScope provides great performance that allows me to accurately access my critically ill patients.  Thanks for making such a great product!"

, RN or Other Nurse

"I love the bright vibrant color.  It is a perfect stethoscope to learn my craft with."

L. Guge, Acupuncture Student in Portland, OR

"The kids I take care of love the design on the head and sometimes it helps to distract them.  Parents comment that it is neat also.  Best of all, I can hear great with this stethoscope."

K. Prazak, Pediatric RN in Mason City, IA

"I really enjoy this stethoscope.  The sound is so clear, it makes monitoring my patients very easy.  I would recommend this stethoscope to everyone."

H. Simms, Veterinary Technician in North Liberty, IA

"The UltraScope is great for critical care!"

S. Fryfogle, RN-CCU in Okolona, MS

"It is an awesome scope. I also volunteer as an EMT and my UltraScope makes my assessment so much easier because of how the scope drowns out the background noise. Also, compared to my other scope, UltraScope is more clearer and more amplified."

J. Farmer, RN/EMT-B in Windsor, NC

"Kids love it."

E. Dioknd, Pediatrician in Towson, MD

"As a nursing student, this stethoscope makes learning how to get vitals so much easier."

J. Callahan, Student in Mantee, MS

"I have used your scopes since your company started (I think I still have my first scope from an American Heart Conference). I have many very expensive scopes (cardiology, vascular, and ER are my specialties), but they are in drawers. I use no other scopes anymore. I can hear through walls and when performing Treadmill Stress Testing the head blocks out all treadmill noise so I can hear blood pressures regardless. I know more than one physician has borrowed my scope and more than one has ordered their own..... You have replaced domes and tubing on mine (they are older than God) without complaint and for that reason I will use no other scope. You completely rock!"

S. Stott, R.N., S.A.N.E. , RN in Sequim, WA

"I tried several stethoscopes in the store and this had the best sound quality! I am looking forward to many years of use!"

J. Davidson, Home Health Caregiver in Parker, CO

"I love love love my UltraScope. I hear so much better on it than any other."

J. Corcoran, Registered Nurse in Olmsted Falls, OH

"Love this stethoscope! Not only works great but also the unique designs help distract children. Have had many compliments!"

J. Green, Medical Assistant in Hermon, ME

"Fun way to auscultate. My pediatric patients love it, and so do I."

M. Walker, General Practitioner in Waitakere City, New Zealand

"I LOVE my ultrascope! I am VERY impressed with the stethoscope and the company as a whole. I have had parts break and I get free new parts sent almost immediately. It is a wonderful perk of having the best stethoscope so I can keep using it every day!"

J. Lane, Veterinarian

"Purchased from Scrub Club in Bradenton FL. Easy order form, they even customized the areas I wanted the glitter to go. I am very happy with my purchase. The quality is of the sound is top knotch! I could not be happier with my purchase. I will recomend to all nursing students!"

M. Pighini, Quality Health Care Student in Sarasota, FL

"Best stethoscope I have ever used - bar none."

C. Morris, R.N. in Bradford, TN

"I love that my parents bought these two UltraScopes for me. :)( They are the best I have EVER owned!!"

C. Hubbard, LPN in Bartlesville, OK

"I love this product. It is easy to clean and you can hear through gowns and pumps running. Great product."

J. King, Nursing Student in Pikeville, NC

"My UltraScope is so wonderful!  I love the custom design created just for me and I especially love that I can hear so perfectly clear with my UltraScope.  I work with obese patients and usually it is very difficult to hear the heart beat and blood pressure, not with UltraScope.  I will recommend UltraScope to everyone!"

E. Erickson, Clinical Exercise Specialist in Atlanta, GA

"Ultrascopes has provided another option on purchase of quality stethoscopes. I like the interchangeable head for adult and pediatrics patient, with its unique designs. It just makes my work day more exciting! Thank you."

C. Tan, Veterinarian in Brisbane, Australia

"Best ever!  As soon as I put the ear buds in I could hear everything.  Awesome."

A. Holmar, LPN in Tuscaloosa, AL

"This budget scope puts my L... Cardiology III to shame!  Great acoustics even in the back of a noisy ambulance.  Comfortable and not bulky."

R. Girard, EMT-I in Bristol, CT

"I loooove my stethoscope! Thanks!"

J. Owens, US Navy Corpsman in San Diego, CA

"I am very pleased with the overall quality and sensitivity of this scope. It is very, very cool!"

D. Bower-Mays, Registered Nurse in San Diego, CA

"I love it, best money ever spent."

N. Szalanski, Student in Bonita Springs, FL

"I am a critical care cardiology nurse, and the acoustics for heart sounds is essential for care of my patients. Your company has not disappointed me with this UltraScope. I did not miss a murmur that others were missing on a patient! Thanks!"

Sandi Thomas, RN in Sanford, NC

"I love my UltraScope. I have the pediatric version and it is great for small animals and cats!!!"

E. Brown, Veterinarian in Huntsville, AL

"Been an RN for 25+ years. Mostly always had L... stethoscopes. UltraScope blows it out of the water. Wonder what I missed not using an UltraScope!"

S. Trites, RN in San Pedro, CA

"Amazed in hearing low grade murmur, even S1 and S2."

J. de Leon, MD in Aiea, HI

"Works like a dream!"

M. Kronk-Schultz, Army RN in Richmond Hill, GA

"I love that I was able to customize mine with a photo of my horse! Plus adding my initial and favorite color for the tubing is great."

S. Gibson, Student in Upper Marlboro, MD

"Great product! Love the designs, very fun and unique."

K. Scacchetti, CNA in Indian Trail, NC

"UltraScopes are great, you can hear any sound and take BP in the back of moving ambulances with no problem."

M. W., Paramedic in Mansfield, PA

"Thank you for such a great stethoscope!"

S. Kirby, Respiratory Therapist in Boise, ID

"Love it... Its soo clear like listening to a pin drop!"

C. Hornseth, EMT in Rosholt, SD

"The first time using this stethoscope I was WOW! what clarity. Great Job on this wonderful product."

T. Managhan, LPN in Toledo, OH

"I love it - I can hear through clothing while standing right next to the engine of the ambulance. Great quality!"

J. Taylor, EMT-B in Gulfport, MS

"Love the design! Acoustics are great!"

K. Garst, RN in Pacific, MO

"You guys were very quick. Thanks!"

B. Perkins, RN in Raleigh, NC

"This is the best stethoscope."

I. Hashmi, Physician in Brooklyn, NY

"Love it, love it, love it."

D. Cole, RN, CN in Tallahassee, FL

"I love my UltraScope....I can hear everything with it! I love the fact that it can be monogrammed too.. Makes it very unique to your personality! LOVE!!"

A. Mese, Respiratory Therapist in Savannah, GA

"Great stethoscope! Huge difference from the cheap stethoscope our nursing school gave us on the first day."

N. Compton, Nurse student in Chula Vista, CA

"I have a single head for adults and also a single head for pediatrics. They are both very light in weight easy to use without a lot of practice and great sound quality."

L. Rhodes, Registered Nurse in Chalfont, PA

"Love the look and sound of it!"

L. Nolan, Student in Cleburne, TX

"Great scope with excellent sound, especially when learning."

J. Heitzman, Medical Student in Knightdale, NC

"I love my UltraScope! It got here incredibly fast and the order was perfect. I love the clear sound and it helps me to really excel and reach my full potential in my clinical class!"

C. Bond, Student in Augusta, GA

"My sister is an RN and when she knew I was entering a program for nursing, she highly recommended I take a look at the UltraScope. She took some good-natured ribbing from fellow students and even an instructor. When they used her UltraScope, the jokes ceased and they wished they had purchased one instead of L... I picked a blue, teal and silver design so that every time I see it, I will smile. Also, there is just no way anyone could accidentally pick up my stethoscope thinking it belongs to them. I am so excited to review this jewel to my fellow students soon!"

D. Panger, Student in Dothan, AL

"It is very lightweight and the diaphragm is nice and easy to grab. I have neck problems, carpel tunnel, tendinitis and pain constantly in both arms so this makes it very easy for me to handle and carry around my neck. Other scopes can be heavy and bulky and hard to grab with carpel tunnel."

J. Paszek, Student Nurse in Birnamwood, WI

"I was having trouble hearing blood pressure. It was effecting my ability to perform on clinical practice. This works fantastic!"

R. Pignatti, RN Student in Syracuse, NY

"I can hear so much clearer. Our nursing school gave all instructors the dual head because of the quality and sound."

J. Rice, CNA and Nursing Student in Hammond, LA

"Sound quality is great."

D. Dozier, LPN in Meherrin, VA

"I love my UltraScope, can hear everything a lot clearer"

R. Adams, CMA in Cherryville, NC

"Great stethoscope. Love quality and clarity of breath sounds."

T. Mendenhall, Respiratory Therapist in Glendale, AZ

"It works great and is beautiful!"

A. Veine-Smith, Veterinarian in Beaver Falls, PA

"My other stethoscope was heavy - a double barrel - and gave me headaches. This one works as good, if not better than the other and is 100% lighter. Thanks."

G. Mayeux, Other in Pearl River, LA

"They are awesome and it is nice to have a choice on what design you get to have."

B. Johnston, Medical Assistant Student in Goldsboro, NC

"Love the colors and high definition sound!"

D. Young, Naturopath in New Albany, IN

"UltraScope has been fantastic. Acoustics have been equal to my $$$ L... Cardiology Stethoscope."

K. Amato, Physician Assistant in San Dimas, CA

"The sound is great and I love that you can mix and match designs. I would definitely buy another in the future."

K. M. Wagner, M.D. in Rockville, MD

"I can hear better with the UltraScope than any other one."

E. Martinat, EMT in Granite Falls, NC

"Very lightweight and easy to hear. Love it!"

M. Campbell, Respiratory in Fairborn, OH

"It is a great gift."

V. Meiyappan, Doctor in Tauranga, New Zealand

"On more than one occasion while on the ambulance we have had to treat and transport patients who live wearing all they own. In the back of an ambulance with the road traffic and vehicle noise to compete with, adding layers on layers of clothing makes lung sound and heart tones almost impossible to hear. The UltraScope has allowed me to successfully assess my patient despite the ambient noise."

S. Bailey, EMT Paramedic in Largo, FL

"I love that my stethoscope is so unique! I was a little nervous about not having a bell to listen for murmurs but I am able to hear just fine. I love it!"

S. Spacone, RN in Chicago, IL

"Love this stethoscope! Fun and functional! I can hear so much better than my other stethoscopes and I have been through quite a few trying to find the perfect one."

A. Lakes, RN in Fincastle, VA

"Love the personalization you were able to do....copying my photo from my business card of my teal Harley with American Flag background. Thanks."

M. McCarthy, Physician in North Tustin, CA

"I have several other expensive scopes. They remain in the drawer. I only practice with my UltraScope."

C. Van Horn, Veterinarian in Murphy, NC

"Sensitive, clear, and light weight. Picks up subtle sounds. Very good quality."

K. Baber, Veterinary Technician in Garrison, ND

"The service was great! Prompt delivery! I tried a co-workers UltraScope because I was having trouble with my stethoscope, I was hooked on it immediately! I ordered mine the next day. What a world of difference a great stethoscope makes when listening to pediatric patients."

D. Corder, Medical Assistant in Mayer, AZ

"I love it! Anyone who has any type of hearing loss should order one. You can hear all the sounds you need to hear with UltraScope"

L. Fannin, Paramedic in Spring Valley, OH

"I am a Respiratory Therapist, and I bought my first UltraScope while I was in school..that was 5 years ago. I have not only fallen in love with the UltraScope but everyone that has used mine is simply amazed at how clear the sounds are..then they want to know where I bought it! Thank you so much for making such an amazing piece of equipment."

L.H., Respiratory Therapist in Lane Clyde, NC

"I never thought an awesome scope could look so cute."

S. Rena, Registered Nurse in Los Fresnos, Tx

"Love it! I have scar tissue in my ears and this stethoscope makes hearing breath sounds easier and more accurate."

M. Stahl-Yeager, Respiratory Therapist in Brighton, CO

"You guys are the ultimate name in stethoscopes."

L. Bowles, Registered Nurse in Yorktown, WA

"I can only hear in one hear and cannot use other stethoscopes. I hear very clearly with my UltraScope."

T. Schultis, RN in Covington, LA

"I had spinal meningitis as an infant. I lost 60% hearing in one ear and 40% in the other. I hear better with this scope than any other."

M. Leesena, Medical Assistant in Arvada, CO

"I had an injury in my ears scuba diving and since then I have had bad hearing I tried all stethoscopes ranging from $300 price range and by far UltraScope is affordable and guaranteed to work like it says."

P. Librando, CNA Nursing Student in Juneau, AK

"32 years in EMS and this is the only scope I carry since 1995 or 1996"

H. Fillingim, EMS Director / Critical Care Paramed in Rotan, TX

"Attractive, lightweight, good sound."

D. Newby, Physician Assistant in Chehalis, WA

"Very good both in looks and functionality. Kids love the pediatric version."

S. G. Jois, Doctor in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

"Best pediatric scope ever! Great for kids!"

J. West Brown, Pediatrician in Lorton, VA

"I chose to own an UltraScope to show students the difference a high-quality stethoscope can make."

C. Allen, Radiography Instructor in New Franklin, MO

"Looks great and sounds are easy to hear."

R. Wall, Physician in Phoenix, AZ

"A great sounding stethoscope in a loud emergency room. Duo scope is so practical and great distraction for frightened children."

C. Strother, Pediatric Emergency MD in New York, NY

"Very classy scope for a pediatrician"

L. Key, Physician/Professor in Charleston, SC

"I am slightly hearing impaired and I was looking for a scope that would be easy to use and that would help me in clinicals. The classic model I purchased is awesome! I am excited about returning to the floor now!"

S. Hamilton, Nursing Student in Port Wentworth, GA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"I love the UltraScope. I am a Hospice nurse and have patients that have very diminished heart and lung sounds. I never have a problem hearing or distinguishing sounds with the UltraScope (even in noisy environments). Plus I love having such a wide variety of designs and colors. UltraScope is the stethoscope for me! I will recommend it to everyone."

M.J. Davis, RN in Stockbridge, GA

"I wanted to thank you very much for your outstanding customer service. I sent my old scope and just received it back. All new and shiny and working PERFECTLY. I am extremely happy and tell every nurse, student and physician that the investment in an UltraScope is truly the best investment they can make."

S. Upright, RN in Hurley, NY

"I think it is wonderful, I had to do a check off and could not hear the B/P with the one I had. The teacher let me use her UltraScope and I heard it loud and clear."

D. Morrison, Student/LVN in Seagoville, TX

"Tried all stethoscopes in store, felt the quality and warranty was the selling point."

M. LeBlanc, CNA in Thompson, CT

"I was recommended to purchase this scope over the L... by an ICU Nurse who used to work in the ... hospital. This scope has a better sound than any I have checked into. Thank you."

C. Suchy, Paramedic Student in Stillwater, OK

"I am so excited about this. Using the teaching scope at school was great because I could hear what the student hears. It helps to be able to teach them what to listen to."

T. Hassey, RN Instructor in Kaufman, TX

"The clearest sounds I have ever heard and my entire career has been in cardiac medicine."

N. Cook, RN in Surrey, BC, Canada

"Best and only stethoscope that I would ever consider using."

T. Bennett, Other in Justin, TX

"Love the acoustics, especially through hair. I found a heart murmur in my geriatric cat the day I bought my UltraScope Pediatric."

M. Ferrera, DVM, Veterinarian in Riverview, FL

"I love it! Always dependable. Lots of compliments."

C. Sullivan, LPN II in Lecanto, FL

"I love the hot pink tubing and smiley face design. It is so cheerful and great for pediatrics. Young children are less fearful and the exam can be fun."

R. Shulman, RN MSN CPNP, Nurse Practitioner in Livingston, NJ

"Great designs and colors; It was hard for me to decide which one to get. The sound quality is excellent...much better than my L... I will definitely be purchasing another UltraScope."

C. Leemore, Registered Nurse in Belcamp, MD

"Draws a lot of attention and positive comments due to the very attractive colors. I love using them (I have 2: one for personal use; another for teaching). Highly sensitive, I can hear what I need to hear very well."

C. Candelaria, RN Instructor in Edinburg, TX

"I love this stethoscope. I feel more comfortable with blood pressures, bowel sounds, heart rates because I can hear so much better with this one."

S. Simpson, LPN Student in Pineville, KY

"Great service! I needed my order within the week and your staff did everything they could to get it to me on time, engraved and all. It is so beautiful and very personalized!"

L. Binning, Student in Mitchell, ON, Canada

"Makes learning so easy!"

E. Duffy, Nursing Student in Brick, NJ

"An excellent piece of equipment and the kids love it!"

E. Cramer, M.D., Pediatrician in Tucson, AZ

"We are very impressed with the quality of these stethoscopes, both the regular and the teaching stethoscopes."

U. Okanagarson, Nursing Student in Kelowna, BC, Canada

"I love the designs and sound quality."

D. Logan, M.D. in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"This is my second UltraScope. I liked my first one so much I ordered a second. Both work great, and so many people have commented on how much they like the designs. "

S. Mulvaney, RN (ER) in Abington, PA

"I love my UltraScope. They are so light weight. No more headaches or neck pain from having a heavy stethoscope hanging around my neck. I can hear so well with them. Docs in the ER I used to work at would borrow mine and be amazed at the sound quality. In the facility where I work, I am the only one with an UltraScope and it makes for a great conversation piece. I did order replacement parts for my first one and ordered a new one, just because. I have recommended the UltraScope to anyone that asks."

C. Carson, RN in Burlington, CO

"I must say I have one of the most unique stethoscopes that not only looks good but works better than my L... I love it! Thank you."

K. Fontes, Registered Nurse in Acushnet, MA

"I always heard L... was the best so I bought one first. I can hear 10 times better out of the UltraScope. Thank you!"

H. Daniel, Medical Assistant in Dayton, TN

"I love my stethoscope. I have gotten so many compliments on it from fellow students. To me it works better than any other ones I have listened with."

B. Haney, Student in Waskom, TX

"I was downright shocked when my UltraScope performed on a critical patient trapped on a noisy rig floor while a helicopter was landing on location! My glow in the dark head & personal engraving are just an added bonus."

N. Kimmitt, Paramedic in Calgary, AB Canada

"I am partially deaf and usually buy an expensive battery operated stethoscope. Yours was 1/3 the price and works better! I Love it! I am a Pediatric RN and the fish design on the bell helps me to break the ice with the kids."

C. Piercel, Pediatric RN in Liverpool, NY

"These have been the best stethoscopes I have ever owned."

L. Harris, Registered Nurse in Russell Springs, KY

"I love how light it is! I used to get headaches from wearing my old one around my neck."

B. Russell, Registered Nurse in Charlotte, NC

"I have been a nurse for over 20 years - this is the best stethoscope EVER!"

R. Airhart, Registered Nurse in Cypress, TX

"Great product. Great price."

V. Fishel, Respiratory Therapist in LaCrescent, MN

"I love it! It is so easy to hear heart and lungs!"

A. Mosher, Home Health LPN in Corning, AR

"I love it! Super light!" - N. Ceja, Medical Assistant : Salem, OR

N. Ceja, Medical Assistant in Salem, OR

"I can hear so much more with my UltraScope than I can with other stethoscopes I have."

B. Wolfe, GPN in Parker, PA

"A+++++! I have a hearing impairment and this stethoscope saved my future career."

R. Simovitch, Nursing Student in Hollywood, FL

"Incredible stethoscope. Absolutely LOVE it!!"

S. Corley, Student Nurse in Rio Grande, OH

"Very professional, yet extremely stylish."

K. McAndrews, Respiratory Therapy Student in Ocean Springs, MS

"The stethoscope was amazing. It had just the right touch to make it neat for a male entering the nursing field."

S. Thomas Jr., Nursing Student in Uniontown, PA

"Wow! I have not been able to hear from the school issued stethoscope, but I can hear everything loud and clear with the UltraScope and it is very pretty too!"

A. Kiersch, RN Student in Carrollton, VA

"Good acoustics! Awesome colors and designs!"

K. Hance, Nurse Anesthetist in Alpharetta, GA

"Fantastic product. I work as a Paramedic in NJ. I had a patient who had a leather jacket on and he did not want it cut. I was able to listen to lung sounds in the field through his jacket. Once at the hospital the doctor did not believe a stethoscope could do that so we covered the patient back up with his leather jacket (he was now in a hospital gown) and let the doctor listen to lung sounds using the UltraScope. He was impressed! "

K. Tucker, Jr., Paramedic in Beachwood, NJ

"I love all of the fun styles and colors to choose from and the quality of the sound is far superior to the scope that I originally bought for school. Thanks for making such a great product."

M. Kunz, Nursing Student in Bradenton, FL

"...Excellent auscultation; Good manufacture, Aspect very pleasant... "

E. Pansini, Physician Cardiologist in Molfetta, Italy

"The clarity at which I can hear breath sounds is wonderful. Very light weight, easy to carry. Pediatric population loves my pig head piece. They stop crying because they are more interested in my pig & this makes listening to breath sounds much easier."

D. Luman, Respiratory Therapist in San Angelo, TX

"This stethoscope is fabulous!!!!!!!! The sound I hear is wonderful!!! My stethoscope has actually been borrowed by doctors to hear the heartbeats........... they love it!!!! "

P. Smith, ARNP in Mayfield, KY

"This makes it much easier to hear in the back of a noisy ambulance, even through clothes."

S. Frank, EMT in Joppa, MD

"I love it with all the noise in the back of the ambulance. I am having hearing loss in right ear & I can hear great with UltraScope. "

A. Lee, EMT-I in McAllister, NM

"I was told it would take 3 weeks to customize my scope, but I received it in just 2 weeks. The artist did a great job depicting my favorite dog breed just by looking at pictures on the internet. Great job!!! "

K. Zavodiancik, Vet Tech in Pinedale, AZ

"So far I think it is the best scope I have ever had."

J. Maniscalco, Anesthesiologist in Panama City, FL

"The difference from my old stethoscope is incredible. I can hear through bandages, over barking dogs, and I can even hear over purring cats!"

A. Fenton, Veterinary Technician in Tiggard, OR

"Best stethoscope I have had in 18+ years of nursing."

B. Pish, RN in Greenville, TX

"It is the best for lung sounds I have ever used. "

M. Hurlbert, Respiratory Therapist in Nampa, ID

"The UltraScope is a great piece of equipment! I really enjoy using it and do so with ease."

C. Schofield, CNA Student in Philip, SD

"This stethoscope removes so much background noise I could still take a BP while landing a helicopter. "

D. Watters, Emergency Medical Responder in Appleton, WI

"More audible than the cardiology II. Definitely worth it."

C. McCarry, RN in Saginaw, TX

"The acoustics are fantastic. My pediatric patients love the designs and it really helps to keep them cooperative. "

N. Orovec, Pediatrician in Hamilton, ON Canada

"Clarity blew me away."

J. Ware, Instructor in Ponca City, OK

"Great sound quality, everything is clear!"

B. Stafford, Instructor in Lincoln, NE

"Using the UltraScope to teach is a valuable tool for my ears and for identification of normal & abnormal sounds."

L. Moran, Professor in Cupe Fair, MO

"I have heard FHTs @ 11 weeks! Amazing!"

L. Barnett, Midwife in Louisville, CO

"How good is a smiley face that can listen to chests, etc. Very useful in A/E as it is good for listening through clothing to check chest sounds in resuscitation--saves time--saves lives. You can listen with the clothes off later."

P.G. Johnston, Physician in Marlborough, New Zealand

"Prompt service. Custom design really delivers."

C. Wellberg, MD, Physician in Bethesda, MD

"Good quality. Great conversation piece. I have the only one at a 700 bed teaching hospital. Patients and staff really enjoy it! "

C. J. Lusch, MD, Physician in Redding, PA

"The UltraScope is a good stethoscope that also offers a little fun for the children (my patients) with its unique design."

B. Sweeten, Pediatrician in Memphis, TN

"Love the light weight - easier on my neck after whole day in office yet very good acoustics! "

N. Schmette, Pediatrician in Seattle, WA

"I work at a NASCAR Speedway where noise is a factor. Your stethoscope is the best for eliminating outside noise!" (10 year owner of an UltraScope)

D. Rupprecht, PA-C in Lansing, MI

"Your product is superb and your service is wonderful." (owns 4 UltraScopes!)

R. Lipson, Anesthesiologist in Cooperstown, NY

"So far its been great. Very clear sounds in pediatric pts."

G. Sparvero, Anesthesiologist in Gibsonia, PA

"I absolutely love my new scope. It is unique, comfortable, and works incredibly well in a noisy ER."

H. Wilson, MD, Physician in Miami Beach, FL

"This was the most wonderful stethoscope I have ever purchased. I love the magnified picturesque scenes - very effective for getting my little ones attention."

C. Hanna, MD, Physician in Richmond, VA

"Beautiful & wonderful. I bought two. "

Dr. G. Wong, MD, Physician in Scarborough, ON Canada

"This is a really great stethoscope. "

J. Jackson, Physician in Burke, VA

"Lightweight. Great sound. Excellent quality. "

A. Zielinski, Physician Assistant in Flushing, NY

"The UltraScope is not only functionally effective, it is also light weight and aesthetically pleasing."

M. Angeles-Riparip, M.D., Physician in West Covina, CA

"Attractive, my pedi patients are no longer afraid to be examined because they thought its a toy. Clear heart sounds and breath sounds even if the baby is crying. "

E. Bayla, Physician in Lloilo City, Phillippines

"I love my UltraScope, it has made my job 110% easier!"

S. Austin, Respiratory Therapist in Pope AFB, NC

"This stethoscope is phenomenal! Breath sounds are really amplified!"

M. Waguespack, Respiratory Therapist in Vacherie, LA

"Wow! I can hear again!"

S. Warren, Respiratory Therapist in Old Hickory, TN

"I am hard of hearing in one ear, I tried the UltraScope and was amazed at how clear the sound was. This is now my favorite stethoscope."

L. F. Kirby, Respiratory Therapist in Sacramento, CA

"I was able to hear heart and lung sounds clearly through heavy sweater and coat. I compared this scope to a Classic III L... and there was no comparison."

S. Hill, Respiratory Therapist in Roswell, GA

"I love my UltraScope & the freedom of choice in what color/design I wanted. "

C. Searle, Respiratory Therapy Student in Riverside, CA

"When I first received the UltraScope I had my doubts. After the first time I used it, I was hooked. There would be no other type."

C. Baker, Respiratory Therapist in Cache, OK

"I have trouble separating distortion sounds and background noise, but this stethoscope is fantastic! "

A. Zapata, Pharmacy Technician / LPN in Prairieville, LA

"The sound is amazing. I used the pediatric head to hear a heart murmur on my dog so I would finally know what one sounded like. "

S. Hudgins, RN in Poquoson, VA

"So clear & easy to recognize different sounds. "

R. Wood, RN in Moss Point, MS

"Great product, Great service, Great warranty, Love the designs and colors. The kids love em. "

B. Madigan, Pediatric RN in Lomita, CA


J. Gilbow, Nurse Practitioner in Iowa Park, TX

"Excellent scope for the job, great pictures to choose from. "

G. Clark, LPN

"Great sound quality - I can hear my sons breath sounds through his sweatshirt & winter coat. "

C. Harmon, Respiratory Therapist in New Brighton, PA

"Innovative. Very good and great benefit for my students as well during bedside teaching."

C. Soejono, Internist in Jakarta, Indonesia

"I love my UltraScope - The sounds are so crisp & clean - Thanks."

K. Foster, Medical Assistant in Moore, OK

"Your scope rocks! I hear better with it than I can with my $300 L..."

S. Septer, Nurse Anesthetist in Dubuque, IA

"The UltraScope is by far the best stethoscope I have used in my 30 years of midwifery practice.  I can hear a fetal heart tone even when there is background noise."

P. Hunt, Midwife in Summertown, TN

"The clarity of what you hear is a tremendous help and it makes our job much easier. "

S. Baker, LPN in Ahoskie, NC

"UltraScope is an excellent tool--to make any nursing job easier for quick, prompt assessments--anytime, anywhere, any patient."

C. Schmer, RN in High Springs, FL

"This is the best stethoscope I have ever had. You can actually hear very well! "

D. Daniels, EMT in Benson, NC

"I love my UltraScope! It makes sounds much clearer than any other stethoscope I have ever used!"

D. Palko, LPN in Roaring Spring, PA

"It is much easier to hear with. I think the different designs make it much more fun to use."

L. Palmer, LPN in Cincinnati, OH

"Am extremely pleased with UltraScope, have not had to retake a BP or HR a 2nd time due to the inability to hear! Makes it able to obtain US accurately the 1st time, it is comfortable and light to wear an entire shift. As well as attractive to look at. I am very well pleased with it!"

D. Havener, LPN in Oneida, NY

"Superior hearing, reasonable price--thank you!"

M. Craig, LPN in Lynchburg, VA

"I can hear everything even the faintest of blood pressures."

T. Newman, Medical Assistant in Tallmadge, OH

"I was having trouble hearing BP. I bought the Ultrascope to help and passed the exam!"

S. Cumo, Student in Chittenago, NY

" It works great! I was having issues hearing the beginning beat for BP. Now I can hear it every time on every person. It was really an amazing difference!"

G. MacFarland, Medical Assistant Student in Cleveland, TN

"The Ultrascope is great, we tried a few others while at the store and the Ultrascope was by far the best! Thank you for such a quality product."

R. McMahon, CNA in Cottage Grove, OR

"I have had 2 L... Stethoscopes and within 3 years they dried up and cracked. My co-worker recommended you guys because you have a lifetime guarantee and she has had the same stethoscope for many years and has had her tubing replaced once, without any hassle."

B. Maier, RN in Hilton, NY

"Love it. Makes people smile."

R. Noe, EMT in Lisbon, CT

"Great stethoscope! Much better than my L... Cardiology II - I can HEAR NOW!!! Hurray & Thank You! "

R. Pfendler, RN CEN in Kill Devil Hills, NC

"Excellent. "

S. Weatherby, ARNP in Tacoma, WA

"This is a great stethoscope especially around helicopters. When we evac patients we need a good stethoscope, and this is a great stethoscope."

T. Roynn, Army Medic in APO, AE

"Service great! Product great! I listen to newborns and to new moms and can use one scope for both (unless preemies)"

L. Apple, RN in Lawrenceburg, KY

"Very bright and cheerful colors, and the sound is wonderful. I can hear better with this than any scope I have ever used. I especially appreciate the clarity of the high/low sounds. This is awesome!"

L. Grant, RN in Ecru, MS

"I like the UltraScope a lot better because I can hear a lot better. "

S. Plank, Colfax, WI

"I have significant hearing loss, electronic stethoscopes cost $500 - $750. With the UltraScope, I can hear just as well for a fraction of the cost. I can hear much better than with the pricy L... scopes too. "

D. Morales, Veterinarian in Warr Acres, OK

"It has great acoustics and it is not heavy around my neck."

J. Tinch, LPN in Covington, KY

"I am very pleased with my UltraScope. It is lightweight, the clarity is good, and I was happy that it came in a variety of colors."

B. Helton, LPN in Cincinnati, OH

"Great - Clear sounds thru clothing!"

K. Hawkins, Occupational Therapist in Hanover, MA

"Since I am a new user of any stethoscopes, the Ultrascope made my learning of how to use stethoscopes very easy and clear!"

K. Rollins-Ricketts, Student in Monett, MO

"One of the students has such a faint pulse it is extremely hard to hear her B/P. Students with more expensive scope were unable, but I had no problem with the UltraScope!"

C. Burke, Student in Jackson, WY

"I tried L... and other scopes before trying this one. Side-by-side comparison of sound made the decision to go with the UltraScope easy. I heard better through the UltraScope than any other stethoscope I tried that day."

B. Tullis, Nursing Student in Mesa, AZ

"I could hear better from your product than even the higher priced competitor. "

C. Hartgraves, Nursing in Alto, NM

"Fast Delivery! Good Website! Well packaged and great selection of designs and colors!!!"

A. Berry, Veterinary Assistant, Graduate Student in Kenner, LA

"I have used many types of scopes, but yours is the best at hearing through thick fur."

D. Wallace, Veterinary Tech in Deer Trail, CO

"Best sound ever. "

R. Johnson, Veterinarian in Silver Spring, MD

"This UltraScope is amazing! With the amount of chaos and dogs "talking" in small animal practice, I can still easily hear heart & lung sounds of a critical patient!. "

S. Rutar, Licensed Vet Technologist in Lincoln, NE

"I work exclusively with birds and very small exotic animals and find that my neonatal scope works exceptionally well on these small animals. The focused field and clarity are amazing. "

L. Materi, Veterinarian in Calgary, AB Canada

"This scope has great RANGE and clarity and I am hearing impaired."

D. Epp, RN in Kings Park, NY

"I love my new scope! Before I could never hear breath sounds but now I can, loud and clear! Thank you UltraScope."

S. Sipos, EMT in Deer Park, TX

"With my other stethoscope I always had difficulty hearing heart/lung sounds. My UltraScope has increased my accuracy in correctly distinguishing sounds."

A. Winters, RN in Cardiac Unit in Kernersville, NC

"I am 67 years old and very active in nursing. The acoustics of this fine tuned instrument are a godsend for me."

S. LaVigne, RN in Ellenton, FL

"Love my UltraScope--unique and very clear. I work in an emergency room--this scope makes it easy to hear lung/bowel etc. sounds especially over loud noises!"

T. Tidwell, ER Nurse in Hamilton, AL

"Excellent so far! I got hot pink with the hologram design and my name and RN in silver-very girly girl! It is so loud when I used it! Gosh I have probably been missing sounds in the past! Thank you."

W. Greene, RN in Valparaiso, FL

"I have a high frequency loss and I have found the UltraScope to be the solution to be able to hear blood pressures and lung sounds under field conditions experienced by an EMT."

T. McNamara, EMT in North Chili, NY

"Stethoscope is ideal for loud and noisy environments such as vehicle extrications and the backs of ambulances."

T. Giddella, EMT in Pax, WV

"No instrument has made my job easier than this UltraScope."

B. Fahs, EMT in San Jose, CA

"Love the unique colors & acoustics are icing on the cake!"

C. Berrigan, EMT in Gonzales, LA

"I purchased my UltraScope Classic, due to being deaf in left ear and a significant loss in right ear and with my UltraScope Classic I am able to still take my patients blood pressures. Thanks so much!"

A. Lightfoot, CNA in Wetumpka, AL (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

"Finally I can hear!"

S. Hill, LPN in Rochester, WA

"It is beautiful and sounds great UltraScope - Ultraclear! Thanks."

J. Schmidt, Student in Beaumont, TX

"This stethoscope allows me to learn the important sounds much easier by making them much clearer."

C. Wise, Student in Tucson, AZ

"LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hot colors. Great style. Auscultation is awesome. Makes my job easier & me look great!!"

T. Miller, Student Nurse in Garnett, KS

"I went to the store to purchase another brand but came out with an UltraScope and I have been happy ever since."

A. Kenney, CNA in Richmond, KY

"This stethoscope is a great asset to my job. It makes my job more accurate. Thank you!"

W. Graham, CNA in Cape Girardeau, MO

"Working with animals, listening conditions are usually less than ideal. Ultrascope has made monitoring both easier and more accurate."

K. J. Powell, Vet. Nursing in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

"Very clear and concise sounds."

Dr. D. A. Thomas, Veterinarian in Siloam Springs, AR

"The most amazing part is the unbelievable clarity through bulky clothing or dressings. I can actually hear better than on the bare chest. "

L. Greenley, EMT in King George, VA